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Wall-E's Ex-Wife Speaks Out

Funny story: Wall-E's Ex-Wife Speaks Out

Wall-E's success has reached the point all famous types fear, when people who know you come out and spill the beans, or the sprokets. The nuts and bolts of the issue is his ex's claim he promised to share proceeds of any movie he made while they...

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Iran Claims New Nukes

Funny story: Iran Claims New Nukes

Earlier this week Iran released photos of missile tests that turned out to be enhanced. Today secret sources have released new photos they claim show real missiles equiped with real nuclear (or nucular in Busheese) war heads.

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Earth Screams

Funny story: Earth Screams

High-flying satelites have recorded a most horrible scream, coming not from ET's but from our own Earth. The screeches are produced when the solar wind hits the magnetic field in the upper atmoshpere, just as the aurora are. But what is our home...

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"Myth Busters" Fire Buster

Funny story: "Myth Busters" Fire Buster

Producers of the popular Discovery channel, "Myth Busters," have decided to fire the well worn crash test dummy Buster. After seasons of dropping, burning, being shot at and out of cars, cannons and airplanes they feel Buster just doesn'...

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Rent-A-Pal Offers Home Delivery

Funny story: Rent-A-Pal Offers Home Delivery

We all know the economy is in a state of "recession," "depression," or "screwed-upness," depending upon which expert you ask. This uncertain future leaves many people hesitant to accept the long term commitment of pet o...

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Now You're Cooking With Gas!

Funny story: Now You're Cooking With Gas!

As July 4th approaches and families across the country prepare for the annual cook-out, many find the steaks and bratworst have been eaten by the car! With budget busting gas prices, some shoppers are seeking cheaper meat alternatives like chick...

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Man Aressted for Impersonating Jedi Master Yoda

Funny story: Man Aressted for Impersonating Jedi Master Yoda

(Coruscant)- Jedi Council meetings were disrupted today when a human disguised as Master Yoda entered the room and took the Jedi's place. The other Jedi knew something was amiss when the imposter began to speak in normal English sentence patterns (s...

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New Warning Sign

Funny story: New Warning Sign

Everyone knows those weird little people on restroom and crosswalk signs. A newly released design warns bathroom seekers to hurry up, it's a long to the nearest relief.

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Babel Fish Starts World War III

Funny story: Babel Fish Starts World War III

A terrible dispute disrupted negotiations at the UN today after delegates began using Babel fish to translate rather than humans.

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Three Little Kittens No Longer Need Mittens

Funny story: Three Little Kittens No Longer Need Mittens

Everyone Knows that the three little kittens have lost their mittens and don't know where to find them. After years of searching Fluffy, Buffy and Bob have given up. But the failure to retrieve the lost kitten-sized mittens is not a total defea...

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Signs of Safety in National Parks

Funny story: Signs of Safety in National Parks

"Safety First" is getting more complicated than ever. The number of law suits has sky-rocketed as the American public stumbled upon more unusual, unpredictable and generally brainless ways to cause themselves bodily injury. As a result national park...

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'The Blob' Creature is Real

Funny story: 'The Blob' Creature is Real

If the old sci-fi movie The Blob didn't scare you, think again. Newly released photos show the blob was real. Documents found with the pictures prove it was one of three alien creatures who spent thousands of years frozen, traveling through dee...

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Illegally Parked Shuttle Impounded: Will be Auctioned on E-Bay

Funny story: Illegally Parked Shuttle Impounded: Will be Auctioned on E-Bay

It seems another drunken astronaut has N.A.S.A. in the headlines after leaving a shuttle in a no parking zone. The shuttle,Kegger, was impounded by Florida state troupers who towed it away from The Starry Night Bar.

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Snooring Spouses Inspire Spoofers

Funny story: Snooring Spouses Inspire Spoofers

Surprise, may owe its silly stories to sleeping spouses of spoof writers. Several spoofers say they spend sleepless nights spoofing while spouses snore. The sleepless spouses have to have something to do and less slee...

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Yorkies Recover from 4th, Still Await Christmas

Funny story: Yorkies Recover from 4th, Still Await Christmas

Yorkies all over the U.S. hid under beds and sofas last month when the fireworks went off. Now some of them are coming out of hiding and a few have fully recovered after sessions with pet psychics and psychologists. However they are still waiting f...

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Party Panders for Pushing Panties

Funny story: Party Panders for Pushing Panties

A group, who is tired of seeing things they wish they had not, is pushing the use plain white briefs.

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New Ugly Dog Winner

Funny story: New Ugly Dog Winner

After another yearly competition to disgrace their hairless, saggy tongued, discolored, wrinkled Chinese crested dogs, fans of uglyness are pleased to announce the new winner of the Ugly Dog Contest. Luci is a 15 year old Chinese crested/Tasmanian d...

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Public Restrooms Not What They Used to Be

Funny story: Public Restrooms Not What They Used to Be

Everyone knows politics affects many areas of our lives including our most private moments. Now several states are considering budget cuts that will limit "convinces" along highways and travelers may have to potty in public.

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The Only Way to Get the Palestinians to the Table

Our Middle East correspondent M. Voltaire opines: If you want PLO/Hamas to come to the Peace Table, set out copious quantities of rancid cheese --it's the only enticing incentive for street rats.
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