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Funny story: Stimuli ugggh

Stimuli ugggh

President Obama named his former pastor Jeremiah Wright as head of Indian affairs last week Today Rev Wright met with the Cherokee Tribe in North Carolina. The Reverend began "Now listen here -- the white man is hurting and as we all know that tr...
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Funny story: Two chips on Black

Two chips on Black

John O'Neill and his Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have announced that Barrak Obama is really not Black O'Neill was quoted by the International Enquirer as saying "He just painted his face and hired a Black woman to pretend to be his wife "...
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Funny story: McCain Takes Diplomatic Initiative

McCain Takes Diplomatic Initiative

Senator John McCain announced today that he would take a new Diplomatic Initiative should he be elected President in November.
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Funny story: Dems Bulldozed

Dems Bulldozed

Following the 2006 Mid Term Elections the Democrats had constructed a commune on the Great Lawn in Washington D.C.
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Funny story: Obama Lashes Out

Obama Lashes Out

An Angry Barrak Obama struck back at the Clinton Campaign following an ad that aired last night in Pennsylvania.
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Funny story: Moo Goo Gaiwan

Moo Goo Gaiwan

December 12 2009 - The Chinese Navy ignored President Obama's "Grave Concern's " and entered the Strait of Formosa last night.
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Funny story: Iran gives up Nukes

Iran gives up Nukes

Iranian President Mahamoud Ahmajinedad announced today that Iran was shutting down its Nuclear Program following an Impassioned letter from President Bush...
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Funny story: Dobbs Slips

Dobbs Slips

C.N.N. Immigration expert Lou Dobbs was injured last night when he slipped on a Re Fried Bean twisting his ankle in the Process/...
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Funny story: Ramirez Sues

Ramirez Sues

Carlos Ramirez Gonzalez Mendez C.E.O. of Mexican Firm -- Wet Back Fix a Flat -- is reportedly suing C.N.N.'s Lou Dobbs following the May day Illegal Immigrant raucous in California.
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Funny story: President Re-Finances Ownership Society

President Re-Finances Ownership Society

President Bush announced today that he was Borrowing money to Solidify his "Ownership Society"...
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Funny story: Belgium Boots Ambassador

Belgium Boots Ambassador

In the long history of the Nation of Belgium a high point had always been considered the Belgian resistance to the Germans in World War 1.
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Funny story: Democrats Cut -- Pelosi Runs

Democrats Cut -- Pelosi Runs

Democrats in the House of Representatives have reportedly voted to cut funding for Homeland Security, the Military, God, Motherhood and Baseball.
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Funny story: Chaney Rents Capitol

Chaney Rents Capitol

The Bush Administration announced today that it had sold the Corporate Naming rights of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. to a Chinese American Entrepreneur by the name of Mr. Chin Lu.
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Funny story: Bush Announces New Diplomatic Initiative

Bush Announces New Diplomatic Initiative

The White House announced today that President Bush has decided to take a Lesson from History and Establish "Normalicys" with Iran...
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Funny story: Robespierre Praises American Culture

Robespierre Praises American Culture

DaRtagnan Robespeirre Prime Minister of the New ascerbic state of KaNeF has gone on record for the second time since his nations inception...
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Funny story: Bush Challenges Ahmajinedad

Bush Challenges Ahmajinedad

President BUSH in an attempt to elliviate the current hostage crisis in Iran has Challenged Iranian President Mahamud Ahmajinedad to an Internationaly Broadcast Debate...
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Funny story: Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Eagle Eyed Security Guard Mohammed Jones was in attendence yesterday at the Jones Academy of the Vigilant Graduation Commencement.
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Funny story: Dump for President?

Dump for President?

According to "Inside Sources" Real Estate Tycoon and Y.U.P.I. Deity Donald Dump is considering a run for the White House in '08.
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Alabama's New State Motto

After Tuesday Alabama's state motto, Audemus jura nostra defendere ("We dare defend our rights"), will most likely be changed to Audemus pedophilium nostra defendere ("We dare defend our pedophiles").
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