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image for 'The Voice UK' Uncovers New Susan Boyle 'There may be trouble ahead...": Early Punk. 33 year-old Sid back in 1975

An unlikely new singing sensation - as unlikely but just as stunning as the famous 'BGT' debut of Susan Boyle - has been discovered on the the second show of BBC's 'The VOICE UK'. But this time, according to a production insider's smuggled audio tape, it's a male pensioner!

The blockbuster talent show features a jury of famous competing music-biz celebrities - singers Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones, 'Black Eyed Pea' member will.i.am and Irish band 'The Script' frontman Danny O'Donoghue.

According to the BBC insider, the 'TV Gold' moment happened during the show's initial selection stage known as the 'Blind Audition', in which the celebrity 'coaches' sit in chairs facing away from the stage so they can hear - but not see - the act.

All four celebs simultaneously signalled their desire to manage the act by hitting buttons on their chairs, spinning them round to give them their first glimpse of who was responsible for a punk version of Irving Berlin classic "Let's Face the Music and Dance".

To their amazement the singer turned out to be dishevelled, frail and toothless Dorking pensioner Sidney 'Sid' Botham, who was helped onto the stage by long time american girlfriend, 83 year-old Nancy Sponger.

In this exclusive extract, we can reveal the celebrities' reactions and lively exchange at Sid's stunning TV debut, as detailed on the smuggled tape [redacted for swearing]...

Holly Willoughby (Host): Coaches - you didn't expect THAT did you? Did you? No you didn't!

Jessie J: What's your name darlin'?

Sid: Sid, darlin'.

Jessie J: An' where you from?

Sid: Dorking.

Jessie J: It's a big city?

Sid: [Flustered] It's er... y'know... a...er... how would yer call it? A sh*t-hole.

Jessie J: And how old are ya Sid?

Sid: [Wiggles and gyrates hips suggestively] Sixty-nine... and that's just me front side.

will.i.am: Wassup Sidney? You jus' blew me man!

Sid: No I f***ing didn't!!

Danny O'Donoghue: Widout a doubt dat's the biggest wake-up call oive had in me loif. Sure, oi pissed meself laffin' when yers stood dere wid dat wicked leer and said youse wanted t' be loik de great Shakin' Stephens... no-one's laffin' now! Oim reeling from drink, er... shock, so oi am.

Sir Tom Jones: [Clearing throat when a half-sucked cough sweet shoots out of his mouth, side-parting will.ia.m's hair] Sid, boyo, I knew from the minute I heard you limp out onto the stage and that 'orrible whiff entered my nostrils, that I was about to experience something... special. Sidney Botham, you can shuffle off back to Dorking with your pecker held high!

[Wild applause]

According to the insider, after the recording a slightly inebriated Mr Botham was heard discussing prospects and suggestions for his new career with the celebrity coaches over several bottles of bubbly - each coach vying to be his chosen mentor.

"They'd all pitched a change of stage-name for Sid, each in their own inimitable style." says the source.

Jessie J suggested 'Siddie S', while will.i.am pitched 'sid.n.ee' and Danny proposed 'Shakin' Sid Begorrah'. But, according to the BBC insider, the one that seemed to go down best with the grey-haired crooner was Sir Tom's suggestion - 'SidBo'.

SidBo is already odds on with bookies to scoop the title in Easter's Grand Final.

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