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Rule Britania

Australian style immigration system.
Chinese nuclear control.
American style health service.

written by j.w., 27 August 2016

Hitler Again

After Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson talking of Hitler now we have Boy Scouts advocating My Camp.

written by j.w., 16 May 2016

Thief Lectures Court

Thief Malcolm Riffkid told a Court in Barnsley today that if he was paid more he wouldn't have to steal.

written by j.w., 23 February 2015

Henry VIII Upset by Isis

Henry VIII's spokesperson Hilary Mantel has described the monarch's horror at the beheadings and burning carried out by ISIS. 'They are invading my territory' he complained.

written by j.w., 04 February 2015

Hollywood's 100

Mickey Rooney & John Wayne combined to give England's captain his century.

written by j.w., 16 November 2014

Surrealist Band's Shocking Exposure

The drummer is using phallic cymbals.

written by j.w., 04 November 2014

Scottish Climax

Yes, YES, YES. Better Together.

written by j.w., 17 September 2014

South Africa Pissed Off

As Oscar gets away with murder the South African public is throughly pissed off with Pistorfrious.
A clearer case of murder has seldom been seen, but a sporting decision has been made.

written by j.w., 12 September 2014


My typo mistake ISIS has been corrected. I meant IS isn't the answer not IS is the answer.

written by j.w., 17 August 2014

West Ham - No Change

Ravel Morrison, West Ham's musical star and Christmas favourite Lewis Carroll are suffering from Deja Vu.

written by j.w., 04 August 2014

Israel Supports Commonwealth Games Slogan

'Put Children First' the cry from Unicef for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow is supported by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nastyknowhow.

written by j.w., 24 July 2014

Anyone for Tennis?

40,000 - love.

written by j.w., 23 July 2014

Putin Put In Pickle

Crane give Russian Leader a hefty peck on the cheek.

written by j.w., 19 July 2014

Gove Out!

Let's have a Whip round for him.

written by j.w., 16 July 2014

Flossy Resigns

Sister of Lord Haverstock decides to correct the Government's mistake.

written by j.w., 14 July 2014

Israel Wins the World Cup

By 145-0

written by j.w., 13 July 2014

Meacher The Critic

Most of those commenting on the dossier on alleged sexual misconduct in Parliament, including myself, have never seen it.

written by j.w., 13 July 2014

Cameron & Murdoch Working Together

Prison visiting to get advice on how to run the country and the media.

written by j.w., 05 July 2014

Cameron Loses

David Cameron's England team suffered a 26-2 defeat in the European Cup

written by j.w., 27 June 2014

New Game Goes Viral

A new game 'Spot the Criminal' has resulted in astonishing public participation. It consists of pictures of people leaving 10 Downing Street. There are so many hits the site has exploded.

written by j.w., 25 June 2014

Stodge Explains

England Manager Roy Stodge explained the World Cup was a training exercise for the next World Cup.

written by j.w., 22 June 2014

Blare Speaks

Former Prime Minister Tony Blare solves Middle East problems by killing everyone there.

written by j.w., 16 June 2014

Oxford's Isis Crew Excel in Iraq

Oxford's substitute boat race crew, the Sunny Isis outfit, have pulled off a great victory in Iraq beating the local Shit crew who were last seen running from the scene.

written by j.w., 13 June 2014

Tory Extremist Scandal

Freak school to be closed after discovery of Tory think tank in headmaster's closet.

written by j.w., 09 June 2014
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