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Funny story: Barking Mad

Barking Mad

China - Two mongrel dogs have been sentenced to death for urinating on the side of a snack bar in the southern Chinese town of Guangzhou, splashing two diners and spraying urine on 6 others, state media said. The urinating last February was part o...
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Funny story: Pensioner Attacked

Pensioner Attacked

A boy faces charges after allegedly striking a man with a balloon in an argument over manners. Police told the Crap Times that a 78-year-old man leaving a primary school on Monday morning held the door open for a 3-year-old boy. Police said the 3-...
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Funny story: Caught by his own balls

Caught by his own balls

Police said a burglary suspect was literally caught when he tripped over his own testicles while trying to run away. A part time police officer responded to an anonomous scream at a store early yesterday lunchtime and reported seeing a 77-year-old ma...
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Funny story: Dog uses ladder to climb up on roof

Dog uses ladder to climb up on roof

Manchester police say they get lots of calls about wild animals but this one was different. A milkman reported a dog on the roof of a house licking its testicles. Animal control officer Dick Stick said the ladder in the back garden of the dog's owner...
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Funny story: Man Arrested Sexual Charges

Man Arrested Sexual Charges

Poland - A contortionist was accused of having sex with himself pleaded not guilty to charges Friday. Chelsey Bindle, 19, of Richedile, is accused of having multiple sex with himself that began when he was able to bend over backwards. Bindle wa...
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Funny story: Kicked Down Under

Kicked Down Under

Canterbury - A skateboarder and a teenage grandfather survived separate genital attacks in New England this morning, just two weeks after a taxi driver was believed to have been kicked in the testicles by a large Kangaroo in the country's west end.
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Funny story: Full Moon

Full Moon

If skies are cloudy today, go out at sunrise and look for the giant moon rising in the morning. It will be the brightest one of 2007, sure to wow observers. Earth, the moon and the stars are all bound together by string, which keeps us going aroun...
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Funny story: China plays chess with porn

China plays chess with porn

BREIJING - China has expanded its best top ten lists for pornography and vulgar content online, naming more than twenty new Web sites to visit, and also threatening to close down MacBurger Kings's web site, saying its too family orientated and that i...
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Funny story: Pulling Himself

Pulling Himself

President Rush gave several sperm samples to newspaper correspondents on Friday - a goodwill gesture from his loins. It was sticky and some of it stuck to one of the correspondents fingers and that was what he'll miss about being able to masturba...
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Funny story: Gay Rights

Gay Rights

Netherlands, Egypt - An estimated 50 people were arrested in the Greek coastal city of geogiomichael after a Friday gay picnic, joining other gay people in more than a dozen cities in the West East and elsewhere rallying against lack of public toilet...
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Funny story: Women Gets Pregant On Tube

Women Gets Pregant On Tube

LONDON Oxford Circus - A Turkish woman has become the sixty fith person to get pregnant on London's underground rail network since it opened 1 year ago, the transport authority confirmed twice on Friday. Jolie Mumnaba was traveling with her boyfri...
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Funny story: Black Light Could be Bright

Black Light Could be Bright

SPACE - Strange black light, which likely causes space to keep getting darker, seems to have another effect: It prevents white light from getting too bright. Astronomers used torches to study the formation of the black light on a dark night. Thei...
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Funny story: Cleaner Wiped out in Court

Cleaner Wiped out in Court

London - A bogus toilet cleaner accused of not cleaning thousands of toilets, was jailed for more than three years by a court today. Toddy Mcquire forged his toilet cleaners qualifications and posed as a licensed toilet cleaner for nearly nine yea...
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Funny story: White House Tits

White House Tits

Fifth Lady Hairy Bush showed her tits to Michael Oblama in the Black House - and her daughters gave her a lap dance in the mansion that will soon become her home. After the two couples fondled and kissed each other at the executive mansion's, they...
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Funny story: Paper is a waste of trees

Paper is a waste of trees

Material sent out by candidates and officials in September's Council polls was enough to fill up two Parks and one forest with trees, according to a concern group study. Dog owners Acting for People and the Environment said 551 tonnes of paper we...
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Funny story: Thai Tranny Leadership Contest Underway

Thai Tranny Leadership Contest Underway

BIGCOCK, Thailand - Chicks with dicks party leader Albut Vagina won a majority of votes in a transexual leadership party on Monday and was expected to be named Thailand's next top Transexual. The cock in one of the Representatives mouth was unoffi...
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Funny story: Bush: Another Day

Bush: Another Day

MADHDAD - On a public trip shrouded in secrecy and marred by marmite, President George W. Bush on Sunday hailed himself queen and got a queen size mattress reminder of his unpopularity when a man hurled a mattress at him during a karaoke contest in I...
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Funny story: Irish Pork is Pig Meat

Irish Pork is Pig Meat

DUBLIN, Idaho - Sausage meat that ended up in animal feed could force farmers to destroy 10 pigs or goats, safety officials said Tomorrow as the Dublin Union advised that Indian restaurants did not need to ban Irish chicken. The Bus Safety Authori...
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