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Parents Locked Up for Caring by Establishment

Story reminds world why we are all well and truly fucked

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 02 September 2014

1970's Paedophile-themed Advent Calendars deemed in Poor Taste for Xmas 2014

Rescheduled for Halloween

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 28 August 2014

Tiger Woods to Miss Ryder Cup

Ex world number one and former future best player of all time to focus on new love of weightlifting instead

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 20 August 2014

Barbaric Murder of Journalist Shocks West

Wasn't how they usually do it. Plus they didn't waterboard or urinate on him or anything

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 20 August 2014

UK Considers Going to War with ISA's

After the un-abating onslaught of people unhappy with their Independent Saving Accounts

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 20 August 2014

Ignoramuses Writing Spoofs on the Rise

Crimea is NOT an independent nation, and believe it or not Northern Ireland is ALSO part of the United Kingdom, but hey who cares about getting your facts right when you're just so freakin hilarious!

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 23 March 2014

Missing Plane found on that Island off Lost

Malaysian airliner revealed to have entered a swirling vortex in the Bermuda Triangle and ended up as subject matter for brand new series of TV drama.

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 20 March 2014

Cameron Champions Small Nation's Independence from Dominant Neighbour

Ukraine yay, Scotland nooo

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 06 March 2014

Royal Rescue to Somerset Floods

Benevolent Prince Charles generously donates £50,000 of other people's money to the Somerset crisis. What a man.

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 04 February 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies

The late, great actor has been officially confirmed as the fattest ever Heroin addict

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 04 February 2014

French Comedian banned from UK

After Dieudonne was banned from the UK due to his perceived anti-Semitism, the French have reacted by refusing entry to Lenny Henry due to his Premier Inn adverts

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 04 February 2014

Old Trafford

The Theatre of Grim Reality

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 11 December 2013

The Sledging Debate

Is there enough snow yet? Neh

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 02 December 2013

Kate Middleton Exposes Herself Yet Again

After flaunting her tits and being daily tabloid fodder the Princess seems determined to emulate Miley Cyrus as she disregards her skirt and shows some thigh

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 29 November 2013

HMV Stop stocking Band's Material

Lost prophets set to endure lost profits

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 28 November 2013

Hull Wins City of Culture

North Korea wins Most Popular Countries as Tourist Destinations

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 22 November 2013

NOTW High Court Case Sex Revelations

Journalist's techniques questioned as Coulson found to have hacked Brooks' vagina

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 01 November 2013

Failings Found in Border Safeguards

Border checks are bordering on being borderline non-existant

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 09 October 2013

Tragic Week in News

That's the Tory Conference for you

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 04 October 2013

US Government Partial Shutdown

So more a Government Log-Off then

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 02 October 2013

"Who is the 'white widow' Samantha Lewthwaite?" (BBC)

Er, she's known as the 'white widow' and her name is Samantha Lewthwaite?

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 27 September 2013

Conference Season

Dull people trying to be exciting, bad jokes, forced laughter, insincerity and entirely baseless promises.
Not just seasonal then.

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 24 September 2013

Tony Blair's Barrister Daughter Held up at Gunpoint

Frightening stuff - yet another Blair part of the Criminal Justice System

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 19 September 2013

Caught in a Trap...attoni

Ireland fail to qualify for world cup and willingly encourage him to walk on out

written by Talking Tic-Tacs, 11 September 2013
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