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David Cameron will allow people to build what they want in their back gardens without planning permission. Three words. Anti-Aircraft-Gun!

written by Backandtotheleft, 12 September 2012

Bubonic Burgers

A US girl who has caught the bubonic plague got it off a dead squirrel. Dam Americans they'll eat anything.

written by Backandtotheleft, 06 September 2012

Cancer Cure

A mystery trigger in modern living has caused a surge in cancer cases. Yeah it's called "not blaming illness of demons"

written by Backandtotheleft, 24 August 2012

Clegg Cops Out

Nick Clegg might be ousted by the Lib Dems! To be fair he's a bloke who would struggle to get an invite to his own birthday party.

written by Backandtotheleft, 24 August 2012

The Navy Lark

Commander Sarah West becomes the first woman to command a Royal Navy ship. Let's hope she doesn't have to park it.

written by Backandtotheleft, 25 May 2012

Ban Ki-Moon Is Upset

Ban Ki-Moon has slammed the violence in Syria as "totally unacceptable and intolerable". But as usual is doing nothing as the UN secretly hope the Brits and Yanks will go and do their job for them.

written by Backandtotheleft, 09 May 2012

Alexandra Burkes Berk

Alexandra Burke is dealing with revelations that Jermaine Defoe cheated on her. She said "It's a private time at the moment…When I make my decision I'll plaster it all over a newspaper don't worry"

written by Backandtotheleft, 30 April 2012

European Court Of Human Wrongs!

Due to rain over the bank holiday the ECOHR has decreed that £10,000 in compensation must be paid to any foreign national that came over during the weekend.

written by Backandtotheleft, 13 April 2012

Back To School

According to Katy Perry Jessie J is "schooling everyone". I bet she felt like a London teacher when that bloke got stabbed at her gig.

written by Backandtotheleft, 13 April 2012

Fat or Fiction

A study shows thousands of children are at risk of becoming obese because of their genes.

A separate study claims it is in fact cakes.

written by Backandtotheleft, 11 April 2012


The average Brit spends 5 months of their lives in their shed…hiding from the TV license inspector.

written by Backandtotheleft, 10 April 2012

Out With The Old

The oldest new dad in the UK (74) has died before his daughter turned 1. It's for the best really the last thing the mother wanted to be doing is toilet training two people at the same time.

written by Backandtotheleft, 01 April 2012


David Cameron has again said that a new airport is going to be built on the Thames estuary. There go the Tories again thinking they can walk on fucking water.

written by Backandtotheleft, 25 March 2012

Drinking Saves Lives

Drinking wine can starve off the affects of MS experts say. That or you're too pissed to know you've got it.

written by Backandtotheleft, 22 March 2012

Days Of Our Dealers

A 84year old coke dealer avoided jail because of his age, ill health and the fact he was going to supply the drug to friends. That must be one hell of a retirement home.

written by Backandtotheleft, 05 March 2012

Daddy I Never Knew Thee

Council housing chiefs are being branded sex snoopers after saying that every overnight visitor to a block of council flats must be signed in. At least everyone will know who there dad is now.

written by Backandtotheleft, 11 December 2011

Do We Remember You?

Two women were arrested for neglect at a dementia care home in Sussex. They were released 3 hours later as the witnesses were unwilling to press charges against a couple of strangers they'd never met.

written by Backandtotheleft, 09 December 2011
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