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Funny story:  Extreme Swiss Neutrality

Extreme Swiss Neutrality

Swiss neutrality at its most extreme - Scottish Second Division sides East Fife and Stranraer F.C. met at Bayview Stadium yesterday and experienced surely the most bizarre events ever to take place in sport. Eleven minutes into the game, referee J...
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Funny story:  Pulp Friction - Rob Schneider vs Samuel L Jackson

Pulp Friction - Rob Schneider vs Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson star of such films as "Snakes on a Plane" and it's box office smash prequel "Rise of the Revenge of Bees on a Crane: This time Payback is Personal" abandons plans to construct a palace made entirely of human hair and egg boxes. B...
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Funny story:  Kim-Jee-String busted!

Kim-Jee-String busted!

The son of late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un was spotted by paparazzi shopping for male lingerie in Seoul, South Korea. His bodyguards comprised of fourteen McNoodle employees and seven gypsies. When interrogated by fashoinista...
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Funny story:  Rectal implants for Stallone

Rectal implants for Stallone

E-by-gum! news has revealed that A-list celebrities who refuse to appear with Ryan Seacrust on interviews will be tagged with fish-shaped "hypno chips" which insert directly into the rectum. An alarmed Piff Doddy exclaimed that such a bold move i...
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Funny story:  Fritzl monument to be erected

Fritzl monument to be erected

The small township of Amstetten, Austria, have revealed plans to erect a small statue dedicated to the infamous Joseph Frizl What the local council, led by Mr. Hans Pedo Pfile, declined to mention was it would be constructed entirely out of used t...
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Funny story:  Yeltsin's not-so-masterplan

Yeltsin's not-so-masterplan

According to the Global EPA, the amount of annual gross domestic waste produced by humans reached a nauseating 17,855 tons, with China contributing to two-thirds of said figure. Due to the general strike of the Chinese Tampon manufacturers women...
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Snoops: The average number of toothpicks people swallow in their lifetime? Three. Mostly from laughing after dinner.

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