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Funny story: Lucas Unhappy, 'Needs More Damn Money'

Lucas Unhappy, 'Needs More Damn Money'

MARIN COUNTY--Lucas (58) may be ready to die now that his purpose in life has been fullfilled. "I have said many times, I am done with everything Star Wars. So the only way to get around my decree, is for me to pass away. Then only then will...
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Funny story: Don Imus Voted, 'Funniest Man Of All-Time'

Don Imus Voted, 'Funniest Man Of All-Time'

NEW YORK--Recent comments seem to have sparked more uproar, but what may seem as a slight joke has editors of national newspapers raking in the dough. The New York Times Posted 'Funniest Man Of All Time' in the life section of the news perio...
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Funny story: Disease Halts Inadequate Musicians

Disease Halts Inadequate Musicians

LAS VEGAS--Several individuals with various disabling ailments are slowly fighting back after it became apparent than no one cares about them. The focus of the group who is calling themselves SEA, Surely and Eventually Able, will be drawing attention...
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Funny story: Family: Delp's Death Was Appropriate

Family: Delp's Death Was Appropriate

ISTANBUL -- The slight mourning family of Brad Delp, the lead singer for famed American rock band Boston, said 'his death was amazing, a testament to honest enterprise and so much more than a feeling can express on it's own,' and...
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Funny story: Actor Jeni Regets Suicide; Requests Forgiveness

Actor Jeni Regets Suicide; Requests Forgiveness

HOLLYWOOD -- In a recent interview, comedian Richard Jeni is sad that he had to resort in taking his own life, and would like to see that we would forgive him for his rash actions. He said he was just dying for an interview, and that no one was gett...
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Funny story: Collins Says 'F-That' to Hall of Fame

Collins Says 'F-That' to Hall of Fame

ENGLAND -- After the weekend news hit that the Rock N' Roll hall of fame now included several hip-hop / rap artists in this years recent inductees, Phil flipped out. Collins (56) says that when his mind was approached with even the slight notion...
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Funny story: Disney Shut Down

Disney Shut Down

New York, NY--Wall Street opened up with a compelling shocker today as the Dow Jones was missing <DIS>. After a busy scuffle to locate the company, it turns out that Eisner has closed up shop.
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Funny story: Ousting Walt Disney

Ousting Walt Disney

BURBANK, CA--We have all heard long winded stories about how the charming Roy Disney, nephew of co-founders Walt and brother Roy, helped forged one unprecedented imagination based empire. But now he calls for the elimination of Michael Eisner, a man...
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Funny story: Disney/Pixar Reunited

Disney/Pixar Reunited

BURBANK, CA--After nearly two whole days of separation, Steve Jobs and Michael Esiner have resumed the former contract and decided that they just can't live without each other. When the relationship had resolved, Jobs had flipped Michael the bir...
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Funny story: Old Bitch; Skater Chick at Heart

Old Bitch; Skater Chick at Heart

TINSLEY, AZ -- Today famed California State Senator Diane Finestein shocked 50 of the world greatest skaters when she took to the half pipe with presence.
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Funny story: Michael Jackson Verdict

Michael Jackson Verdict

NEVERLAND RANCH -- After a tolling and restless trial, Michael Jackson was found unanimously innocent by the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday afternoon. Standing arm-in-arm with his lawyer, Michael bid a fond greeting complete with silly laugh...
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Funny story: Condoms Overrated

Condoms Overrated

HOPE, ANSTRUM BAY -- The glitz has died down over the past several years, as boys and girls of all ages are no longer curious to see whether or not the modern-age invention condoms; actually work at all.
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Funny story: Government Seeks Idle Land Buyer

Government Seeks Idle Land Buyer

WASHINGTON, DC -- Up on capital hill this week, talks have subsided, and action is pending to release several hundred thousand square acres of land to the global public early next year. Provided that the residents of the northern United States do no...
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Funny story: Kurt Russell & Crowe: Ending a Road

Kurt Russell & Crowe: Ending a Road

HOLLYWOOD - These two superstars have made a public pact: to stop making films and start exploiting them. After realizing how many more millions they would never receive in distribution costs, they vowed never to create, and to only distort, terroriz...
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Funny story: The Famous Enya Rips One

The Famous Enya Rips One

BULGARIA - The stars are not so brightly shinning tonight, as Derek Zuniga of the United States, brought allegations that international phenomenon and new age singer/composer 'Enya' had maliciously stolen his music. Derek (36) had been writi...
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Funny story: Sex Banned From Playboy Mansion

Sex Banned From Playboy Mansion

Los Angeles, CA -- Hugh says, 'I am all done with this charade.' Resting all to uncomfortably in his multi-billion dollar home, sits a rugged Hugh Hefner with an unmistakable frown from ear to ear. "I am downright exhausted!"
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Funny story: Gallagher Triumphs

Gallagher Triumphs

LOS ANGELES, CA--Nearly 6 weeks after totally devastating gubernatorial candidate hopeful Todd Richard Lewis, a 56 year old; non-partisan Leo Gallagher issued a celebratory statement, "Now that every last vote has been accounted for, in this...
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Funny story: A-hole: Revisited

A-hole: Revisited

New York, NY--Music fame comic and genius Denis Leary has completed a collector's box set for his up coming early and tragic demise. The artist hopes that people will remember his music, as it has touched so many souls through the years.
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