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Greece saved from the abyss!

An army of 300 Spartans has saved Greece for going down the pot led by Ataturk who stopped them at the pearly gates of hell; Merkel gnashed her rather green teeth!

written by Jaggedone, 13 July 2015

Jawohl we have a Pigclimber!

Basti Schweinsteiger has joined United and piggies all over Europe a oinking becasue he is a legendary Pigclimber! If he can do it so can all piggies, Grunt, grunt!

written by Jaggedone, 12 July 2015

Cameron is a lying creep!

The Right Honorable David Cameron PM, proved today what the world already knew, politicians are a bunch of lying creeps and this idiot takes the biscuit while the poorest of the poor, get the crumbs!

written by Jaggedone, 09 July 2015

John Travolta in "Greece Frightening!"

John is not to be reunited with Olivia in the latest blockbuster movie, Greece Frightening, she told producers to stuff their Drachmas where the sun don't shine, John didn't mind, he's broke anyway!

written by Jaggedone, 06 July 2015

Balotelli for United!

I actually think Balotelli would be a great buy for United! Am I mad?

written by Jaggedone, 01 July 2015

Pythagoras evicted from his cave!

The ghost of Pythagoras has been evicted from his cave on Samos because he hasn't paid a drachma in tax. Angie Merkel thought it was sad and hopes Greece will also be evicted!

written by Jaggedone, 29 June 2015

Courtney Love flashes pussy at Parisian protestors!

Courtney Love Cobain (who?) escaped the Parisian taxi driver riots by opening her knickerless thighs in a taxi and flashed down a horny motorcyclist, he could not refuse and landed in Nirvana!

written by Jaggedone, 25 June 2015

Twitter goes MAD!

Twitter has been infiltrated by ex-spoofers spreading madness all over the planet. Owners of Twitter tried to stop the plague, but fell victims of spoof insanity before the straight jackets arrived!

written by Jaggedone, 23 June 2015

Greek tourists abandon Greek Islands!

Tourists flocking to the sun on Greek Islands have been seen boarding abandoned rowing boats in the hope of escaping those who abandoned them! People smugglers were happy to hold out their hands!

written by Jaggedone, 22 June 2015

Man United buy 5000 new players!

It has been confirmed that United are so determined to win the EPL again they have purchased 5000 new players according to the Daily Star, a serious tabloid!

written by Jaggedone, 22 June 2015

Spanish village kills Jews!

An innocent Spanish village called Fort Kill Jews has been forced to change its name because there are no Jews living there and rumours circulating the area swear the mayor is a reincarnated Hitler!

written by Jaggedone, 22 June 2015

Ode to Tony & George, part 2!

Read it, it aint bad!

written by Jaggedone, 21 June 2015

Pope promises to make world a better place; he's resigning!

Pope Francis, a beaming light in a world full of misery, wars, confilcts, etc, has promised to make the planet a better place and is resigning! Thank the heavens, surely this is God speaking to us!

written by Jaggedone, 18 June 2015

French police in Calais and truckers agree on one thing!

French poice and stuck truckers in Calais have shown solidarity! They agree Cameron is un grand cochon and illegals are tres stupid attempting to get to England to suck the welfare system dry! Oink!

written by Jaggedone, 17 June 2015

Has T Rex more brainpower than the Scriptwriters of Jurassic World?

Scientists are looking at the possibility that a reincarnated T-Rex has more brains than Hollywood scriptwriters, it seems that T Rex has more after they watched Jurassic World, it was brainless!

written by Jaggedone, 15 June 2015

Sheepdog drives tractor on motorway!

A sheepdog was seen driving a tractor down the M74 and it's owner was also seen barking at his herd, they ignored him of course, the farmer not the dog!

written by Jaggedone, 22 April 2015

Zebras break loose in Belgium!

I just crossed them with a Beatle and got a donkey!

written by Jaggedone, 18 April 2015

Surrey farmer turns his castle into luxury pig pens!

Farmer Fiddler thought he had "hey diddled" the council by building a castle without permission and was ordered to demolish it, but being a great Fiddler, his castle is now a luxury piggy B & B!

written by Jaggedone, 16 April 2015

Gay penguin book banned in US!

US library and school authorities have decided to ban a book about a gay penguin couple adopting a baby! Elton John has protested and begged Penguin books to reissue the book in San Quentin!

written by Jaggedone, 13 April 2015

Vatican refuse entry to French gay ambassador!

Pope Francis has forbidden a gay French ambassador from becoming the French rep to the Vatican. Pope Francis said, "we don't mind gay priests, but ambassadors, no, no messieur!" Is that hypocrisy?

written by Jaggedone, 10 April 2015

Trolls here!

Trolls have reemerged and are determined to drag The Spoof back into the depths of satirical hell, no f'ing way! Spoofers unite now! Je Suis Le Spoof, off with their heads!

written by Jaggedone, 07 April 2015

Plastic Goon Show arrives in Salford!

Last night the British public were mesmerised by a bunch of plastic Goons who will soon be running the country, the real Goons RIP, will be turning in their graves devastated at the thought!

written by Jaggedone, 03 April 2015

White Power morons march into Manchester!

In a city normally divided by red or blue a third party preaching White Power decided to let everybody know Jurassic morons are still alive! I would suggest sending them to Auschwitz!

written by Jaggedone, 28 March 2015

Fog hits British news readers on the Beeb!

It seems that Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson getting the boot from his rather childish programme is more important than the German Wings tragody. Well that's what the Beeb shows on the internet!

written by Jaggedone, 25 March 2015
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