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Jenna Bush Provides Successful Distraction From Melting Artic Ice Caps

Funny story: Jenna Bush Provides Successful Distraction From Melting Artic Ice Caps

August 18, 2007 - In a final masterstroke of genius, outgoing puppet master and Republican dark lord, Karl Rove, orchestrated the engagement of Jenna Bush and Henry Hager.

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No Ducking Way!

Funny story: No Ducking Way!

A four-legged duck born in Hampshire, England yesterday is being widely viewed by scientists as a sign of rapid, but necessary, evolution.

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Bush Moles to Serve in Public Office

Funny story: Bush Moles to Serve in Public Office

The White House announced today that President Bush had two suspicious moles removed from his left temple in a procedure called a shave biopsy. These moles are expected to be non-cancerous and Washington insiders report that Bush will likely appoint...

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Shilpa Shetty - American Mystery

Funny story: Shilpa Shetty - American Mystery

In typical xenophobic fashion, thousands of Americans who routinely peruse The Spoof site, scratched their collective heads today over dozens of stories dedicated to a certain Shilpa Shetty.

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Cat Fight in Heaven

Funny story: Cat Fight in Heaven

Gorgeous, blond bombshell, famous for her voluptuous body, her easy manipulation of men, and her revealing Playboy photographs was found dead under mysterious circumstances. In other news ... Anna Nicole Smith was found dead too.

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Liberal Rednecks Win Grammys

Funny story: Liberal Rednecks Win Grammys

The Dixie Chicks, reviled in 2003 for their outspoken criticism of Bush's planned invasion of Iraq, walked away with three Grammy awards last night. Their victory was a signal for "traditional Americans" to take their covert, peace-lov...

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Astronauts Grateful for Death of Starlet

Funny story: Astronauts Grateful for Death of Starlet

An audible sigh of relief could be heard emanating today from NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C. Early poll ratings suggest that U.S. citizens are even more interested in the emerging news of Ms. Smith's death than they were in the Lisa Nowak...

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200 Mile High Club Revokes Nowak's Membership

Funny story: 200 Mile High Club Revokes Nowak's Membership

The small, but exclusive, group of astronauts who can claim membership in the 200 Mile High Club distanced themselves today from accused stalker Lisa Nowak. Nowak, infamous for a recent attempt to kidnap her rival in a painful earth-based love triang...

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Valentine's Day Robot Brings World Peace

Funny story: Valentine's Day Robot Brings World Peace

Women across America are hailing the release of the new Man-Bot 2007 as the perfect antidote for Valentine's Day blues. Designed through a joint venture of Microsoft and the National Organization for Women, the Man-Bot 2007 showcases the best &q...

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Satan Grants Rare Interview

Funny story: Satan Grants Rare Interview

Satan, dark lord and master of the underworld, granted a rare interview today. Typically reclusive, the devil agreed to meet with selected reporters this morning at the entrance to hell. Commenting on his recent popularity, Beelzebub identified this...

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Bush Forced to Take History 101

Funny story: Bush Forced to Take History 101

U.S. President George W. Bush was caught sulking in a White House hallway this afternoon. White House insiders attribute Bush's sour mood to his frustrated attempts to join the Iraq Study Group. Bush was denied entry into the study group because...

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K-Fed Answers to the Borg

Funny story: K-Fed Answers to the Borg

NBC revealed its plans for a February launch of The Home Office - a spin-off of the popular Thursday night sitcom The Office. This new version will offer a semi-humorous look at a frustrated telecommuter as he works from home in hi...

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What Will Jeb Do?

Funny story: What Will Jeb Do?

WWJD? The Republican presidential front runner announced his non-candidacy today by stating that he would not form a committee to study the feasibility of a 2008 presidential run.

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Davis Is Serious Competitor for Franken Seat

Funny story: Davis Is Serious Competitor for Franken Seat

In a surprise response to Al Franken's decision earlier today, Tom Davis has announced his bid for Franken's seat on radio Air America. With his comedy career currently stalled, Davis seized on this opportunity to step into the shoes of his...

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The Only Way to Get the Palestinians to the Table

Our Middle East correspondent M. Voltaire opines: If you want PLO/Hamas to come to the Peace Table, set out copious quantities of rancid cheese --it's the only enticing incentive for street rats.
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