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Spoof Writer Accosted by Bill Cosby

Cal Jennings claims to have been sexually abused by Bill Cosby. Hopes to get his million.

written by Cal Jennings, 17 December 2014

Obama Importing Deadly Communicable Diseases

BREAKING NEWS! President Obama has decided to import deadly communicable diseases for the purpose of population control.

written by Cal Jennings, 14 October 2014

Obama Caves Again!

CCN (Crazy Cal News) Washington - President Obama caved in to the Republicans and Tea Party memebers, bowing to them like he did to Hu and the Saudi king.

written by Cal Jennings, 09 April 2011

Obama Speaks on Libyan Action

Washingon - In yesterday's speech, President Obama defended his actions in Libya, citing that the country has plenty of resources that should interest the Republicans and corporations.

written by Cal Jennings, 31 March 2011

Nigerians Prosecute Cheney for Selling Bad Email Addresses

Nigerians angry. "We're supposed to do the scamming, but Cheney scammed US!"

written by Cal Jennings, 06 December 2010

Tea Party Gets Down to Business!

Washington - The newly elected Tea Party members get down to the important business of saving incandescent light bulbs.

written by Cal Jennings, 23 November 2010

Image of TheSpoof Writer Cal-el's face Seen in Slick

Image of writer Cal-el's face was seen in the BP oil slick, verifying that is still the only comedy and satire publication with a true son of God on its staff.

written by Cal Jennings, 04 August 2010

BP Oil Experiment a Success

CCN (Crazy Cal News) - Gulf of Mexico - BP, Halliburton, and Transocean are expected to win the Nobel Peace Prize for their successful oil separation experiment in the Gulf of Mexico. Isn't that slick?

written by Cal Jennings, 16 May 2010

Don McLeroy's Texas Education Proposal a FAIL!

CCN (Crazy Cal News) Austin, TX - Don McLeroy's Texas Education proposal a fail. There is not one mention of Pecos Bill!

written by Cal Jennings, 16 May 2010

BP to Use Arizona to Sand Bag Coastline

CCN (Crazy Cal News - Houston - BP has announced plans to dig up all of Arizona to fill sand bags to safeguard U.S. Coast. "We're turning Teabaggers into sand baggers."

written by Cal Jennings, 12 May 2010

BP Comes Up With a Slick Idea!

CCN(Crazy Cal News)Gulf of Mexico - BP announces slick idea for cleaning up the oil slick!

written by Cal Jennings, 08 May 2010

Teabaggers Protest Earth Day!

CCN (Crazy Cal News) - Washington - Tea Party Members gathered today to protest Earth Day which they fear will help Obama ban public fishing and take away their jobs.

written by Cal Jennings, 22 April 2010

The New iCom Jigga!

CCN (Crazy Cal News) LA - Emmet "Doc" Brown creates the new iCom Jigga. Misunderstanding breaks out over whether the name might be a racial slur.

written by Cal Jennings, 18 April 2010

Rupert Murdoch Leads Protest

Rupert Murdoch led a protest against illegal immigration in LA today. When asked why someone from Australia would protest, he replied, "I PAID for MY citizenship!"

written by Cal Jennings, 18 April 2010

Fred Phelps is Gay!

SACREMENTO - Fred Phelps was caught leaving a gay bar with his new lover... has AIDS.

written by Cal Jennings, 17 April 2010

Palin on the Discovery Channel

CCN (Crazy Cal News) - Palin gets bare with bears!

written by Cal Jennings, 17 April 2010

Birchers and Tea Partiers Protest Superman!

Birchers and Tea Baggers claim Superman is unfit to represent America!

written by Cal Jennings, 16 April 2010

Sandra Bullock Shivers

Sandra Bullock shivered when the news was released over "Bombshell" McGee's custody documents.

written by Cal Jennings, 15 April 2010

Breaking News!

Obama Destroys America AGAIN by giving tax breaks and education assistance to people who are not in the top 1%. When will the madness end?

written by Cal Jennings, 13 April 2010

Ricky Martin GAY!

Ricky Martin swished out of the closet and openly declared his gayness. News at 10.

written by Cal Jennings, 30 March 2010

Cheney's Airplane Has Mechanical Problem

CCN - Vice President Dick Cheney's airplane had a small mechanical problem. Unfortunately, there were no safety concerns and the aircraft was scheduled to make a planned refuelling stop in Singapore after his trip to Australia.

written by Cal Jennings, 27 August 2007

Dick Cheney Repents

CCN - Dick Cheney, after doing some soul searching, has repented his sins against humanity and has joined in the effort to impeach Bush.

written by Cal Jennings, 21 August 2007

Republicans Change Party Symbol to Chicken

CCN - "The Internets" - All but two of the Republican presidential hopefuls have turned down the one debate being hailed as the format created by the American people. As a result, the party symbol has been changed from an elephant to a chicken.

written by Cal Jennings, 29 July 2007

Dennis Kucinich Teams Up with Ron Paul

CCN - Dennis Kucinich teamed up with Ron Paul today to form the Unity Party after both were kicked out of the parties in which they were trying to run.

written by Cal Jennings, 28 July 2007

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