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Mary Tyler Moore misses year of death by 26 days

Actress Mary Tyler Moore died on January 26, exactly 26 days after the end of the worst year in history when it came to famous people dying. Said a friend, "That's Mary. Always doing her own thing."

written by Lyndon, 27 January 2017

6,815 Americans die on Black Friday

Some 6,815 Americans died on Black Friday, which is the average daily number of deaths in the U.S. The difference: 6,754 of these deaths were blamed on crazy-ass shoppers trying to score a bargain.

written by Lyndon, 28 November 2015

Depp thinks the tech in 'Transcendence' is 'close to being reality,' but he also smokes a lot of pot

Actor Johnny Depp, who in between films must've earned a degree in astro-physics, feels that the technology in the film Transcendence is close to being an everyday thing. Sort of like pot in Colorado.

written by Lyndon, 18 April 2014

Homosexual activists arrested, thereby ridding Sochi once again of all gays

Russian authorities arrested some 20 homosexual activists who had been protesting near the Olympic village. The arrests prompted spokesman Igor Tova to proclaim, "Sochi is once again sinner free."

written by Lyndon, 08 February 2014

72% of all tweets about Hoffman made by people who can't name one movie he made

Three of every four Americans who've tweeted sympathy at Philip Seymour Hoffman's sudden passing have no fucking clue who he actually was. "Just seemed to be the cool thing to do," said Mikey Waters.

written by Lyndon, 04 February 2014

Can't Belieb it--Bieber retiring

In yet another example of life imitating spoof, Justin Bieber announced his retirement. It's unclear, however, if he'll put an end to bringing pet monkeys to Germany or urinating in front of others.

written by Lyndon, 25 December 2013

Origami condom collapses, hurts

A new style of condom, the origami condom, hasn't flopped-it has collapsed. "I like to scream when I'm doing it," said Carlos Gomez of Harfold, Vermont. "But damn, not because I'm gettin' sliced up."

written by Lyndon, 28 September 2013

Royal baby named after first U.S. President

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, decided to honor the United States' first president by calling their baby boy George. His full name is George Washington District of Columbia Windsor.

written by Lyndon, 25 July 2013

Former Biebs monkey to get reality show

Mally, the capuchin monkey confiscated in Munich, will star in her own reality show called Hangin in Hodenhagen. Zoo officials signed off on the deal because they were promised to be shown on TV.

written by Lyndon, 06 July 2013

Lesula monkeys from the Congo suffer from blue balls

Male lesula monkeys, which have been discovered in the Congo, have bald, brilliant blue testicles and butt. Not only is it painful for them to run, but the natives also hunt them for bush meat.

written by Lyndon, 26 May 2013

Question of the week: Is Simon gay? Question of the Month: Who gives a right f**k?

The question of whether or not Simon Cowell is gay may not be answered any time soon as the question of whether anyone gives a right fuck is much easier to answer.

written by Lyndon, 12 April 2013

Cyprus to remain 3rd largest Mediterranean island despite E.U. bailout

Bank stocks dropped by 4% on news that Cyprus would remain the Mediterranean Sea's third-largest island despite a bailout. Cypriots, meanwhile, remain unmoved. Sicily and Sardinia issued no comment.

written by Lyndon, 26 March 2013

Bieber birthday blues--still too young to buy alcohol

Biebs, who turned 19, sat alone in a Knoxville club trying with various hats and glasses to buy alcohol. After having a laugh, club security escorted the Biebs via a kick to the arse into the street.

written by Lyndon, 02 March 2013

Who will win NBA Slam Dunk Contest? Better question: who gives a gall-dang?

Similar to the MLB's Home Run Derby during All-Star Game festivities, fans will sort of watch 7-foot-tall players with 3-foot-long arms place a ball in a 10-foot-high basket. Big fucking whoop.

written by Lyndon, 16 February 2013

Couple addicted to coffee enemas, spoof writers thank goodness that the addiction is uncommon

A Florida couple announced they're addicted to coffee enemas, to the point where they'll shoot their ass up four times a day. Spoof writers agree that they can't write headlines any funnier than that.

written by Lyndon, 10 February 2013

Large quasar group even larger than lunch lady Miss Ella

Astronomy students at Harfold State College say they've discovered a cluster of quasars larger than Ella, the school's 78-year-old lunch lady. One of the drunken assholes is considering telling her.

written by Lyndon, 12 January 2013

Depardieu gains Russian citizenship, but still no cure for ugly

Gerard Depardieu got Russian citizenship, the application processed by the all-fair Vladimir Putin. Depardieu will avoid a possible French tax hike, but there is still no cure for bloated and old.

written by Lyndon, 03 January 2013

Oceans rising at alarming rate--Santa will need a jet ski next year

With the polar ice cap melting at highest rate in history, Santa and his elves will have less livable area next year. Snowmobiles may need to give way to jet skis. "I'm such a misfit," said one elf.

written by Lyndon, 26 December 2012

Jon Cryer says "Two and a half Men" says network hires loonies

With Charlie Sheen and Angus Jones biting the hands that feed or fed them, Jon Cryer is pulling the hair out of his head. "CBS is messing with my meal money by hiring these nutters.

written by Lyndon, 29 November 2012

YouTube flooded with anti-Bronco vids

It took America, and maybe the world, only four hours to become so sick of the crying "Bronco Obama" girl that countless vids have been posted of people crying as a result of the video of the girl.

written by Lyndon, 03 November 2012

Elephant learns Korean words--one of them the F-bomb

A Korean zoo features a talented elephant who has developed the ability to speak. It's a bit of a pirate, though, as it repeatedly says, "Neoi saekki ttangkong-eul miwo" or "I hate fucking peanuts."

written by Lyndon, 02 November 2012

Maine still boring despite the prostitutes

Kennebunkport thought it was the only Maine town with some excitement since it's the summer home to George H.W. Bush. But it can't hold a candle to neighboring Kennebunk--they have prostitutes!

written by Lyndon, 14 October 2012

Chavez vows to honor any favorable election results

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez Frias promised to honor the results of this weekend's election, regardless of the results, provided that the results showed him to be the victor.

written by Lyndon, 07 October 2012

New Japanese/Taiwanese theme park to open: Senkaku Islands

A Japanese and Taiwanese capitalist is seizing the moment created by tensions between the two nations over island disputes. "Naval ships will fire water at each other while kids ride between them!"

written by Lyndon, 25 September 2012

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