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Funny story: Strange Fathers Day Laws

Strange Fathers Day Laws

Today is a day every man dreads as today is Fathers Day. The only day in the year where kids you didn't even know you had, can turn up at your house and demand money. By law you must hand over said money with zero bitching. This is one of the many Fa...
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Funny story: Rooney In United Stand-off

Rooney In United Stand-off

International marketing firm and social media gurus, Manchester United, have dropped their biggest hint yet that England Captain Wayne Rooney will be leaving the club. United's record goal scored has spent time on the substitutes bench this season an...
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Funny story: Gideon Strikes Back!

Gideon Strikes Back!

George Osborne has called Teresa may "a dead woman walking" after her election cock up. Unsurprisingly coming from the mouth of a man who we believe has been dead for some time and merely jumps his consciousness into recently deceased bodies. Look in...
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Funny story: The Huntsman Commeth

The Huntsman Commeth

The election has happened and the predicted destruction of Labour at the polls didn't happen. Which along with our all clear STI test last week was the best news we've had all year. Jeremy Corbyn looks more like a leader than ever and May will now tr...
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Funny story: Dr Delight on the GP election lowdown

Dr Delight on the GP election lowdown

More than likely the Tories will win the election but that's OK as long as they fulfil their promises. We want to see the work houses brought back, the vote taken away from anyone earning less the £80K and the entire Empire absorbed into our Union Ja...
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Funny story: Trump Pulls Out (Like His Dad Should Have)

Trump Pulls Out (Like His Dad Should Have)

Donald Trump has pulled the US out of the "Paris Accord" which is a climate saving deal designed to try and keep the planet alive for a few extra weeks. The deal is ratified by 195 different countries and seems to be the only thing the world can agre...
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Funny story: Well-Hung Rumours Pounded Down Currency Market

Well-Hung Rumours Pounded Down Currency Market

The value of the pound has slipped after Back and to the Left news declared the possibility of a "hung Parliament". In our defence we never said there was going to be a "hung Parliament" we said "we should hang all of Parliament". There's a definite...
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Funny story: May vs Corbyn: Election Fashion

May vs Corbyn: Election Fashion

Fashion on the long winding election road seems to be deadly important. It matters little to none if a politician is able to deal effectively with the EU or our upcoming Brexit begging but it does matter to the wider public what type of shoes their w...
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Funny story: General Election Watch

General Election Watch

In the run up to the General Election the media have moved away from trying to see if Jeremy Corbyn has eaten a baby and actually asked a question or two about the Conservatives "Social Care Plan". Back and to the Left news investigates. Well we'r...
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Funny story: Absoconding? Absolutely

Absoconding? Absolutely

Police in Dorset have confirmed that escaped convicted killer Jamie Frater "could be a danger to the public". Which was received with a resounding cry of "no shit dick heads". Jamie has already absconded twice from open prisons was allowed to retu...
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Funny story: Al Gore Guesses

Al Gore Guesses

Environmental campaigner and ex presidential candidate Al Gore has said he "hopes for the best" in President Trump (it will never not be hilarious writing that) and his attitude towards climate change. A subject that Mr Trump himself has dismissed as...
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Funny story: UKIP To Attack Seat

UKIP To Attack Seat

UKIP's new Battle Toad Paul Nuttall will stand in the Stoke on Trent By Election later this month. Mr Nuttall won leadership of the UKIP party after taking the heads of the nine other candidates in a Thunderdome challenge. Mr Nuttall, who looks l...
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Funny story: To Immigrate or Immigrant?

To Immigrate or Immigrant?

Australia has announced plans to relax immigration laws on Brits, which is ironic as the Brits have just pulled up their own personal drawbridge to Europe. Riding a kangaroo battle droid (one of several commissioned by the Australian armed forces)...
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Funny story: Asteroids V Brexiteers

Asteroids V Brexiteers

NASA has discovered two massive objects hurtling through space towards Earth. They reckon ones a comet but as one scientist says "We're fucked if we know what the other bastard thing is. The ship from Blakes 7?" Upon hearing that yet another forei...
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Funny story: Thunder Snow!

Thunder Snow!

The country is once again facing it's gravest threat. We the British people must stand strong and united in the face of such a unrelenting invasion! We are of course talking about the few days every year the entire country loses it's shit over some s...
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Funny story: This Morning's Rodent Removal

This Morning's Rodent Removal

A pesky rodent that had been terrorising the set of semi popular morning show "This Morning" has been caught. However Philip Schofield is still at large and truly capable of being a dick all on his own. The mouse, which is estimated (by us) to be 37...
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Funny story: Cat Pictures In Distress

Cat Pictures In Distress

Horror and childish shrieking broke out on the internet today and spread like smallpox round a unvaccinated American town. Someone had posted a picture of a cat and it only received three likes. With pictures of cats normally weighing in with around...
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Funny story: Scottish Football's Last Chance

Scottish Football's Last Chance

The swivelling bowel of corruption that is FIFA has farted out it's newest half baked after birth covered idea. The world cup will be expanded to 48 teams. The declaration which was nailed onto the drawbridge at fortress FIFA read that by 2022, like...
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