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One Song Responsible For Most Mass Phobia

Shrinks and Quacks with PHD's all agree that Steven Sondheim's song, 'Send In The Clowns' is responsible for almost 80% of all clown phobias. Smoke Robinson's 'Tears Of A Clown,' makes up the rest.

written by Paul Blake, 23 May 2015

Man Prints 3D Gun, Shoots 4D Wife!

A man in Boston purchased a new 3D printer, and pressed the buttons for a small handgun and one bullet.

"Harold, you've been in the damn basement all day!" were the last words his wife ever said.

written by Paul Blake, 07 May 2015

Most 'Hated' Phrase In America!

In a recent online survey, participants revealed that the most hated phrase in America seems to ironically be "Don't be Hatin'!"

written by Paul Blake, 05 May 2015

Pot Used As Contraceptive!

Matt Kroner, 22, a Senior at Duke, read in one of his Medical Journals that pot can decrease your sperm count by 50%. Matt has now found his college thesis and is actively seeking other participants!

written by Paul Blake, 28 April 2015

Ferguson Won't Be Out-Rioted!

Only hours after riots broke out on the streets of Baltimore, Ferguson, Missouri residents retaliated with their own riot, burning just one more cop car than the competition to regain the title.

written by Paul Blake, 28 April 2015

Thomas The Tank Engine Loves Bon Jovi

The Island Of Sodor, UK - In a rare but enthusiastic interview, Thomas the Thank Engine admitted that Bon Jovi's music inspires him, when he and the gang are working hard all day, down by the docks.

written by Paul Blake, 27 April 2015

Original Whitney Houston Lyrics Found

Who knew? Whitney's 1985 Smash Hit, 'Saving All My Love For You,' was originally penned for a porno flick. The original lyrics appear to have been, 'Shaving All My Muff For You.'

written by Paul Blake, 26 April 2015

Santa Strikes Syria Off His List (Don't read this if you live in Syria with small children around you)

The North Pole - Santa announced on Friday that he will be steering well clear of Syria this year, siting the danger he felt of having a target on his back, by being a symbol of Christianity.

written by Paul Blake, 21 December 2012

Clinton on Clinton

Sources close to Bill Clinton say that he is very nervous about the old ball-and-chain quitting her job and being around the house more often.
He may even put in for a new post in poor old Thailand.

written by Paul Blake, 20 December 2012

The Most Perfect Stocking Stuffer.

A one-legged homeless man may have the need for the most fitting stocking stuffer ever! He asked the Santa who works the mall, where he lives in the bushes from time to time, for a prosthetic leg.

written by Paul Blake, 19 December 2012

New Tazer App.

In the lastest "lawsuit waiting to happen" news, Zappit Inc. has just unveiled their new Tazer App, just in time for the holidays. Better hope you don't pocket dial yourself when this baby is on!

written by Paul Blake, 05 December 2012

Todd Aiken hears from God.

Ousted Congressman, Todd Aiken (R-Mo.) sees face of God in church. Everyone saw it that day. God told him that he was a mistake and that he meant for Aiken to come out as a screaming gay liberal.

written by Paul Blake, 26 November 2012

Nebraska Boys Grow Up Fast at Macy's Day Parade

A group of 12-year-olds from a Christian Fundamentalist boys group were front row for the annual parade.
After getting more than an eye-full from the Rockette's, nine out of ten of the boys approved.

written by Paul Blake, 22 November 2012
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