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Friday, 5 July 2013

Noam Chomsky and Rabbi Aden Frankel debate: When Will the Palestinians Go Away and Die Quietly?

Interview opening:

ANTHONY LONGBOTTOM: Tonight, we ask Israeli scholar, Rabbi Adin Frankel, and renown American activist, Noam Chomsky, when will the Palestinians simply go away and die quietly? Gentlemen, thank you for joining us.

ANTHONY LONGBOTTOM: Rabbi, if I may start with you. UN Security Council Resolution 242, clearly states the Palestinians should withdraw from the occupied territories and Israel's sovereign rights should be respected.

RABBI: I think you mean the other way around - Israel should withdraw.

ANTHONY LONGBOTTOM: Exactly. You concur.

RABBI: I don't concur. I'm correcting you.

ANTHONY LONGBOTTOM: Right. Well, do you think the Palestinians will ever leave on their own accord, or will the world have to force them to comply like it did with Sadaam Hussein?

RABBI: You mean Israel - Israel should leave on its own accord.


RABBI: I don't concur. I don't agree. I think your question's ridiculous and outrageous.

ANTHONY LONGBOTTOM: If you don't mind answering it.

RABBI: Israel will leave when it feels the security situation is acceptable for that to happen - when the Palestinians hand over all their rockets, guns, all their wire, ball-bearings, electrical tape, rocks, and anything else that can be used to make bombs. In the meantime, Israel has the right to defend itself like any other nation.

Interview from TWITS: The Worldwide Investigative Television network

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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