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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

So, philosophy has had a troubled past. Not the least with Descartes disappearing in a bar when the waitress asks him whether he would like a drink or not, but also it was troubled for Plato - he's still shackled in his chains in the eternal shadows. In that bloody cave of his. And Socrates had to drink hemlock thanks to the Athenian democracy hating truth-tellers...

We have, it could be said, to excerpt a poem of mine; "Churches of light, burned by cavalier men, seeking the exiled trances of demigods."

Men as Gods, men as creators of the world and consciousness - reality is your sphere of experience of Being. Being is separate from Consciousness - it is the negation of Being, if you follow that adulterer Sartre.

Quantum emergence throws a spanner in the works - how does the immaterial emerge from the material; thoughts arising from the passionate flames of the soul? Roger Penrose is a large advocate of quantum consciousness. The mysteries of the mind do not reveal themselves to mere mortals.

To quote another poem of mine --

"Alas, freedom is the price of humanity.
That saviour and destroyer, never harmonised by the spirit in totality.

Oh, what is it to be human? I dream,
but unlike a defendant in the trial of existence,
I but cannot tell."

David Hume would have us believe we are a bundle of perceptions - bloody empiricists. Rationalists were better. Although, the whole damn matrix of reality doesn't exist.

Perceptions don't exist, love doesn't exist, life doesn't exist, the grumpy cat doesn't exist (to his utter dismay - he just says NO), Kant's noumena don't exist and the postmodernists screaming social reality are feeling proud right about now. But can the postmodernists prove their own existence? And please, no diatribe on how 2+2 = 5 and how we should feel positive about this social "construct".

Marx ushered us in a new age politically - communism and socialism - those thieving lefties wanting everyone else's damn money! Class warfare applied to gender in cultural Marxism - the proletariat vs the bourgeoisie - in false models of privilege and the unicorn of the patriarchy marching away to the drum-beat, twirling its handlebar moustache in the dead of night - after visiting its favourite active volcano. Confused between true capitalism a la Murray Rothbard and state corporatism, the left wage a war on freedom and proclaim tyranny as their own. They might as well co-opt 666 as their slogan. But freedom is an illusion - we're shaped by many forces around us. Biology, physics, chemistry, and the emergence of mind. Constructing a false reality - it's a shifting self-convincing matrix in the shadows, a plague upon truth. But why truth, not what is truth? Why value, why virtue? Why? What is reality, why is it illusion, and better yet, what is illusion?

Language constructs my reality. But language isn't my reality.

Anarcho-capitalism is a brilliant political theory (no, in all seriousness, it is - look it up). End tyranny.

Privilege is greater rates of homelessness and suicide. Privilege is being told to check your privilege.

Mathematicians speak of Euler's identity - it sums the Platonic world of mathematics, one more real than our own.

But why do we ask? The grumpy cat isn't impressed. And Hume tells us again we're just a bundle of perceptions. But how can perceptions exist? Nothing exists. Congratulations, you're a nihilist.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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