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Funny story: Bill and Ben Star Signs Sex Offender's Register

Bill and Ben Star Signs Sex Offender's Register

The entertainment world was today in uproar amid claims that Bill Flobalob, one half of the seventies incomprehensible children's duo Bill and Ben, had been forced to sign the sex offender's register.
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Funny story: Glamour Girl Natalie Gets Tits Out For Lads!

Glamour Girl Natalie Gets Tits Out For Lads!

Derek and Jill Lad were at their wits end after neighbours complained to the local authorities about the foul stench coming from the back of their house. "We just couldn't figure it out," said Derek, "the smell was absolutely appalling!" Derek,...
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Funny story: Dog Once Again Unsuccessful in Mating

Dog Once Again Unsuccessful in Mating

After a number of recent attempts, Lyle and Cindy Bennet's Yorkie, Rocky, continues to fail in his attempts to mate with a human arm.
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Funny story: Five Lost In Arkansas Blizzard

Five Lost In Arkansas Blizzard

Almost half an inch of snow fell on Little Root, Arkansas this week. This unseasonable storm resulted in severe hardship in the area and has baffled meteorologists and banjo players alike.
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Funny story: Mr. T Returns to TV

Mr. T Returns to TV

The 80s are making a comeback - and so is Mr. T, the gold-chain-wearing, mohawk-sporting tough guy from the 80s TV show, The A-Team. Though the 80s star has been appearing in more and more commercials recently, he's decided that he's once again read...
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Funny story: Peter Pan found Dead!

Peter Pan found Dead!

Shock waves went through fairy tale land yesterday when Peter Pan was found dead outside his home in Neverland. The former childhood hero, who had been deep into financial bankruptcy since he sold the rights of his life story to Disney in 1953, wa...
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Funny story: Spokespuppet commits suicide

Spokespuppet commits suicide

A spokespuppet for a famous petstore committed suicide last night. The owner of a Chinese laundromat found him inside a washing machine. "He told me he wanted to wash up. I said ok. He was very smelly. No bath in days I guess." Authorities fo...
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Funny story: "Tux" branches out

"Tux" branches out

In a surprising move, the linux mascot tux has announced today that he will be pursuing a career in the porn industry.
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Funny story: Email mispellings "to be made easeri"

Email mispellings "to be made easeri"

Computer company Microsoft are to launch new software next month which they say will be "essentlai" for anybody sending emails.
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Funny story: Bishop's Ping pongs over noxious

Bishop's Ping pongs over noxious

"Enough of these racial slurs!" cries affronted bishop.
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Funny story: Football Managers Take Heart

Football Managers Take Heart

An extension to the recent studies of the effect of football matches upon heart rate and blood pressure of leading football managers has produced some surprising results.
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Funny story: David Letterman kills Humpty Dumpty

David Letterman kills Humpty Dumpty

New evidence has been uncovered in the death of Humpty Dumpty.Nursery Rhyme has it that Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
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Funny story: Dairy Queen Fire Suspicious

Dairy Queen Fire Suspicious

Big Spring, TX- The residents of this quiet west Texas town woke up to the most disturbing news to hit the town since Mayor Stiehl's public indecency scandal of two years ago.
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Funny story: Hear'Say pick of the pops

Hear'Say pick of the pops

Prince Charles shocked the establishment when he announced that he was the new member of the popular boy/girl band, Hear'say "I'm sick to death of people putting me down" moaned the apprentice king.
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Funny story: Will Young enters chart at 34

Will Young enters chart at 34

Will Young, the slightly effeminate winner of ITV's Pop Idol, has only managed to enter the chart at a lowly position 34. The singer, aged only 12 years old, released the double A-side record Evergreen/Anything Is Possible on Monday, but since on...
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Funny story: Murder Legalised on Wednesdays

Murder Legalised on Wednesdays

In a radical new move to combat the well-known crime of murder, Tony Blair has legalised murder on Wednesdays.
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Funny story: Politicians Fall Foul of Time Dilation

Politicians Fall Foul of Time Dilation

Basingstoke scientists today revealed that clocks in the vicinity of talking politicians work slower than those near normal people. "It's a quirk of Einstein's theory of relativity," said Dr Ruth Rutherford, head of clocks and social politics at B...
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Funny story: No Mix-up, Goldberg Oscar Tries to Return Itself

No Mix-up, Goldberg Oscar Tries to Return Itself

Bel Air, California - Although initially reported to be due to a UPS shipping mishap, eyewitness testimony claim that actress Whoopi Goldberg's Oscar simply tried to escape in order to rejoin the trophy's "real" winner, Annette Benn...
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Funny story: Batman Apologizes

Batman Apologizes

Rumors of impropriety swirling around Batman were at last addressed by him in a bold radio speech delivered last evening over Gotham City airwaves. What follows is a complete transcript of his remarks: "Good evening." "Earlier today, in Go...
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Funny story: Rod Hull is Alive!

Rod Hull is Alive!

Former British children's presenter Rod Hull, presumed dead after his tragic death in 1998 is alive and well according to a patient at Camarthen Asylum.
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Funny story: Olympic Hero in Overdose Worry

Olympic Hero in Overdose Worry

Beloved British olympic boxer Audley Harrison has been hospitalised today. Harrison was found in his hotel room early today, reportedly having taken of an overdose of popular energy drink Lucozade sport.
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Funny story: Antichrist of the Opera?

Antichrist of the Opera?

In a move that will shock fans and foes alike, the shock rocker Marilyn Manson is to star as the leading role in Andrew Lloyd Webber's popular musical 'The Phantom of the Opera' it was confirmed yesterday at a press conference in London. Manson (R...
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Funny story: Galaxy Hopping Aliens need your used chewing

Galaxy Hopping Aliens need your used chewing

The two leading charities dedicated to supporting our alien communities launched a desperate appeal, yesterday, for used chewing gum.
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Funny story: Fears Worsen In Coastal Train Horror!

Fears Worsen In Coastal Train Horror!

Children are now out for an even scarier ride on the new improved ghost train attraction at Bogsea pleasure beach. Phase one of the major alteration plan is now complete. "We've had a massive refit costing hundreds of pounds," said White Knu...
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Funny story: Euro Chaos for Britain!

Euro Chaos for Britain!

The Euro has been adopted amongst chaos by the twelve so-called nations on the continent. Now, there is a despicable push for Britain to adopt the currency! It's hard to believe the audacity of these jumped up little Hitlers and their European, an...
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Funny story: Prince Harry's Royal Shame

Prince Harry's Royal Shame

Shocking news this weekend from our Royals: Harry has turned into some kind of yoof thug. His drunken, stoned, sickening antics resembled those of a Premiership footballer. Harry should remember that he is a member of the Royal Family, and should...
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