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image for Weird Fact of the Day - What Do Balls, Cancer, Roids and Pregnancy Tests Have In Common?

Men can now self-test for testicular cancer at home with a pregnancy test. Most testicular cancers produce the same hormone that is present in pregnant women, hCG, which causes the positive result in the test.

Bonus fact #1: Many weight lifters use hCG during steroid use to maintain testosterone production and/or testicle size during a steroid cycle, so that their jewels do not shrivel (The shriveling "rumor" is true. I used to date a power lifter, poor thing. I probably laughed a little too hard...)

Bonus fact #2: Word on the street is that the Dollar Tree sells $1 pregnancy tests which supposedly work as well as brand name.

Thanks to me, you can now test for testicular cancer at home for $1...and save the size of your nuggets if you are a roid user. My job here is complete.

*Although there is a note saying all articles are completely fictitious, these are 100% true facts.*

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