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Saturday, 15 October 2011

image for Retro vs Current Headlines and Signs 1954

Sent by the senile pensioner who just will not stop sending this rubbish in.

1954: Average House prices now up to £1.900.00
2011: Average house prices fall to £228,095.00

1946: Cost of a Ford Anglia rises to a staggering £293.00
2011: Cost of a Ford Fiesta now from £9,495.00

1954: Her Royal Majesty the Queens estimated worth now £15,000,000
2011: Her Royal Majesty the Queens estimated worth now £284,530,950

1960: Retail Price Inflation at 1.8%
2011: Retail Price Inflation at 4.8%

1960: Ferguson 17" Portable TV Black & White £56.45
2011: Ferguson 17" Portable LED TV £573.90

1961: Special offer: Tinned Mackerel @ 4d (1.5p) Tesco
2011: Special offer: Tinned Mackerel @ 64p (12/10d) Tesco

1964: Prime Minister Earnings now up to £230 a week
2011: Cameron declares earnings at ££142,500 a week

1954: The Mini (Austin 7) costs £497 to £500
2011: Mini One (BMW) costs £11,810 to £19,950

1954: Average price of cigarettes now 11p (2/3d)
1970: Average price of cigarettes now £1.65
2011: Average price of cigarettes now £6.95

1959: Most populous Council sign: 'Keep Britain Tidy'
2011: Most populous Council sign: 'Beware car thieves are operating in this area - lock you car!'

1954: Sentence for murder, execution by hanging
2011: Sentence for murder three years in jail

1960: Nottingham Forest put Trent End prices up to 3/- (15p)
2011: Nottingham Forest put Trent End prices up to £25.00

1940: Printed on cigarette packets: Supplied at no cost by His Majesties Government to soldiers, airmen and sailors of His Majesties Forces
1954: Printed on cigarette packets: 'Your never alone with a Strand'
1961: Printed on cigarette packets: 'Player's, it's the tobacco that pleases'
1970: Printed on cigarette packets: 'Your international passport to smoking pleasure'
2000: Printed on cigarette packets: 'Cigarettes are addictive'
2004: Printed on cigarette packets: 'Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease'
2006: Printed on cigarette packets: 'Cigarettes cause Cancer'
2010: Printed on cigarette packets: 'Smoking Kills'
2011: Printed on cigarette packets: 'Smoking can Kill You and Your Child'

1946: The Prime Minister quotes: "There is no such thing as a good tax" - Winston Churchill
1989: The Prime Minister quotes: "A world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us" - Margaret Thatcher
2010: The Prime Minister quotes: "She's an old bigot!" - Gordon Brown
2011: The Prime Minister quotes: "Of course we will not increase VAT, I'd be an idiot to go back on my word!" - David Cameron

1954: England's manager to get over £100 a week!
2011: England's so called manager getting £8m a year!

1954: Headline: Teacher in Comprehensive school gets severe reprimand for hitting 13 year old pupil.
2011: Headline: 13 year old pupil in Comprehensive school gets probation for mugging his teacher.

1954: Headline: Slogan: You can count on Shell Shell Shell!
2011: Headline: Slogan: You need a bank account to afford shell the price is hell!

1954: Popular Breakfast:
4 pork and beef sausages
1 tin of tomatoes or 1 tin of baked beans
8 rashers smoked back or streaky bacon
1/4 pound of mushrooms (bluebuttons when in season)
6 fried eggs
2 slices liver or black pudding
4 thick slices bread fried
a knob of butter for toast
Dollop of tomato sauce or ketchup
3 cups of strong tea (Yorkshire, Brooke Bond, or Typhoo
2011: Popular Breakfast:
1 bowl of Muesli or grape nuts
1 glass orange juice
1 vitamin pill
1 Viagra
Half a cup of decaffeinated green tea, or Outer Mongolian coffee

1954: News: Marilyn Monroe marries baseball star, New York Yankee, Joe DiMaggio
2011: News: Millionaire UK MP William Hague shares bedroom with Julian and Damien, his dear assistants in a hotel room

1988: Headline: On 2 March, the Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party merged to become The Liberal Democrat Party
2011: Headline: Nick Clegg led the Lib-Dems into an alliance with the Tory party
2014: Headline: The Lib-Dem Party dies.

1963: Fact: Charles de Gaulle rejects Britain's bid for membership of the EEC, maintaining there were incompatibilities between continental European and British economic interests
2011: Fact: Millions of Britain's wished the other member states had listened to him now!

1959: News: British troops carry out manoeuvres on Dartmoor, 20,000 troops, 25 tanks, and artillery took part, roads closed for miles around for the week-end. 14 soldiers injured during the two days exercise
2011: News: British British troops carry out manoeuvres in the cellar at number 10, there were no injuries to either of the soldiers during the two hour exercise

1961: Music charts: No Regrets by Edith Piaf in at the number 6 spot
1976: Music charts: No Regrets by Walker Brothers in at the number 6 spot
1998: Music charts: No Regrets" by Robbie Williams in at the number 6 spot
2002: Music charts: No Regrets by Bon Jovi in at the number 6 spot
2011: Music charts: No Regrets by Dappy in at the number 6 spot

1929: Publications: Buck Rogers 1st sci-fi comic strip, premières
2011: Publications: Nick Clegg's 'The Coalition's Sincerity book premières

1978: Crimes in Nottingham per 1000 population: Violence 19.00 Sexual Offences 1.4 Robbery 4.5 Burglary 10.84 Theft of Motor 2.88 Theft from Motor 13.40
1990: Crimes in Nottingham per 1000 population: Violence 20.05 Sexual Offences 1.9 Robbery 4.5 Burglary 13.5 Theft of Motor 4.22 Theft from Motor 12.00
2011: Crimes in Nottingham per 1000 population: Violence 30.2 Sexual Offences 2.00 Robbery 5.66 Burglary 18.24 Theft of Motor 5.80 Theft from Motor 22.10

2010: Political quotes: "We see absolutely no reason to raise VAT because we have done our homework, we have identified where money can be generated and where money can be saved." - Nick Clegg
2010: Political quotes: 'Political quotes: "We have absolutely no plans to raise VAT. Our first Budget is all about recognising we need to get spending under control rather than putting up tax." - David Cameron
2011: Political quotes: "The structural deficit was much bigger than we thought [when we came into government] - £13bn bigger," he said, we had to increase VAT!" - Nick Clegg

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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