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ISIS Orders Mass Defecation on Quran

ISIS commander, Haid D'Salaami, ordered his soldiers to execute a mass-defecation on the holy Quran to prove their manliness.

written by Moose, 02 April 2015

Red meat linked to erectile dysfunction, says Poultry Council study

The Poultry Litigation & Underwriting Council (PLUC) released the results of a 17-year study Monday, linking erectile dysfunction to the consumption of red meat.

written by Moose, 01 April 2015

President Obama Issues Executive Order Prohibiting Future Presidents from Issuing Executive Orders

President Obama's Press Secretary, April Phulz, announced today that the President has signed a Presidential Executive Order prohibiting future Presidents from issuing Presidential Executive Orders.

written by Moose, 01 April 2015

California Gay Advocacy Group Proposes Ballot Initiative to Allow Killing of Straights

In response to a measure to allow killing of gays in CA, Nigel Reynolds, attorney for the GAG has filed a petition with the California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, to allow killing of straights.

written by Moose, 26 March 2015

US Surgeon General Recomends Federal Copulation Center

Surgeon General Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy, released a study today recommending that President Obama issue an executive order to establish a Federal United Copulation Center (FUCC).

written by Moose, 20 March 2015

Scientists Blame Solar Eclipses on Global Climate Change

USGS Chief Scientist, Jack MeHoff, released a study today that concludes that the increasing number of solar eclipses is due to Global Climate Change, caused by human activity.

written by Moose, 20 March 2015

Telsa Motors Unveils Coal-Powered SUV

Telsa Motors' CEO, Ellen Mush, announced their next "green" vehicle - The Telsa Model C. The model C is the first coal-powered vehicle since the 1884 Trepardeux.

written by Moose, 20 March 2015

President Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating That All African-Americans Must Vote

In a stunning moment, President Obama signed an executive order that mandates all African-Americans to vote. Obama signed the order in a meeting in Detroit on Thursday.

written by Moose, 20 March 2015

John Boehner Files Petition for Change of Name

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, John Boehner, filed a petition with the Municipal Court of West Chester Township, Ohio today to legally change his name.

written by Moose, 18 March 2015

Justice Department Preparing Lawsuit Against Polar Bears International

The Justice Department is preparing to bring a lawsuit against Polar Bears International over a pattern of racially discriminatory tactics.

written by Moose, 17 March 2015

Chris Christie Foundation Recommends Closing the income gap for fat people

Spokesman for The Chris Christie Foundation, Betha Buhderbahl, announced that the foundation will take on a weighty issue when it comes to the income gap between healthy people and the obese.

written by Moose, 13 March 2015

Ayatollah Obama Slams Republican Senators' Letter

The United States Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Barack Obama, criticized a letter sent by 47 U.S. Republican Senators to Tehran about the ongoing negotiations on Iran's nuclear program.

written by Moose, 12 March 2015

Harriet Tubman to Replace George Washington on US Dollar Bill

President Barack Obama issued an executive order today, directing US Secretary of the Treasury. Jack Lew, to replace George Washington with Harriet Tubman on the dollar bill.

written by Moose, 11 March 2015

EPA to Crack Down on Second Hand Perfume

Little old ladies may find fewer places to spread their aroma after EPA officials took actions to protect people from second-hand perfume.

written by Moose, 09 March 2015

12 out of 10 Americans Don't Believe in Statistics

According to a recent poll completed by The Atlanta Constipation, 12 out of 10 Americans don't believe in statistics.

written by Moose, 08 March 2015

Hillary Clinton Used Personal Coffee Cup While Working as Secretary of State

It appears that Hillary Clinton violated protocol by employing a personal coffee cup while she was Secretary of State. This is an offense and may be against the law.

written by Moose, 03 March 2015

President Obama directs Defense Secretary to make US Military all transgender force

The Obama administration has sent signals in recent days that it is moving toward a decision to mandate an all-transgender military.

written by Moose, 25 February 2015

Does Governor Scott Walker know if President Obama is a Transgender Serial Rapist?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker may find himself in the middle of a political maelstrom after failing to say that he doesn't know if President Obama is a transgender serial rapist.

written by Moose, 22 February 2015

First Lady says she has had 'too many bushes'

First Lady Michele Obama responded via Twitter to Former First Lady Barbara Bush's recent Skype address, stating that "she hasn't had 'too many Bushes'", by saying she has had way too many bushes.

written by Moose, 16 February 2015

Obama: Gay Marriage Should Be Mandatory

Citizens in all 50 states should be forced by the Supreme Court to be gay-married, President Barack Obama told The Spoof.

written by Moose, 12 February 2015

President Obama Issues Executive Order Directing All US Drivers to Switch to the Left

US President Barack Obama issued an executive order today, directing all US drivers to switch to the left side.

written by Moose, 31 January 2015

Massive Snow Storm Misses New York City - City Shuts Down

A MONSTER storm packing blizzard conditions spun by the elite East Coast media failed to live up to the hype, but New York City shut down anyway.

written by Moose, 27 January 2015

Obama Wraps Up State of the Union Speech on Skype

President Obama wrapped up his State of the Union speech by Skyping with porn-star, Buster Hymen.

written by Moose, 24 January 2015

Barack Obama moves to enact fart tax to cut US methane emissions by half

President Barack Obama will unveil a plan to tax flatulent-producing foods in order to cut methane emissions from Americans during his remaining two years in the White House.

written by Moose, 14 January 2015
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