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Obama Wraps Up State of the Union Speech on Skype

President Obama wrapped up his State of the Union speech by Skyping with porn-star, Buster Hymen.

written by Moose, 24 January 2015

Barack Obama moves to enact fart tax to cut US methane emissions by half

President Barack Obama will unveil a plan to tax flatulent-producing foods in order to cut methane emissions from Americans during his remaining two years in the White House.

written by Moose, 14 January 2015

Obama Calls Kim Jung-un a 'Bug-Eating, Dog-Munching, Ping-Pang Gook'

Hours after North Korea's Supreme Leader, Kim Jung-un called President Obama a "monkey", Mr. Obama responded, saying that Kim Jung-un was "a bug-eating, dog-munching, ping-pang gook".

written by Moose, 29 December 2014

Reba Mcentire Outraged After Obama Names Loretta Lynch to US Attorney General

Country superstar singer, Reba Mcentire, told The Spoof today that she was outraged that President Obama named Loretta Lynn to the top law enforcement position in America.

written by Moose, 08 November 2014

Obama chooses Catwoman to replace Holder as attorney general

President Obama will nominate Catwoman to succeed Eric Holder as attorney general, Whitehouse press secretary Joker, said Friday.

written by Moose, 08 November 2014

Republicans Declare Economic Crisis "Over"

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, declared the US economic crisis "over" today.

written by Moose, 07 November 2014

President Obama comes out: 'I'm proud to be a Tranny'

President Barack Obama announced today that he is transgender, confirming what many Republicans have suspected for years.

written by Moose, 05 November 2014

Obama to deploy 3,000 doctors to combat ISIL

The United States announced on Tuesday it will send 3,000 doctors to help combat the Islamic terrorist group, ISIL, as part of a ramped-up plan, including a major deployment in Syria.

written by Moose, 16 September 2014

President Obama Announces Strategy To Combat ISIL

President Barack Obama announced his specific plans today to combat the Islamic State militant group. He reiterated that the United States would never comment on strategy, tactics or timetables.

written by Moose, 11 September 2014

Toddler caught trying to break into White House

A toddler squeezed his way through the fence of the White House late Thursday night. The boy was just waterboarded, changed, fed and returned to his parents.

written by Moose, 08 August 2014

Massive cleanup after tropical storm Arthur misses New York

New York City residents mopped up Saturday after tropical storm Arthur missed New York, and doused cable news networks' celebrations.

written by Moose, 06 July 2014

President Obama Admits to Getting Payday Loans

A few days after Joe Biden one-upped 'dead broke' Hillary Clinton, Obama trumped them both by admitting that he visits a payday loan center at least twice a month.

written by Moose, 24 June 2014

UN: "USA refugee figure passes 150 million for first time"

UN spokesperson, Lotta Boolsheet, issued a report today stating that the number of US citizens forced to leave their homes has exceeded 150 million for the first time since Jimmy Carter was president.

written by Moose, 21 June 2014

Israel PM announces alliance with Al Qaida and Hezbollah

Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced today that Israel will enter an alliance with Hezbollah and Al Qaida to fight the United States and Iran.

written by Moose, 17 June 2014

Michael Sam traded to Packers

In an incredibly ironic twist, openly gay football player, Michael Sam, was traded by the St. Louis Rams to the Greenbay Packers.

written by Moose, 23 May 2014

Donald Sterling condemns North Korea's Obama 'monkey' insult

LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling has condemned descriptions in North Korean state media of President Obama as a "crossbreed" and a "wicked black monkey".

written by Moose, 09 May 2014

Boston police destroy two poodles

Boston Metropolitan Police have blown up two unattended poodles found near the Boston Marathon's finish line.

written by Moose, 16 April 2014

Supreme Court recognizes Gays as 'third gender'

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court on Tuesday created the "third gender" status for gays. Earlier, they were forced to write male or female as their gender.

written by Moose, 15 April 2014

White House Bans "Doing It" in the Lincoln Bedroom

President Barack Obama has issued a statement, condemning the practice and has banned anyone from "doing it" in the Lincoln bedroom.

written by Moose, 07 April 2014

Panic spreads as magnitude-1.9 quake hits Manhattan

New York City's Mayor, Bill de Blasio, says that the stress toll has risen to more than 239,093 from a powerful magnitude-1.9 earthquake that struck off Manhattan earlier today.

written by Moose, 02 April 2014

Senate Democrats Put Themselves on Endangered Species List

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced a bill in the US Senate this morning, assigning Democrats to the Endangered Species List.

written by Moose, 13 March 2014

Nevada to Lower Drinking Age to 12

Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval, announced today that Nevada will lower the legal drinking age in Nevada from 21 to 12.

written by Moose, 11 March 2014

PBS bans 'upskirt' photos, closes Peeping Puppet loophole

PBS has finally banned puppets from secretly taking pictures or video under another person's clothing.

written by Moose, 08 March 2014

Pope Drops C-Bomb

Pope Francis droped the C-Bomb, when questioned by female reporter about F-Bomb

written by Moose, 08 March 2014
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