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I'm Just Wild about Juno!

Thousands of poor, homeless and dispossessed right across America have taken to the streets in wild celebration of space probe Juno's arrival at large planet called Jupiter.

written by Auntie Matter, 05 July 2016

Trump Magnanimous

Trump not to press charges against the boy who tried to shoot him and has appealed for clemency. The White House now inevitable.

written by Auntie Matter, 05 July 2016

MI5 Career Move

EX-MK Ultra mind controller and MI5 agent Angus McClintock is to launch pop career with remake of "Me and My Shadow". Rumoured knighthood in the offing for what is destined to be a meteoric career.

written by Auntie Matter, 05 July 2016

House of Commons

How would you completely dismantle the UK government at one stroke?
Simple. Call a referendum on the EEC.

written by Auntie Matter, 04 July 2016

The National Reading Championship

The years UK National Reading Championship was won by 19-year-old Samuel McNutt who read aloud two whole pages of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" without stopping.

written by Auntie Matter, 04 July 2016

Danger to Shipping

A large, deflated weather balloon considered a danger to shipping has been fished out of the Thames. Thought to be Boris Johnson.

written by Auntie Matter, 02 July 2016


A deadly sign you cannot ig.

written by Auntie Matter, 01 July 2016

Michael Gove... Fame Awaits

Gove ... "I do not have charisma or glamour."
Isn't THAT why you are seeking leadership of the Conservative Party?

THEN... you will have charisma and glamour.

written by Auntie Matter, 01 July 2016

Perfect Timing or Pure Coincidence?

Dear to control freak Freemasons is the Summer Solstice of June 21st.
The UK's declared Independence Day from the EU is...... June 21st.

Perfect timing or pure coincidence? Place your bets.

written by Auntie Matter, 28 June 2016

London to become a City State?

The banking centre of the World to become a principality with its own laws just like its daddy The Vatican, protected in perpetuity from a British electorate? How handy would that be for the NWO?

written by Auntie Matter, 27 June 2016

Brexit. And so it came to pass...

Brit sheeple given the illusion of democratic power as main political parties are reshuffled for hidden purposes to unfold. The NWO marches on. For the boys in the back room all is going to plan.

written by Auntie Matter, 25 June 2016

Britain to Leave the EEC. Duh?

But European Parliament expected to pass new legislation to ensure that it can remain in-AND-out at the same time.

written by Auntie Matter, 24 June 2016

Congress Sit-Down Protest over Gun Control

Democrats spit dummy and demand to be heard over gun control. The mouse roared. First time for everything. Not a squeak from any over Obama's tyrannical 'executive orders'. Paving the way for Hillary.

written by Auntie Matter, 23 June 2016

The Freemasons Annual Parade

LONDON: This years Freemasons Annual Parade will start from the House of Commons and make its way to Fleet Street. Leading it will be George Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.

written by Auntie Matter, 23 June 2016

US. Democracy R.I.P

"Demockracy" rules. A Supreme Court ruling now allows police to stop people at random, check for existing warrants and then legally conduct a body search.. Has nobody heard of Brown Shirts in the USA?

written by Auntie Matter, 21 June 2016

Big Donation for Jo Cox Fund

J.K. Rowling has given £10 million to the Jo Cox fund. "Jo was a woman, like me. She was Labour like me. She was called "Jo", like me. And... she wrote all her own lines too,... just like me."

written by Auntie Matter, 21 June 2016

Sheeple MInd Control

"To support the Gay Lobby, UK media and Google will continue to concentrate on news stories of "Innocence Under Attack" using the tragedies of Orlando and Jo Cox," said a BBC informant.

written by Auntie Matter, 19 June 2016

Scientists Announce

'Scientists' at the Mind Control Tavistock Inst. have announced "there is no correlation between prescription drugs, especially anti-depressants, and crime". Big Pharma "delighted with the results".

written by Auntie Matter, 18 June 2016

New Oscars Categories Announced.

New categories added to next year's Oscars.
Called The Orlando Oscars...:

1. Best False Flag Producer.
2. Best False Flag actor.
3. Best False Flag script writer.
4. Best False Flag choreographer.

written by Auntie Matter, 17 June 2016

The 4 Most Plentiful Things in the Universe

Researchers at the Mind Control Tavistock Inst. have announced the four most plentiful things in the Universe;
1. Atoms.
2. Planets.
2. Dead planets.
3. Cells.
4. Corny 'erotic' movies on Vimeo.

written by Auntie Matter, 12 June 2016

UK Travel Advice

Possible dangers are...
1. Polar bears
2. Crevasses.
3. Freezing to death.
4. Being there.

written by Auntie Matter, 09 June 2016

Love or Weight?

"Love Or Weight?".. new entertainment show sweeping the USA. Foodies must choose between their beloved partner or a lifelong free pass to the restaurant of their choice to eat and drink all they want.

written by Auntie Matter, 08 June 2016

Popular Music Revealed

'Scientists' at the Mind Control Tavistock Inst. have found that pop music has only 4 main themes.
1. I fear I will lose what I got.
2. I miss what I lost.
3. I can't get what I want.
4. I need help.

written by Auntie Matter, 07 June 2016

Rowling Not on Forbes List?

The Forbes List of the 100 most powerful women 2016 compiled by journos is based on "visibility and economic impact". NWO Golden Goose Rowling... not even in the 100? No visibility? No impact??????

written by Auntie Matter, 06 June 2016
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