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So what do President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron have in common (apart from jelly backs)

Calumny and detraction.

written by whatinthe world, 11 April 2014

Anarchy Rules Okay

US President Barack Obama has just signed legislation abolishing all forms of law enforcement in continental America. Experts predict the resultant anarchy to begin probably about NOW. Flee!!!

written by whatinthe world, 10 April 2014

Presley alive

Previously thought dead, legendary rocker,Elvis Presley, has been sighted working in a wheat silo north of Augusta, GA. When approached, he downed tools and sprinted for the nearest hamburger joint.

written by whatinthe world, 08 April 2014

Tora tora tora

A band of Japanese wrestlers have overtaken a small farming village in Iceland in protest at the lack of any supplies of saki. One of the wrestlers bit the ear of a local hotelier to make an example.

written by whatinthe world, 08 April 2014

Deve has to go

Famous late night talk show host, Deve Latterbloke, has announced he's quitting and will run for the American Vice Presidency in 2016. "Regrets, I've had a few but nothing compares to you" he said.

written by whatinthe world, 04 April 2014

The Continuing Story of Barack Obama (or Why I Never Got to Drive My Pappy's Car Because He Hated My Trousers)

President Barack Obama would rather be a movie star.

written by whatinthe world, 03 April 2014


A quantity surveyor from Watford has confessed to eating 57 chicken drumsticks a day since 1973. His wife claims to be ignorant of this revelation however she is legally blind and unable verify this

written by whatinthe world, 02 April 2014

Lost and found

Antarctic adventurer, Silas Fogbottom, has been found after authorities searched the icy zone on Saturday. Yes, you guessed it, he was found in junk food restaurant in New Jersey. Some adventure, huh?

written by whatinthe world, 01 April 2014

Time traveller

A self employed man from Huddersfield claims to have developed special powers that enable him to travel in time. "I've just come back from the 16th century" he bragged to a friend. Call a doctor now!!

written by whatinthe world, 01 April 2014

Duke could soon be a duchess

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh has refused to comment on rumours that he is currently undergoing hormone treatment on the way to becoming a woman. The 90 year old Prince is tired of being a consort to Liz.

written by whatinthe world, 26 March 2014

kangaroo piles

Members of an Australian cult worshipping kangaroo droppings, have been arrested for congregating on an outback highway where a small dump was located by believers.Shouldn't they go back to tealeaves?

written by whatinthe world, 20 March 2014

Obama's little joke

Missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has just landed on the front lawn of the White House in Washington DC. President Obama greeted the passengers saying "now we can let all the world in on joke."

written by whatinthe world, 17 March 2014

MH370 has been found

Missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has been located and found to have landed successfully on the island of Madagascar where the passengers embarked and were included in a new musical production.

written by whatinthe world, 14 March 2014

Willy make it

"I've lost my willy, somebody help!" cried the General Secretary of the United Nations as he emerged from his hotel room. Police found his willy eventually and he returned to restful sleep. Good God!

written by whatinthe world, 12 March 2014

Airliner found

The missing Malaysian Airlines flight bound for Beijing has been located on a private runway in Palm Springs USA. Apparently the trip was classed as a "mystery flight" and the passengers had no idea.

written by whatinthe world, 12 March 2014

Lucky man honoured

Gregor von Trondheim, a german dustman, has been awarded his country's highest decoration (for dustmen). He has been given the medal for best dress in a demanding role. "I'm flattered" he admitted.

written by whatinthe world, 10 March 2014

From the ditch to the balcony

A used car salesman from Greenwich has been chosen as the next GB Ambassador to France. "Who? Me? What did I do?" the astonished individual, named Dave, replied when told the news. Good luck fella!

written by whatinthe world, 05 March 2014

What next?

A Reading man has been accidentally incorporated as an exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London. The person was placed in a large glass frame and labelled a "3000 million year old dinosaur".

written by whatinthe world, 05 March 2014

New rabbit found

A new species of rabbit has been discovered. Apparently bearing features similar to a homo sapien such as bare skin and digits on each foot and hand, the animal can also speak fluent German. Goodness!

written by whatinthe world, 02 March 2014

Yes Minister

"I said I don't want circles!" cried an angry Minister for the Interior after a contracted home decorator stuck wallpaper bearing circular shapes on his Hampstead Heath home. The minister fired him.

written by whatinthe world, 28 February 2014

Loser leader

A carpenter from Alabama claims to be the "next President of the United States". The 38 year old man says that he will dramatically effect change in his country. No one believes him. So long guy!

written by whatinthe world, 27 February 2014

Phil the warrior

Ten British soldiers have been busted trying to break into Buckingham Palace. They were greeted by the fearsome sight of Prince Philip, dressed in black, waving a samurai sword and were forced to run.

written by whatinthe world, 25 February 2014

Comedy as a form of control

Drivers using the M1 motorway north of London have been advised that a comedian has taken possession of the south bound lane and is insisting drivers laugh at his jokes before letting them proceed.

written by whatinthe world, 21 February 2014

Arrested poets society

Ten poets have been arrested in Ireland for writing awful poems about potatos. One of them submitted his poem for judging in the Nobel Prize. Its expected they will probably get twenty five years.

written by whatinthe world, 16 February 2014

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