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image for Born To Spoof: Home For The Holidays - Part 2 A pint at The Spoof?

(At the end of Part 1): "Now see here!" said JLF rising to his feet, "You know I don't care about any other clones and so the answer is no. K-N-O-W!...now wait a second...Anyway the answer is no!"

Monkey Woods smiled, seeming to relax,"All right then, I can see you're settled here, no hard feelings. Can a bloke buy you two a beer?"

"Now you're talking," said JLF and he and No.3 followed Monkey Woods out the door. Only it wasn't really their door, it was the portal back to the Spoof.... (To Be Continued!).

(Continued): "Woods you son of a bitch!", said JLF as stepped through the portal into the bar/terrarium at The Spoof. The stale smell of several years of beer stained floors engulfed them with a familiar arrogance.

"Now Jean is that any way to treat a fellow writer at Christmas time. After all we are one big happy family," smiled Mark behind the bar pouring drafts from the tap for several writers who were seated. Anger turned to shock, there in one room was every writer of importance to the Spoof for the past 20 years. Many Jean did not know and in fact it was likely they would not know him, a few hundred stories would hardly stir the waters in this tabloid sponge of a magazine.

"Relax Jean!" said Mark coming to him with a mug of dark liquid, "All is forgiven, I am a changed man and I want EVERYONE back in the fold, including clones", he said winking at No. 3, who returned his smile with an icy and untrusting glare.

"You have a lot of nerve thinking forgiveness is even on the table," said No.3.

"Funny you should mention tables No. 3" replied Mark, "The very table you were born on is gone, the entire lab dismantled," said Mark watching her closely for her response, but No.3 held back all and gave no insights.

"Oh come now No. 3, Jean, surely a little maniacal chasing around the world hasn't put you off working with me? I mean after all, what would you write about if I didn't put some excitment into your droll lives. Say look who is here, it's Jalopenoman and your long lost friend, who...sayyy, she looks quite familiar like someone wouldn't you say Jean?"

JLF looked in disbelief, for the woman Mark spoke of Carina-eta, certainly was exactly like No. 3, in almost every way her clone. He stood there dumbfounded unable to speak.

"How's tricks Jean?" Asked Carina-eta, "I still have pigtails under my arms to prove it's me," she said.

JLF recovered and grasped her hands, "It's a great pleasure to meet you in person at last my dear. No 3..."

No.3 bolted from the room towards the stairs to the old laboratory.

"No wait!" cried JLF tearing after her.

"Ahhh just like old times." smiled Mark

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