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When I pocketed my first Million Dollar check for writing a humorous article, I knew that this was what I was born to do.

The time I had spent discovering the "Secrets" of comedy was now really starting to pay off. These so-called secrets are well known by the best comedy writers; those who are so funny that their stories have actually killed people.

Yes, you heard correctly. These writers have taken out readers with cardiac problems through the sheer quality of their humour. Surprisingly, this wonderful ability to create laughter is within the grasp of everyone.

You are not funny, and this is why. Let's face it, you are reading this article because you need help to make people laugh. That is the problem. you have spent too much time reading about writing humor from the "Experts".

The "Experts" are wrong. They are wrong because the real experts do not reveal the true secrets of success. Why would they kill the goose that lays the golden egg by sharing their treasure of knowledge?

The "Experts" don't know what's funny . They even admit that most of the time their own talent is a mystery to them. They say that ideas come out of the blue. They say that sometimes what they think is hilarious is not funny to the general public.

Conversely, very often, what they consider to be their most mediocre work achieves the greatest plaudits. They whine that it takes a great deal of blood, sweat and tears to produce their best work.

Sound like losers, don't they? However, the winners - those who understand humor in its pure form - treat comedy as a science. I will teach you why trying to think of something funny while staring at a blank screen is the wrong way round.

Instead, you must reverse-engineer laughter to achieve real success. Careful medical research involving the dissection of the brains of chronic laughers has revealed the mechanism of comedy.

For twenty years, I have collated this and other psychological research in collaboration with my colleagues - The Real Experts of Comedy .

So why are we at The Real Experts of Comedy at last revealing these secrets that have made us unbelievably rich? How long will this offer be open?

We can only do this because of the ridiculously high cost of our courses. Only by charging students exorbitant amounts of money can we be sure you will not blab these secrets to others.

Some of our former students have stopped their studies with us because they found the courses made them too funny, and they felt guilty taking hundreds of thousands of Dollars from publishers. They have returned to their former methods of writing for moralistic reasons.

If you choose to stop your course with us within 24 hours, half of your course fees will be refunded.

The Courses that are available:

  • Accelerated Laughter ($5,000.00).
  • Advanced Guffaw Induction ($10,000.00).
  • The Side-Splitting Manual ($20,000.00).
  • Enabling Loss of Bodily Function Control ($50,000.00).
  • Cardiac Humor - with our Legal Disclaimer Package ($100,000.00).

These courses are available for 2 weeks only. For enrollment details, go to the The Real Experts of Comedy.

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