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Spread a little happiness-Oooh-la-la!

Demand For Real Butter Is Spreading.....After Hollywood executives order re-make of Last Tango In Paris!!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 03 February 2014

School Daze

Education Minister and registered Imbecile Michael 'Gofer' Gove announces 10-hour school day.....'more time to sleep' added a spokesschoolchild before collapsing over his desk in a stupour!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 03 February 2014

What a whopper!!

Police Officer Seizes 15-Inch Knife From Stairwell.....a Met spokesman said they are on the lookout for a tall gentleman with an Australian accent!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 02 February 2014

Vive la France!

Hundreds Arrested During Hollande Protests.......obviously Valerie Trierweiler has a bigger fan club than poor old Franc realised!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 27 January 2014

MooMoo BooBoo

Fat Cows Must Go On Diet, Farmers Warned.....there are plenty of the non-Bovine variety that could also use a diet!!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 24 January 2014

Wyatt Earp Junior?

Police Officer Shoots himself In The Leg while 'holstering' his pistol ...first responder, Ambulance and air Ambulance called out.....only thing missing was the Luton Girls Choir!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 24 January 2014

Sometimes they come in two's

Mike Tindall Reveals Name Of Zara Phillips' Baby....."oh god, I'm so excited...permission to exhale please!"

written by Herrdoktorfox, 23 January 2014


Intrepid explorer Anton Dec gets emotional at National Television Awards....I know the feeling cobber, I know the feeling...enough to make anyone break down and cry!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 23 January 2014

£6,000 Of Viagra Stolen From UK Military Stocks!

It's a hard life in the modern Army!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 21 January 2014

One out, all out!

Home Office staff who block failed Asylum seekers to be rewarded with gift vouchers and holiday days...'offer of the week guys'... boot out 10 Roma and win two weeks all inclusive in the Maldives!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 15 January 2014

.....Working on the chain gang!

"12 Years A Slave", the everyday story of a man who chose to make a career out of working at Tesco!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 13 January 2014


Migrant backlog will take 24 years to clear.....not if you use real bullets it won't cobber!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 12 January 2014

..........."ladies and gentlemen...please welcome...."

The Mandela Farewell Tour kicks off to worldwide anticipation....good tickets still available from Stubhub.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 12 January 2014

"I want my Mummy!"

Mothercare stores report record losses over Christmas trading season....cue Frankie Valli..."Bye bye baby, baby bye bye

written by Herrdoktorfox, 08 January 2014

Piste off!

German PM Angela Merkel injured in skiing accident.
MEMO to self, must buy David Cameron some ski's.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 06 January 2014

...carry on rogering!

Prince Wills orf to Cambridge University in the New Year for 10 weeks course, Kate said to be deliriously happy at the thought of being 'comforted' by Prince Haribo during the long cold nights ahead!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 30 December 2013

......Nibble on this.

Rentokil on full alert for anticipated invasion of Eastern European vermin

written by Herrdoktorfox, 28 December 2013
Rating: please!

Ronnie shunts off into the sunset ...choo choo!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 18 December 2013

......gone in sixty seconds:The Prequel?

ArchBishop Desmond Tutu burgled while attending Mandela Farewell Tour gig...a spokesman said "It's all to-to much".

written by Herrdoktorfox, 11 December 2013

..."head 'em up, move 'em out!"

George 'Abacus' Osborne calls for return to 'Pioneer Spirit'...."rollin' rollin' rollin' though the streams are swollin' keep them poms a'graftin' Rawhide!"

written by Herrdoktorfox, 06 December 2013

...............Holy Popes Batman!

Pope Francis reveals he once worked as a nightclub bouncer in his native Argentina....."nobody messes wid big Frankie!"

written by Herrdoktorfox, 04 December 2013

............Up the Pole

Prince William reportedly jealous of Prince Haribo's Polar Trek. No worries Willie, why not spend a weekend at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland instead?

written by Herrdoktorfox, 28 November 2013

Midwife Crisis

New Mums 'left clueless amid Midwife Crisis.....from observation in any McDonalds most new 'Mums' are bloody clueless anyway....BABIES do not want chicken nuggets for breakfast!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 10 November 2013

......."I want my Mummy!"

Woman tries to sell baby in Airport toilet....or, as it is known in the trade: a bog standard deal!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 09 November 2013
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