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Hammer Blow

Manager at West Ham is now likely to be Moyes or Rednapp as Allardyce finds blowing 0-0 bubbles in East London is winning him few friends.

written by j.w., 20 May 2014

Ravel's Opera Discovered

An opera by Ravel called 'The Nightmare' has been found about Sam Allardyce being sacked by West Ham to become manager of Queen's Park Rangers just after Ravel has signed a contract to play for QPR.

written by j.w., 10 May 2014

Parliamentary Question

When will you ever answer Mr Cameron?

written by j.w., 01 May 2014

Blair's Dossier 2

Tony Blair has unveiled Dossier 2 on the Middle East, a sequel to his famous Iraq one. Instead of Weapons of Mass Destruction Blair has discovered an Islamic Plot to Rule The World.

written by j.w., 25 April 2014

Easter Egg Disappointment for Spoof

Bad Yolk.

written by j.w., 20 April 2014

Opinion Pool

Dive in a get the opinion you want.

written by j.w., 15 April 2014


Pickles didn't go the right school but he has eaten written all over him.

written by j.w., 15 April 2014


Oscar Pisstake is to win an Oscar for his brilliant acting.

written by j.w., 09 April 2014

Miller Moved

Cabinet Minister Maria Miller is moving from Culture Secretary to the Front Line in an army incursion into Syria.

written by j.w., 06 April 2014

Ping Found

Chinese vessels who hear a Ping in the Indian Ocean are using sniffer dogs to find a Pong.

written by j.w., 06 April 2014

Miller Up the Polel

Culture Secretary Maria Miller has topped the Poll in the Daily Miller as the Tories favourite MP.

written by j.w., 06 April 2014

Sell Off Mix Up

Government accused of selling the Royal Mail too cheaply when they thought they were selling the Daily Mail

written by j.w., 01 April 2014


This Government is so green even the crap is green!

written by j.w., 01 April 2014

Missing Aircraft Blackout

No more news will be broadcast about the missing Malaysian aircraft due to millions of people turning off their television sets after non-stop coverage for days on end.

written by j.w., 21 March 2014

Aircraft mystery

The mystery of how to say 'I haven't a clue where it is' every day without repeating yourself.

written by j.w., 17 March 2014

Osborne Looks After Little Balls

Just like having a fag at Eton again.

written by j.w., 17 March 2014

I'm thinking of dying

So I will get the praise of all those who have hated me throughout my life!

written by j.w., 15 March 2014

Flower Pot Man Dies

Benn, the flower pot man, has died. He had not been in the garden recently which has been pretty drab without him.

written by j.w., 14 March 2014

Mail Cock Sings

Something to crow about.

written by j.w., 11 March 2014

Cover Up

I would cover up if I could but my sheets are at the cleaners NOW.

written by j.w., 05 March 2014

Immigration Figures: A Celebration

Ukip Hooray!

written by j.w., 28 February 2014

Mail's Pie

When the pie was opened the blackshirts began to sing.

written by j.w., 25 February 2014


Who will slip up over oil?
Generating enough wind for many a farm.

written by j.w., 24 February 2014

Great Moral Development Snag Mystery

The Government's Moral Crusade to help blind people to see by withdrawing their disability benefits has failed to bring back the sight of anyone.

written by j.w., 20 February 2014
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