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Thursday, 15 March 2007

image for Free Coffee At Starbucks Today - Do You Know Why? STARBUCKS hopes you like your free coffee...black!

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON-(COUGHFEENOOZ) Today Starbucks Coffee Company is giving away at no cost to you a FREE tall cup of coffee. This offer is being given by franchises across the U.S. and Canada. That's right FREE. You pay nothing, zip, nada, zero, are you getting the picture. It's like stealing. You walk into a Starbucks tomorrow between the hours of 10.00 AM thru noon and grab yourself a cup free of charge.

Isn't that great. Isn't that noble. All corporations should follow the lead that this liberal minded beverage conglomerate has decided to do. Right...or maybe not! Think about it for a second. FREE?! Okay what's the catch? You can level with me? C'mon tell me. Spill it will ya? Tell me ...I'll be your best friend?! I don't know about you , But, this whole FREE thing has got me feeling a little leery. Aren't you suspicious. Just a little?!

Well I'm not going to keep quiet about something I just heard. Sure it an industry rumor I caught wind of about a week ago. I know I'm going out on a limb here, but, I believe the coffee drinking metropolis should no the skinny about this farce of a giveaway. It sound like a story right out of science fiction movie. Get ready to hear it for yourself, if you haven't already. Here goes.

The reason this coffee is being given away and NOT sold is because they believe two maintenance workers horsing around fell into the works. That's correct two idiot niggers fell into a coffee bean roaster and have gotten, not only roasted and freeze-dried, but they cannot find the location in which the two may of been shipped.

Willy Washington and Tyrone Jefferson started working for Starbucks a little more than a year ago. Good employees by all standards, hard working, never tardy...the only draw back is that sometimes they act like two idiot niggers! There I said it again.

There family have them listed as M.I.A. An embarrassed Starbucks feels they can skirt around this in both a profitable and legal way by giving the coffee away as a promotion and take it out of there income tax at the end of the year and if anyone gets sick drinking the coffee flavored negroids, lawyers can always argue that the cup of coffee was never actually bought so they are NOT held liable for any damages whatsoever. So thank you Willy & Tyrone. We FREE the slaves for a cup of FREE coffee. Go figure!

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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