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Message To Marco Rubio:

If you wish to express the incompetence of the President, you must express it in a competent way.

written by K.C. Bell, 09 February 2016

Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton A Liar

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a liar? This from a guy who promised to love, honor and obey wife number one, wife number two and wife number three.

written by K.C. Bell, 22 December 2015

Who Knew There Was A John Wick In Zen Actor Keanu Reeves?

The good news is that there are plans for a John Wick 2. After losing Diane Keaton to Jack Nicholson in Something's Gotta Give, (a loss that had to be rewarded) along comes John Wick.

written by K.C. Bell, 06 July 2015

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! Sweet! To be alphabetically correct, the choice should have been Princess Charlotte Diana Elizabeth. Did the parents consider Princess Spencer Middleton Windsor?

written by K.C. Bell, 04 May 2015

Boris Nemtsov Murder In Russia

Strangely, 22 CCTV cameras in the Kremlin were 'switched off' for maintenance or gave fuzzy images at the time of Nemtsov murder. Like the CCTV cameras in the Alma tunnel when Princess Diana died.

written by K.C. Bell, 04 March 2015

Boots On The Ground

If Canadian terrorists invaded Washington State, would the United States ask Saudi Arabia to contribute boots on the ground?

written by K.C. Bell, 17 February 2015

You Got A Friend

Please do not send James Taylor to Saudi Arabia to sing You Got A Friend at King Abdullah's funeral. Also, nix the idea when King Salman bin Abdul-Al Saud takes the throne.

written by K.C. Bell, 24 January 2015

Update On Ruble And Feather Race

Houston: The feather has landed. The Russian ruble continues to fall…

written by K.C. Bell, 16 December 2014

Vladimir Putin's Race Between The Ruble And The Feather

If Vladimir Putin were to drop a ruble and a feather from the tenth floor of a building, which would land first?

written by K.C. Bell, 03 December 2014

Ferguson Killing Of A Teenager

Question for police officer Darren Wilson: Would you have left the safety of your squad car to pursue Michael Brown if you did not have a loaded weapon?

written by K.C. Bell, 30 November 2014

Changing The Name Of The Washington Redskins

Would it be indelicate to change the name of the Washington Redskins to the Boehner Redskins?

written by K.C. Bell, 06 October 2013

Separated At Birth, Or

Has anyone ever seen Bill Maher and Julian Assange together in the same room?

written by K.C. Bell, 17 July 2013

IQ Tests For Gun Owners

Since the NRA frowns on background checks for gun owners, maybe they'll approve of IQ tests and prevent the 'wrong' people from purchasing guns?

written by K.C. Bell, 15 July 2013

Andy Murray Wins The Quarter Finals At Wimbledon

Fernando Verdasco had the left handed serve, the first two sets and the hair, but Andy Murray won the quarter-finals at Wimbledon. Bravo Murray.

written by K.C. Bell, 03 July 2013

The Super Bowl Ring And Putin

Suppose Vladimir Putin returns the stolen Super Bowl ring, what are the odds it'll be radioactive?

written by K.C. Bell, 28 June 2013

News Alert For Michael Douglas:

In the interest of privacy and decorum, please do not announce any future plans for knee replacement surgery.

written by K.C. Bell, 07 June 2013


Marriage is the union between two people who love one another, and never entered for monetary, property or political advancement.

written by K.C. Bell, 26 March 2013

Latest On $1 Trillion Platnum Coin

Treasury nixes $1 trillion platinum coin, however, the $1 trillion .95 cents platinum coin is still a maybe.

written by K.C. Bell, 13 January 2013

The Morning After The Mayan Prophecy

Apparently, the Jell-O chocolate pudding placated the gods of the Mayan prophecy.

written by K.C. Bell, 22 December 2012

John McCain Says U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice: "Not too bright"

If Senator John McCain, third from bottom of class at Annapolis, had picked Stanford graduate and Rhodes scholar Susan Rice as his Vice President instead of Sarah Duh, he'd be President right now.

written by K.C. Bell, 25 November 2012

The War Against Susan Rice

Susan Rice is too abrasive to be Secretary of State? Who'd of thought James Baker and Henry Kissinger were two weak-kneed, empty suits, and created policy with the aid of Ouija boards and tea leaves?

written by K.C. Bell, 25 November 2012

The Revenge Of Seamus

The Revenge Of Seamus

Somewhere in dog heaven, the Seamus clan is having a celebration over the Barack Obama win.

written by K.C. Bell, 10 November 2012

Mitt Romney 'Oops' Moment

Right about now: Is Mitt Romney having a giant Texas size Rick Perry 'oops' moment about his pick of Paul Ryan for vice president?

written by K.C. Bell, 21 August 2012

Clint Eastwood Endorses Mitt Romney

The same actor who played a cowboy in Two Mules For Sister Sara, and mistook a hooker for a nun, endorses Mitt Romney for President! Your move Harry; Reid, not Dirty.

written by K.C. Bell, 04 August 2012
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