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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

image for Fatang Bang Billerdang Dont ask me

It was a right old ding dong and no mistake, I mean, fancy doing that in front of the general public, a bit like Giraffes having sex in the middle of Piccadilly Circus a real show stopper.

Then, they go and complain saying no one understands them! What was there to understand?
A mouse tightrope walking across the Grand Canyon could not top that for entertainment value and we all know the public love to be entertained. What got me, was a couple of
Salvation Army Generals taking photos! I thought, blimey, what album are they going in?

I wanted to leave, I don't like being one of the lambs, standing around waiting for the slaughter, you would have thought they would have learned by now, you know, passed the knowledge on from generation to generation: "lambing season is upon us, run!"

But, I remained, not really watching the doings, people watching, eyes flitting from centre to left, centre to right, voyeurism tennis for the eyeballs. And, it is strange how the brain manages to focus the eyes on something that is disconnected from the main event.

There was this girl, small, petite, blonde that would stick the little finger up her right nostril and wait to see if she had been spotted before depositing the bogie in her mouth. I could have gone up to her and said; "I saw you, dirty girl" But what would it achieve, she was so taken up with the goings on, I doubt she knew she was doing it. The rain changed the atmosphere,
Sort of made the crowd aware they were not at home in the safety and privacy of their sitting
Rooms, but exposed, along with all these other spectators. Suddenly, they were being judged,
Looked at, the rain fell heavy, thin clothing became see through, women unable to hide their
Naked breasts beneath the blouse became fair game for the eyes of the masses.

Well, it has been nice talking to you, got to go and buy Mothers fish now, bye.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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