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Sunday, 15 April 2007

<div align=center>Letters To TheSpoof.com.
As of 4/15/2007</div>


We take offense to being called "Nappy-headed hoes" on your website.

Please refer to us as the "Rutgers Hoes" from now on.

The Rutgers Women's Basketball Team.

P.S. We already have forgiven Don Imus. He is a senile cocaine headed idiot. How can anyone take this jerk seriously?

P.S. to P.S. Even more amazing is that anyone was listening to his show that morning.


Will U please stop posting artikles making fun of me because I'm dumb.

Y don't U make fun of someting else like my ears? U make fun of Barney's O'Bama's ears. Y not mine?

George W. Bush,
Presdent of the US.

P.S. What is the big deal about O'Bama? We had an Irish President. Don't you guys remember President Ted Kennedy?


I object to articles posted on you website that criticise me because I don't wear stockings or because I wear pastel suits that are two sizes too small.

I wear these suits to highlight my voluptious breasts and to draw attention away from my pot belly.

I also take offense to your criticism that I have turned the CBS Evening News into a broadcast edition of People Magazine lacking any hard hitting stories. Just last week we broadcast a segment titled "Hidden Killers: Deaths Caused By Defective Toothpicks." We also have plans to broadcast a story about something in Washington during April.

Katie Couric,
Sexier Than Walter Cronkite

P.S. I would appreciate if my viewing audience would yell at me "Show us your tits!" as they did when I was younger.


I take serious umberage to one of your posted articles where I was referred to as a " ... skinny Dago bitch." I am not skinny, I wear a perfect size four dress.

Speaker of the House and Uberbitch,
Nacey Pelosi


I take offense to your articles implying that I am a lesbian and that when I was the First Lady I regularly engaged in three way sex with The Attorney General Janet Reno and Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

There is no way you can prove this because I destroyed all the negatives seven years ago.

Senator Hillary Clinton

P.S. Do you have Antonella Braba's phone number. I'm looking for a new Senate Intern.


I demand equal treatment!

I demand that you send Senator Clinton my phone number also.

Haley Scarnato<div align=center>Letters To TheSpoof.com.</div>

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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