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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

image for George Formby. His part in my war The George Formby Night club

This month we hear how George played an important role in keeping up moral during the Blitz.

"We was darn the underground station in Bethnal Green. The misses said we would be safe from the Bosh and there might be some entertainment. Abart ten at night, this George Formby bloke turns up and starts wiv all that "Ow do!" Me misses threw herself on the live rails. By the time I jumped, so many people had followed her, the whole underground had fused. That's how I survived the war".

Bert Wantage (Code Breaker)

"Lotty and I, that's my sister, were having tea on the lawn while Bunty, our cousin, was playing hoopla with mummy and daddy. A squadron of Spitfires went over and we all cheered. Daddy put the radio on so we could listen to Mr Churchill. As the set warmed up, we heard this Formby chap singing a song regarding window cleaning. Daddy got his shot gun out and ran amok, I dived under the picnic basket and managed to hide. He did for them all and then himself.

Alice Stewart-Marple-Noon-Evadnee (Spy)

"Eeee, I reet remember it like yesterday thee knows. I were on't factory roof with Sid and Ernie.
We was paintin it to look like trees so bosh would fly past. Anyways, as we ad fag break, Ernie hears commotion coming from inside t' factory. We see's through skylight, Formby ad turned up and started singing, when I looked oop, they had gone. Some say they slipped off roof in't excitement.

Harold Parchment (Painter)

"It was our seventh sortie, the skipper was quite up beat because we had not gone goose over stump on our last bosh bashing run and he felt the whole crew were destined for the first eleven. We took off from Benson and had a quiet run over the frogs until we were above Karl Krauts back yard. The flak bounced off the old girl and then Jenkins lined us up for the googly. I was opening the bomb bay doors when Spiffy comes running up and tells me the skipper and co- pilot have jumped and left us in a bit of a flap. I ran to the cockpit and grabbed the radio, as I put on the ear phones I heard George Formby singing, "It's turned out nice again". We spent the rest of the war teaching Austrian school girls how to make plumb duff".

Squadron Leader Pontius Pilot (Flight )

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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