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Funny story: Mullets For Peace

Mullets For Peace

The world has made a unified decision regarding hair and how hair should be cut for equality throughout the world....the world leaders have made a law requiring that everyone should have a mullet haircut. The Law is entitled 'The Mullet Act'...
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Funny story: Viagra Hunch or Brady Bunch

Viagra Hunch or Brady Bunch

Today is an exciting day in the motion picture film industry! A young storage clerk/chemist Frank Timel located a unique film episode of the Brady Bunch.
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Funny story: Man travels to the sun at night

Man travels to the sun at night

German NASA officials was overjoyed today when they announced they had sent the first man to the sun at night. Their inspiration comes from Nuclear Man from Superman 4. The pilot Hans Crumpetzinger had trained for 2 years, spent time in various bread...
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Funny story: Terminator 4 - I Kill Me

Terminator 4 - I Kill Me

Terminator is back. Fans have voted online with their mouse in deciding who should take the place of Arnold Schwarznegger in Terminator 4. This time that lovable Alien from Melmac is back with a vengeance. Frank Timel, the man who bo...
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Funny story: New DVD Rewinder

New DVD Rewinder

Its cool, its fashionable and it promises to save you time and money. Its the all new DVD rewinder.
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Funny story: CRIKEY! Croc Hunter Runs For White House

CRIKEY! Croc Hunter Runs For White House

Today it was announced that the Croc Hunter himself Steve Irwin will run for the job of being the next president.
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Funny story: Live 9 - The Sound Of Music

Live 9 - The Sound Of Music

Beans and Greens may now be eaten without any reprocussions. The sound of music and the power behind it....well music is now being used to zone out or even elminiate flatuence. Gas will now be the thng of the past....with money raised the doctors w...
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Funny story: Money & Mo Money

Money & Mo Money

Raise your hand if you are looking for money and can't find it? Throughout the world money/currency is becoming scarce. What is the soluation you ask? Well look no further....the world's currency is now M&M's those great chocolate treats...
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Funny story: Did the President do that?

Did the President do that?

Shocked, outstanded, and amazed are only a few words to describe how George Bush felt today when he found out that he has a long lost son - none other than TV's Urkel, that cute kid from the hit series Family Matters. The tests results were leake...
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Funny story: Chitty's-R-US


R U in need for more bang for your buck???....then come on down to the chites-General Motors Dealership. We have the new and latest models of that special car that flies. When you think you are not moving fast enough...just wait it will suprise...
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Funny story: The Real Jar Jar

The Real Jar Jar

George Lucas revealed the details of Starwars 7 today.
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Funny story: Croc Hunter Becomes Hunted

Croc Hunter Becomes Hunted

Crikey! That lovable idiot who defies death was last night taken to Brisbane General Hospital after one of his crocodiles took ate Steve Irwin's pinky finger.
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Funny story: Phone is Nokia's best yet

Phone is Nokia's best yet

Nokia's new 6969 phone has been lauched with a blast. Nokia's CEO Mr Ned Nedler says "We put a lot, and I mean a lot, of money into this design because we see this phone as the new benchmark in technology."...
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Funny story: Farting Tax Announced

Farting Tax Announced

A farting tax has been announced by the United Nations yesterday to help combat the number of green house emitions being emited into the Ozone Layer. The farting tax will effect every country on planet Earth.
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Funny story: Police Academy: Out of Retirement

Police Academy: Out of Retirement

Captain Harris and his crazy crew are back after 20 years! This summer's most anticipated return of Police Academy 22: Out of Retirement, is the most anticipated movie this summer.
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Funny story: Iron Jock 2004

Iron Jock 2004

The Iron Jock 2004 title will be up for grabs this weekend at Disneyland water park. Iron Jocks from all around the world will make their way to the destination and battle their way to see who is 2004 Iron Jock of the year.
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Funny story: Big Flu and Big Death for Big Bird

Big Flu and Big Death for Big Bird

The notorious Bird Flu has taken another victim.
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Funny story: Left is Right: Driving Changes To Affect America

Left is Right: Driving Changes To Affect America

A new reform has been anounced to change from driving on the right side of the road to the left side of the road.
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