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Thursday, 29 March 2007

There was man named Gill Bates. His son, Gill Jr. was adoptive late bloomer used to getting his way even at the expense of others' human rights. This fool was also addicted to sex and violent pronographhy and refused to obey multiple court orders to seek psychiatric help. To make matters worse, this sick bastard was so good at being a hardened that even his family, friends, and colleagues knew nothing about his double life, until he was busted by a secret agent disguised as an innocent teen girl who needed a dad's love (the sypnosis- her mom was single and her dad died in Iraq.)He slipped through the cracks despite a 15 year FBI and international manhunt! Not only was GJ a serial rapist, he was a sexual predator and a sex slave driver. He and his "subordinate" posse would break in people's houses dressed as buglars and "steal" young girls and women between the ages of 5-32!

One day in September 2021, this idiot decided to make a hit in his hometown of MyCity, USA! He unknowingly made a hit at the house of the ADA and his wife, Judge Nona Nonsense, who worked with family abuse and human rights violation cases! Thier "baby girl" who had just gotten in two hours after seeing a movie with classmates, was his next target for his inernational black market. He broke in, supposedly to steal money, jewels, and car keys and the ADA and Judge heard him and the ADA went into his kitchen fully armed and dangerous, he he shot his sorry butt with seven rounds, all in the name of protecting his wife and daughter. Of course, the Judge, being bound by (unfair) laws called the police, and had GJ's body dragged out and her husband arrested.

Part Two-the ADA's trial

The bad news: by a vote of 9:3, tht ADA was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to 2 life sentences.

The good news: Judge Nona Nonsense and some of their colleagues managed to pull some stings, request a govermental pardon on behalf of the ADA, and got it approved within two months! Now is the system really doing it's job (for the rich) or what! At least, in this case, a lot of good came out of it!

However, think about, what if the girl was prostitute that the couple rescued and took in and the couple were both lower level managers for a fast food franchise!

Think and respond!

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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