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Dynamic Duo saves New York and New Jersey in the wake of hurricane Sandy

Funny story: Dynamic Duo saves New York and New Jersey in the wake of hurricane Sandy

Mayor Bloomberg sprang into action showing true leadership shortly after the hurricane. He ordered National Guard troops into action. Generator sets were deployed throughout the city of New York. Governor Christie personally oversaw the deploym...

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Santa gets two years

Funny story: Santa gets two years

AP "Always Perverted" News - North Pole: Santa sentenced to 2 years in federal prison? A series of bad events apparently sends Santa over the edge. Monday Santa was grounded by the FFA for flight within the US airspace for being unable to...

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NASA to extend shuttle service life

Funny story: NASA to extend shuttle service life

NASA engineers announced yesterday that they were considering ways to extend the service life of the remaining shuttle fleet. They have sought suggestions from the public and several ideas may be tried. Pfizer Corporation has offered to provide...

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National Ignition Facility Ignites!

Funny story: National Ignition Facility Ignites!

National Ignition Facility Ignites! Apparently an absent minded professor forgot to turn off the switch to the world's most powerful laser. He was rushing home to turn off the bathtub water, which he suddenly remembered he had left on. The Nati...

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Zoombies overrun Washington DC

Funny story: Zoombies overrun Washington DC

Zombies have overrun Washington DC. They appear to be normal people, but their ridicules behavior is apparent to anyone who pays attention to politics. Their actions may be the cause of a tiny insect that has been introduced to the United States by...

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Gore "All Humans Must Die"

Funny story: Gore "All Humans Must Die"

AL Gore announced today in a infomercial that all humans must die. He attempted to appear on many highly acclaimed shows such as NPR, Elvira Mistress of the Night, and the Rosie Show to make his announcement but it appears even they are tired of hi...

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Geek Squad Nerd Crashes World Economy

Funny story: Geek Squad Nerd Crashes World Economy

Financial experts across the globe were shocked today when it was discovered that the world financial system was crashed by a Ex-Geek Squad nerd. Norbert Nobals confessed to hacking into the US Stock Exchange. He reportedly made it appear that the...

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Spongebob Squarepants not Shrek's father!

Funny story: Spongebob Squarepants not Shrek's father!

Spongebob Squarepants denies claim of fathering Miss Piggy's lovechild known as Shrek. "OK, I had a few drinks that night, and Piggy spent the night. Besides, Patrick and Kermit where there the whole time."...

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Clinton to arrange Obama/Cheney hunting trip

Funny story: Clinton to arrange Obama/Cheney hunting trip

Senator Clinton is attempting to broker a hunting trip for Senator Obama and Vice President Cheney. Clinton said earlier today, "Obama has been working so hard we would like to get him some rest. Surely a hunting outing with the Vice President...

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US Citizens Boot Washington DC

Funny story: US Citizens Boot Washington DC

In a modern time revolution, the people of the United States have voted to boot Washington DC from the country.

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Spanish Parliament Goes Ape

Funny story: Spanish Parliament Goes Ape

The Spanish parliament today announced new human-like rights for the great ape. Many animal rights groups have been greatly disappointed at the announcement, however, saying it doesn't go far enough.

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Obama solves Middle East Conflict

Funny story: Obama solves Middle East Conflict

Despite the escalation of tension over the middle east's nuclear situation, Obama assures the world that he has the answer to the problem. Iran says, "it will not consider talks with outsiders regarding its peaceful nuclear program."...

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Airlines Consider Extreme Fuel Saving Plans

Funny story: Airlines Consider Extreme Fuel Saving Plans

Airline executives are beginning to consider extreme measures to reduce the effects of spiraling fuel costs, according to Chin Tuh Phat the new CEO of China Aero (formerly American airlines, Delta, and Jet Blue).

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