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John McCain - Modesty, machismo and mystery

Funny story: John McCain - Modesty, machismo and mystery

To paraphrase the lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II, written for the musical South Pacific, in a song titled, A Wonderful Guy, John McCain was a: “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, (deep breath) wonderful, wonderful guy.” Amen. He was...

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Ratting Out Trump

Funny story: Ratting Out Trump

When Donald J. Trump tweeted that White House attorney, Don McGahn, wouldn’t: “Rat him out like John Dean” or words to that effect, Trump was confessing that McGahn had some “Rat stuff” to hide about Donald Trump’s criminal behavior. Lots and lot...

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National Rifle Association Is Shooting Blanks

Funny story: National Rifle Association Is Shooting Blanks

Great Scott! The NRA is in a financial crisis? If they need money, why not use their products, march into any bank and make a crisis-eliminating withdrawal? And, if the NRA does go under and have a funeral, Donald Trump Jr. should be a pallbearer...

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Don't Call It Fake News

Funny story: Don't Call It Fake News

The press publishes the news. When Trump doesn’t like the news, he calls it fake news. He has recently graduated the term to, wait for it, the enemy of the people. Surely, Trump never heard of Ibsen, but the phrase sounds jingoistic, and so the guy w...

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Coming Soon: Trump Removed From Office

Funny story: Coming Soon: Trump Removed From Office

When Donald Trump is removed from office for fraud, collusion, bad tweets, terrible hairdo, obstruction of justice, due to stealing his election with the help of his Russians pals, all of his judicial appointments and executive orders will have to be...

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Trump’s Wall Falling Down

Funny story: Trump’s Wall Falling Down

In a few months, following Trump's removal from office, his border wall will also be removed. Drum roll! The committee for the Restoration of America is planning a four-day celebration to commemorate the takedown. While heads of state are eage...

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Did Trump Blackmail Kennedy To Quit?

Funny story: Did Trump Blackmail Kennedy To Quit?

Did Donald Trump blackmail Justice Anthony Kennedy out of his Supreme Court seat because of his son Justin Kenndy? It seems Justin provided a one billion dollar building loan to Donald Trump while Justin was working for Deutsche Bank. (pronounced: Do...

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Queen Cancels Trump Visit

Funny story: Queen Cancels Trump Visit

The Queen’s secretary announced she had withdrawn her invitation to have tea with Donald Trump. What initially started out as a full-scale State Visit with tiaras and a carriage ride to Buckingham Palace, (a Trump request) was previously reduced to a...

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The Clown In The White House

Funny story: The Clown In The White House

Everyone should realize by now: Donald J.Trump is a fake president. Four US security agencies have already agreed that Russia had its thumb on the election scale using fake news and hacking into the DNC computers. There was also voter suppressio...

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Trump And Putin’s Dirty Linen

Funny story: Trump And Putin’s Dirty Linen

No, not that dirty linen from the bed at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton. That linen has been cryogenically frozen, preserved under lock and key, like the shroud of Turin, to be thawed and used as proof to blackmail Trump; if Putin finds it necessary... N...

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The Other C-Word

Funny story: The Other C-Word

So, let’s get this straight. Steve Bannon called Trump’s older daughter, according to Michael Wolff’s book Fire And Fury, “Dumb as a brick.” No mention was made of that negative description. No outrage there. Doesn’t mean everyone silently agreed.

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The Illegitimate President

Funny story: The Illegitimate President

James Clapper Jr. said it first. He didn’t just cast doubt on his legitimacy, he said it loud and clear that Trump was the illegitimate president of the United States. Take that tweeter! James Clapper earned his stripes; doing so legitimately.

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Trump University Of North Korea

Funny story: Trump University Of North Korea

First on his agenda, after landing in Singapore for the summit with North Korea’s Kim Yong Un, is to promote a new venture. Trump will be sporting a fashionable red baseball cap, designed by fashion designer daughter Ivanka, with the logo reading: Tr...

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Pay-For-Play Or Pay-Foreplay?

Funny story: Pay-For-Play Or Pay-Foreplay?

Seems like naughty shenanigans have been going on since Trump and his gang moved into the White House. Like crossing a toll bridge, a price has to be paid to the Trump organization to get things done in Washington. Want a photo-op with Trump? Pay $50...

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Did General Kelly Just Diss Melania Trump?

Funny story: Did General Kelly Just Diss Melania Trump?

Ouch! Did General Kelly just diss Melania Trump because she isn’t fluent in English? Will he next accuse Barron of being her anchor child? Kelly’s insults appear to shoot out of his mouth like a cocked gun that’s loaded and fired. Bang, bang! An empt...

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Trump Threatens News Credentials

Funny story: Trump Threatens News Credentials

Even though The Spoof news reporters are not allowed within ten miles of the White House, Mar-a-Lago or any of his golf courses, Donald Trump is threatening to cancel and remove all news credentials of journalists including those of The Spoof reporte...

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Donald Trump To Be Evicted From White House

Funny story: Donald Trump To Be Evicted From White House

Like a bad tenant, Donald Trump is about to be evicted from the White House, and the sheriff is Robert Mueller. Seems Trump invaded the White House with the help of Vladimir Putin and his team of voting machine hackers on election night, and like bin...

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How Much Will Trump Pay To Quash Le Pee Pee Video?

Funny story: How Much Will Trump Pay To Quash Le Pee Pee Video?

How much will Donald Trump, or his good friend and attorney, Michael Cohen, pay to quash the Donald Trump, Miss Universe, Moscow, Ritz-Carlton, Le Pee Pee video? Cohen was quoted saying: He'd jump out a window for Trump. “Huh?” Cohen asked, recen...

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Putin Hacked The Emmys

NBC, ABC, and CBS all claim that Russian President Putin hacked the Emmy Award computers, to explain how unknown, barely-viewed shows on Netflix and HBO could win so many awards.
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