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Funny story: Israeli Commandos attack sailor

Israeli Commandos attack sailor

3200 KMS West of the Australian Coastline Eye witnesses on an Australian QANTAS aircraft sent to locate missing world circumnavigation sailor ABBY SUNDERLAND claim to have seen several Israeli Blackhawk helicopters circling Abby Sunderland's yacht...
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Funny story: BP CEO goes on rant

BP CEO goes on rant

BP has come out and blamed the citizens of the world for the mess in the Gulf of Mexico. CEO of BP Sir Greedybastard has come forward and shocked governments worldwide with his revelation. In a speech which was reminiscent of a Hitler rally, Si...
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Funny story: Israeli water tainted with LSD

Israeli water tainted with LSD

TEL-AVIV ISRAEL - A controversial report has been released by the IDF(Israeli Defense Forces) today, revealing that the drinking water of both the government and Armed forces of Israel have been heavily dosed with LSD. U.S. sources have double che...
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Funny story: See Beibers from space!

See Beibers from space!

BIEBERS CAN BE SEEN FROM SPACE! - NASA has released photos of a dam a family of Beiber have built. It can be found in Alberta's Wood Buffalo National Park. The Dam can be seen from space, and according to authorities, at 850 meters it is twice th...
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Funny story: Pixelated Penises

Pixelated Penises

AUSTRALIA - The Prime Minister Big Kev and his right hand Stevie Conroy have decided Australia should have the first total ban on anything naughty anywhere. "We must protect the Australian people from anything that I or my mate think is a little...
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Funny story: Breath Un-fresheners to the rescue!

Breath Un-fresheners to the rescue!

Ever been on a date and felt that you really did not want to be there, but didn't have the courage to tell your romancer? How about walking along a dark alley way heading home from the station and thought someone was following you perhaps to sex...
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Funny story: There's a new religion in town

There's a new religion in town

A new religion has arisen in Europe,according to theologian Dr Ibeleefin Anyfinn and it threatens the big two Dogmas in town,and they are not happy! The new religion called "Ireckonism" was originally formed in Australia. Worshipers of Ireckon...
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Funny story: Free oil to anyone willing to collect

Free oil to anyone willing to collect

FREE OIL!!! FREE OIL!!! - They are shouting it from the rooftops at the oil company headquarters London. The oil company's latest press release says that as part of their "Win the hearts and minds of their long time faithful consumers", as of toda...
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Funny story: Osama Bin Laden opens comedy festival

Osama Bin Laden opens comedy festival

Osama bin Laden officially opened Extremist Comedy Week in Kabul, Afghanistan today. The funniest guys and gals from some of the hottest acts/ comedy clubs from around the area rocked to the festival to support "Extremist Stand Up C...
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Funny story: Harleys Tickle Your Fancy

Harleys Tickle Your Fancy

Harley Davidson spokesman Rev Harder,today admitted there are secrets,behind the famous motorcycle.
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Funny story: God resigns from Faith Inc.

God resigns from Faith Inc.

In a final gesture of exasperation GOD, C.E.O of Faith Inc has resigned.
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Funny story: Car Shoes take Australia by Storm

Car Shoes take Australia by Storm

AUSTRALIA - The latest invention from down under has just rolled off the production line! Car shoes, yes you read right.
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Funny story: 'New Messiah asks this of you'

'New Messiah asks this of you'

"People of all nations, of all races, of all religions, I ask of you these things"...
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Funny story: Arms Ban Underway In Australia

Arms Ban Underway In Australia

AUSTRALIA -- In what has become a first for the Australian Federal Government and Australia,Prime Minister Mr Johnny Howard has declared a total ban on illegal arms.
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Funny story: 'Russell Crowe vs Hollywood and the Jihads'

'Russell Crowe vs Hollywood and the Jihads'

COFFS HARBOUR, AUSTRALIA -- Aussie actor and star of numerous Hollywood hits Russell Crowe, was kidnapped by a group of al-queada assassins in early 2004.
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Funny story: 'Scientists take Royal D.N.A.'

'Scientists take Royal D.N.A.'

"The Princess is dead long live the Princess"...
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Funny story: 'Taliban Tennis Star Terrorises Tournament'

'Taliban Tennis Star Terrorises Tournament'

In a shocking episode at the Australian Open Tennis Tournament in Melbourne recently,Taliban tennis legend 'Mucktear Karbang' declared a 'Jihad' against the Umpire for a line ball call. Mucktear ,centrecourt during a no love ma...
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Funny story: Hair today ......gone tomorrow

Hair today ......gone tomorrow

AUSTRALIA Doctors at an unnamed Sydney Hospital ,today announced an amazing new breakthrough in the treatment of alopecia,(hair loss). Af...
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