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Driverless Car Trials Begin Across Britain what's new, this has been in operation for years on the M25!!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 11 February 2015

Over 300 Migrants Missing In Mediterranean.

............those Thomson late deals can be a real bitch!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 11 February 2015

Tories Count On Times Tables Learning Plan

"It is imperative that George learns his 5 x tables before the election" says Do-nothing-Dave.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 02 February 2015

Boy, 3, Shoots Both Parents With Single Bullet

US Army signs him up as a sniper.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 02 February 2015

15,000 Trapped on the French Alps!

...puts a whole new meaning to being on the piste!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 29 December 2014

Dave no longer the favourite boys name!

"You can call me........Mo"

written by Herrdoktorfox, 01 December 2014

First Aid

Geldof's Band Aid 30 'millionaires' obviously don't know that donations from each of them might improve the problem at hand!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 16 November 2014

Tune in, tune out.

Son kills 25stone Dad then uses the body as TV stand....Doubtless had trouble finding a stand to accomodate his 50 inch Plasma....tip of the day or what?

written by Herrdoktorfox, 14 November 2014

"Over the top!"

Tesco blows entire years profits on clapped-out B Bumble & the Stingers classic Nut Rocker themed light show.
"Whaddya think of it so far?"

written by Herrdoktorfox, 14 November 2014

"Stevanage we have a problem!"

UK to build new probe after the success of Philae...tentatively called Phallic it will carry huge headlights in readiniss for when it lands on Kim Kardashians arse and begins probing!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 14 November 2014

"Hey bud, you want ketchup wid dat?"

Aptly named rapper Big Paybacc shot dead in LA McDonalds...obviously he did not order a Happy Meal then?

written by Herrdoktorfox, 09 November 2014

Oscar walks......

...well, almost!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 21 October 2014

Leaders react to plan for Election debate.

Little Ed Milipeed has shite himself..again.
Clegghorn-Foghorn has booked three weeks in the Sychelles.
Do-nothing-Dave has placed an order with Pampers.
Nasty Nigel ordered 24 crates of real ale!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 13 October 2014

The writing is on the wall

Cave art dating back 40,000 million years discovered......'Dave is a wanker!'

written by Herrdoktorfox, 08 October 2014

One Night in Bagdad.

Andrew Lloyd Webbers new musical 'Bagdad Exodus' opening soon.."A blast"..Guardian...."I was blown away"...D Mirror..."Left me shell shocked"...D Mail..."Heavenly"...The Sun..."My 48DD hell"...D Sport

written by Herrdoktorfox, 02 October 2014

Strictly BOGOF

New Tesco CEO Dave 'alright Rodney' Lewis announces new Tesco in-store Panto 'Feet On The Floor' wherein 4,000 useless HQ & Corporate staff will work on shop floors to boost morale....every Lidl helps

written by Herrdoktorfox, 01 October 2014

A voice in the wilderness.

Oh dear, are they about to get their hooks into the 'Peter Pan' of pop I wonder?

written by Herrdoktorfox, 29 September 2014

Mein Gott

German supermarket chain Aldi report massive ongoing profits.....multiple gunshots heard at Tesco HQ.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 29 September 2014

Brother wherefore art thou ?

George Clooney ties the knot in Venice......leaves suicide note.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 28 September 2014

Every rip-off helps.

Tesco Suspends Bosses Over £250m Profit Error.......after years of fiddling the public with inflated prices they are now fiddling themselves!

written by Herrdoktorfox, 22 September 2014

'ello 'ello, anyone there?

Phones4U have finally hung up.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 15 September 2014

"Make my day punk!"

Dirty Harry strikes again, Kate up the duff with Damien 2.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 08 September 2014

"'Ello, 'Ello I'm Johnny Cash"

Dyslexic Home Office Minister sends copy of Ring of Fire to Calais by mistake.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 07 September 2014

Joan Rivers is dead...

....again! Her agent is negotiating a cameo role in The Walking Dead.

written by Herrdoktorfox, 04 September 2014
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