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Funny story: Sarah Palin To Enter Nunnery

Sarah Palin To Enter Nunnery

(Igloo Trash)Former Alashka Governor Sarah Palin will retire from public life and become a Roman Catholic Nun, according to Sources Close to the dim-witted twit. "My tenure has Governor has been one long nightmare for the Citizens of the Grate Sta...
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Funny story: Parting Statement from Bush

Parting Statement from Bush

George W. Bush, the disgraced former leader of the United States said today in a prepared statement that "he knows he will die soon and go straight to Hell." Mr. Bush elaborated, saying "I deserve it for what I've done. Look at me. I'm just a horr...
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Funny story: Bush-Hager Wedding in Crawford Texas

Bush-Hager Wedding in Crawford Texas

Smarmy young republican butt-suck Henry Hager should be careful what he wishes for. Now he's shackled to druken sex-crazed skank Jenna Bush. Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time. Hell, it beats going over to the war, something no elite sc...
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Funny story: Laura Pickles Bush Interview

Laura Pickles Bush Interview

In a recent interview, Mrs. George W. Bush admitted that she routinely carries out her duties as First Lady in a disheveled, filthy state.
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Funny story: Bush Announces Plan to Pay Off US Debt

Bush Announces Plan to Pay Off US Debt

American President George W. Bush today announced what he calls a "Comprehensive Plan" to pay off the nine trillion dollar US debt. Mr. Bush's plan relies on key funding in the amount of 9 trillion dollars which he says is being provided by a weal...
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Funny story: Hell To Close

Hell To Close

In a surprise announcement today, Hell has announced it is closing it's doors, effective immediately. Reasons cited for the closure included overabundance of supply, and slow demand for finished goods.
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Funny story: Bush: Somebody Took The Rent

Bush: Somebody Took The Rent

In a major economic address today, United States President George W. Bush announced that the rent money is missing and somebody took it.
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Funny story: Hilary Clinton announces plan to pimp Chelsea

Hilary Clinton announces plan to pimp Chelsea

Hilary Clinton announced today that her brain-trust has almost finalized a plan to turn out Chelsea Clinton. "Chelsea will be the next Ashley Alexandra Duprie!" crowed an obviously pleased Hilary.
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Funny story: Hilton, Lohan, Spears Apologize, Retire

Hilton, Lohan, Spears Apologize, Retire

Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears today apologized to the American people for being celebrities for no apparent reason.
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Funny story: George Bush Ball-Sacker

George Bush Ball-Sacker

In an effort to reassure the American Public that the nation is in good hands, the White House is now beginning to publicize the fact that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are avid Ball-sackers.
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Trump Promises to Bring Back Popular "Law & Order" Series

Upset by canceling of original "L&O" Trump repeatedly promises at Convention to bring back the popular TV series at 10 pm E.S.T. day after taking office."What did you think he meant?" campaign asks.
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