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The writing is on the wall

Cave art dating back 40,000 million years discovered......'Dave is a wanker!'

written by Herrdoktorfox, 08 October 2014

One Night in Bagdad.

Andrew Lloyd Webbers new musical 'Bagdad Exodus' opening soon.."A blast"..Guardian...."I was blown away"...D Mirror..."Left me shell shocked"...D Mail..."Heavenly"...The Sun..."My 48DD hell"...D Sport

written by Herrdoktorfox, 02 October 2014

Strictly BOGOF

New Tesco CEO Dave 'alright Rodney' Lewis announces new Tesco in-store Panto 'Feet On The Floor' wherein 4,000 useless HQ & Corporate staff will work on shop floors to boost morale....every Lidl helps

written by Herrdoktorfox, 01 October 2014

A voice in the wilderness.

Oh dear, are they about to get their hooks into the 'Peter Pan' of pop I wonder?

written by Herrdoktorfox, 29 September 2014

Mein Gott

German supermarket chain Aldi report massive ongoing profits.....multiple gunshots heard at Tesco HQ.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 29 September 2014

Brother wherefore art thou ?

George Clooney ties the knot in Venice......leaves suicide note.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 28 September 2014

Every rip-off helps.

Tesco Suspends Bosses Over £250m Profit Error.......after years of fiddling the public with inflated prices they are now fiddling themselves!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 22 September 2014

'ello 'ello, anyone there?

Phones4U have finally hung up.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 15 September 2014

"Make my day punk!"

Dirty Harry strikes again, Kate up the duff with Damien 2.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 08 September 2014

"'Ello, 'Ello I'm Johnny Cash"

Dyslexic Home Office Minister sends copy of Ring of Fire to Calais by mistake.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 07 September 2014

Joan Rivers is dead...

....again! Her agent is negotiating a cameo role in The Walking Dead.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 04 September 2014

Chain, Chain, Chains!

Operation Yewtree officers investigating discovery of three old ladies found locked in the lavatory in Yeovil circa 1937!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 25 August 2014

25 Things you probably didn't know about Dickie Attenborough

1."He is no more", "has ceased to be", "bereft of life, he rests in peace"..............more, much later.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 25 August 2014

"Don't call me Dick!"

According to reaserchers pressures made Richard III 'Hit The Booze',"to right, he also enjoyed the odd 'spliff', deep fried Mars Bars and Breaking Bad! Mind you, he was total shit a parallel parking!"

written by Herrdoktorfox, 17 August 2014

Palm Court?

A national sperm bank is to be set up to meet increasing demand and a UK-wide shortage......Wankers-R-Us.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 04 August 2014

Feltz strange

Four more perverts discovered in Venessa's pants........."no wonder I have felt so uncomfortable all these years!"

written by Herrdoktorfox, 07 July 2014

Man up punk!

Bill & Ben arrested by Operation Yewtree following bullying complaints from 'Little Weed'

written by Herrdoktorfox, 05 July 2014

......."balls to you to fella!"

"Come on Andy Murray, bite the bastard!"

written by Herrdoktorfox, 27 June 2014

...Jim will crucifix it!

Jimmy Savile exposed as clandestine Catholic Priest!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 27 June 2014

.........."you want chips with that Senor?"

Hollywood moguls wooing Suarez to star in The Hunger Games:4

written by Herrdoktorfox, 25 June 2014

Ease up on the KY

Jogger found dead after 'sliding' off Cliff, "I had assumed he was over 16 croaked and elderly Mr Richard.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 23 June 2014

Every little firearm helps!

ISIS may have recruited 1,500 Britains'....good hours, casual easy-clean uniforms, free meals, long holidays in the sun and the chicks are Tesco!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 23 June 2014

Makin' da offer capisce.

Pope denounces 'evil' crime syndicate......disbands Catholic church!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 22 June 2014

Balls to this!

Hodgson to keep job as England manager until Bruce Forsyth becomes available, lets face it his footwork is legendary.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 21 June 2014
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