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Lebanon Holds 'Syria Arms Ship'

A consignment of arms and ammo has been confiscated by the Lebanese navy. It's a little know fact that most Syrians have no arms. So they need these arms as they've no other way of holding their guns.

written by Simon Saunders, 29 April 2012

More Embarrassment For Home Secretary

According to a leaked Home Office memo, Teresa May.

I really wish she wouldn't.

written by Simon Saunders, 27 April 2012

Betfred declare title race over and payout to Manchester United backers.

Betfreds co-founder thought the race was over with 7 games left. He memorably paid out early in 1998 to United backers only for Arsenal to win the league.
His name, Fred Done. Looks like he has been.

written by Simon Saunders, 27 April 2012

Labour Claim Culture Secretary Should Quit

Jeremy Hunt's career looks like it may be finished after dodgy details emerged regarding his offices relationship with News Corp.

He's starting to look like a right cun...erm, sorry, I mean Hunt.

written by Simon Saunders, 26 April 2012

Rupert Murdoch Is A Top Bloke

According to 'The Times' newspaper, Murdoch emerged from the Leveson inquiry as someone with "broad experience, a ready wit and a becoming humility."

Who owns 'The Times'? A certain Mr. R.Murdoch.

written by Simon Saunders, 26 April 2012

Chelsea to face Bayern Munich in Champions League Final

This is the final our wonderful tabloid papers were hoping for. Now they can wheel out a load of tired old England/Germany war cliches.

The Battle of Bavaria.

They can have that one for free.

written by Simon Saunders, 25 April 2012

Fourth case of "Mad Cow" disease discovered in California

The US Department of Agriculture has confirmed the diagnosis but has strenuously denied rumours that Californian Representative Nancy Pelosi is infected with the disease.

Poor old Nancy.

written by Simon Saunders, 25 April 2012

Chinese Man Fails In World Record Attempt

She Ping, a 32 year old beekeeper, attempted to beat the world record for covering his body in bees but has failed.

Perhaps, given his name, he'd be better off trying his hand as a shepherd.

written by Simon Saunders, 21 April 2012

Street Theft Increases By 10%

You'd have to be a good thief to go unnoticed while nicking a whole street.

The government have advised people to mark their streets with indelible ink to make them easily indentifiable if stolen.

written by Simon Saunders, 20 April 2012

Neil Lennon reveals favourite movie quote

The carrot-topped, whinging Celtic manager, yesterday announced his favourite movie quote comes from 'Carry on Cleo'.

"Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"

written by Simon Saunders, 16 April 2012

Liverpool don't sack Dalglish

Despite taking full responsibility for the players he's signed, Kenny Dalglish has not been sacked. Instead, Damien Comolli, who negotiated the deals for Dalglish, has been fired.
Scapegoat anyone?

written by Simon Saunders, 13 April 2012

George W. Bush receives new brain

The op took place yesterday with Bush receiving a chimps brain. His neurosurgeon, Dr Graham Matter, was asked if there would be any noticeable change in his behaviour. "I doubt it." Replied Dr Matter.

written by Simon Saunders, 10 April 2012

Dalglish wants referees to say sorry

Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish reckons refs should explain controversial decisions and apologise when they get things wrong.
I wonder if he'll apologise to Liverpool fans for his awful signings.

written by Simon Saunders, 10 April 2012

Chancellor Shocked By The Rich

George Osbourne claims to be shocked that some of the super rich pay as little as 10% tax on their earnings.

You'd of thought one of his super rich friends would've told him about it.

written by Simon Saunders, 10 April 2012

Top Gynaecologist Switches To Proctology

Harley Street's top gynaecologist, Dr A.Nuss, is to retrain as a proctologist. He claims he is sick of fannying around and would rather spend his time arsing about.

written by Simon Saunders, 31 March 2012

Dick Cheney Has Heart Transplant

The former VP has finally got a new heart made from cheese. Many believe that a heart made from cheese will be virtually useless. Cheney's doctors claim it can't be any worse than his old one.

written by Simon Saunders, 31 March 2012

Queen Set To Manage Chelsea

The Queen wants the Chelsea job. The current manager of the Royal family feels she's taken them as far as she can and it's time for a new challenge.

written by Simon Saunders, 06 March 2012
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