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Funny story: J.M.W Turner pioneer of ape art

J.M.W Turner pioneer of ape art

London- A small terraced house in a run down corner of the nation's grand capital is the last place one might expect to find the startling new evidence that has shaken the world's art markets and cast a cloud of doubt upon one of the most cel...
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Funny story: Swastika slave girls in Argentina's no escape brothel camps

Swastika slave girls in Argentina's no escape brothel camps

Buenos Aries- The proud Argentine nation may be best known for the Tango, Evita, beef and cheating soccer midgets.
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Funny story: Sex shop for dwarves!

Sex shop for dwarves!

London- Deep in the heart of London's red light district amid the sleazy neon and whispered requests something revolutionary is turning heads and clucking modest tongues.
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Funny story: Easter island: Incest eggs orgy shame

Easter island: Incest eggs orgy shame

Easter island- This small isolated outcrop of rock stranded in the vast blue desert of the pacific ocean is known the world over for its mysterious giant stone heads and its barren treeless hills.
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Funny story: Hugo Chavez taunts Bush

Hugo Chavez taunts Bush

Buenos aries- Amid the adoring crowds and waving red flags of the Boca juniors stadium; President Hugo Chavez gleefully taunted his bitter ideological rival (The falsely elected "President" George W Bush)...
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Funny story: Who is Camp David?

Who is Camp David?

Washington D.C- Whitehouse aides are this morning desperately trying to play down rumours that the President is conducting a secret extramarital affair.
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Funny story: Panda love: A shocking expose!!

Panda love: A shocking expose!!

Shanghai- Ever since the People's Republic of China decided it wasn't actually Communist, but instead a voracious capitalistic beast, money has flowed effortlessly from the state coffers and into the pockets of a new class of Chinese super ri...
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Funny story: The Devil writes Pravda

The Devil writes Pravda

Moscow- The beautiful Stalinist architecture of the Russian capital, long admired by British council architects, has seen many a scandal come and go but the latest one seems set to rumble for a while to come.
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Funny story: Beckham: Exclusive interview!!

Beckham: Exclusive interview!!

Madrid- The La vĂ³mito del perro restaurant in the centre of Madrid is the kind of place that requires you to book six months in advance and be prepared to pay gracious homage to whatever the Chef deigns to put in front of you.
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Funny story: Edible animal found in Paris!

Edible animal found in Paris!

Paris- Confusion reigns in the French capital tonight as the shocking news that an edible animal, that does not appear to be on any menu, was found within the city limits.
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Funny story: Biggest cock in the world!

Biggest cock in the world!

Dublin- Just outside the bustling modern city of Dublin nestled in a quiet shady corner of the emerald isle lays the tiny, almost forgotten, hamlet of Dunfinkin.
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Funny story: Nostalgia not what it used to be

Nostalgia not what it used to be

London- After six long years of research and seventeen million pounds of tax payers money; a Government team looking into the question of falling standards in nostalgia have come to the conclusion that it's not as good as it used to be.
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Funny story: World's hairiest pussy!

World's hairiest pussy!

Berlin- The super efficent Germans are rightly acknowledged as being innovative world leaders in many different fields, car making, engineering, brewing, electronics and of course sausage guzzling.
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Funny story: Scots Porridge Mine Disaster

Scots Porridge Mine Disaster

Perthshire- It was just after 3.00pm yesterday afternoon, in the small Scottish mining town of Glenalkie, that news first started to filter out of the local porridge works that there had been a massive cave in 2500ft beneath the the main pit head of...
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Funny story: Bush announces "War on reading"

Bush announces "War on reading"

Washington DC- President George W Bush today proudly announced his administrations new vote winning inititive that is sure to rival the already popular "War on terror".
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Funny story: IRA : We were better than Al Qa'ida

IRA : We were better than Al Qa'ida

Belfast- Today on the steps of the historic Stormont castle, seat of the Northern Ireland assembly, Gerry Adams leader of the IRA's political wing, Sinn Fein, declared from his beard to waiting reporters that he had an important communique from t...
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Funny story: Friends reunited?

Friends reunited?

Hollywood- Do you miss settling down on your still to be paid for sofa with a bottle of cheap wine, and being forced by your girlfriend to watch six relentlessly chirpy studio mannequins?...
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Funny story: MLK "I have a Bream?"

MLK "I have a Bream?"

The scene is Washington DC 28th August 1968.
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