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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

image for Facts for impressing your friends Adding baking soda to water causes it's freezing point to rise to five degrees centigrade

They say that knowledge is 'da bomb'. Quite who 'they' are, is yet to be discovered. However, when presented with somebody else's amazing fact, people are quite often left stumped for an amazing fact in return. Well, no longer. Here is a list of fifty astounding facts to delight and amaze people with, and we can guarantee that nobody will have heard them before, because they're all made up.

Legal disclaimer: If you get caught out using them, it's your own fault.

1. Bats always turn left when leaving a cave.
2. Oranges were named after the colour, not the other way around.
3. Butterfly wings are transparent to infra-red.
4. The letter U was added to the alphabet in 1506.
5. Hippopotamus milk tastes like cabbage.
6. Ten-pin bowling is an allegory of war developed by the Inuit.
7. Carrots were originally grown by the Persians as weapons.
8. Brian Blessed holds the record for the most sprouts eaten in one go.
9. The Elvis song, Blue Suede Shoes, was written about Walt Disney.
10. Locusts have better vision than donkeys.
11. Danish pastries were invented by the Spanish.
12. Custard was originally an alternative to Plaster of Paris.
13. Schizophrenics can only sleep when orientated east-west.
14. Chickens are the only bird that can hum.
15. A boiled egg contains as much energy as one tonne of coal.
16. Hercules was French.
17. Until 1970 there were only five kinds of cloud, there are now fourteen.
18. The window was invented before the wall.
19. Leonardo Da Vinci invented the bowler hat.
20. The sap from the English Oak cures halitosis.
21. Wearing a peacock feather in a hat was punishable by death in Portugal until 1994.
22. Duck bills can be used to purify water.
23. The Romans invented concrete and it means 'with bits in'.
24. The longest nose hair was eighteen centimetres long and belonged to Francois Allan from Paris in 1914.
25. Enough snow fell on Norwich in February 1963 to cover the whole world to a depth of one centimetre.
26. The Egyptians had a twelve day week.
27. One in fifty penguins is born with teeth.
28. All garden gnomes are made in Bristol.
29. Worms rotate clockwise as they tunnel in the northern hemisphere, and anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere.
30. Giraffes only have left legs.
31. The world's tallest Christmas tree was put up in Israel.
32. Blackbeard the pirate was ginger-haired.
33. The belt was invented when one of Isambard Kingdom Brunel's braces snapped, and he needed to keep his trousers up.
34. The spit of the cane toad cures athlete's foot.
35. Queen Victoria is credited with inventing the word pigeon.
36. Dandelion seeds have evolved to be dispersed by small children blowing them.
37. Having ears without earlobes is an indicator for diabetes.
38. The word 'pinnacle' used to mean 'curly'.
39. Human gestation has been increasing; four thousand years ago it was eight months.
40. Denim was originally invested to keep sheep warm after shearing.
41. Hide and seek was a game in the original Greek Olympics.
42. Caramel was originally a tooth filling material.
43. The Polynesia alphabet only has twelve letter.
44. In Boston, Lincolnshire, it is illegal for men to wear kilts.
45. Welsh footballer, Gareth Bale, has dual nationality with Japan.
46. All of the uranium mined, ever, would fit in the boot of a standard family car.
47. Canada has the worlds longest coastline, but no sandy beaches.
48. Dogs are the only animal other than humans that can sneeze.
49. Without using spaces between the letters, the Morse code for lemon is the same as that for apple.
50. A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, is the world's longest palindrome.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

If you fancy trying your hand at comedy spoof news writing, click here to join!

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