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Funny story: Kim Jong Wrong Un

Kim Jong Wrong Un

Kim Jong-Un (Or Kim Wron-Un as Back and to the Left's editor calls him) has been placed on the "sanctioned persons list" by the good old US of A. We look at what this means about the tiny, inbred moron and if the future spells "WAR" between the US an...
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Funny story: Early Release (and we're not talking about premature ejaculation )

Early Release (and we're not talking about premature ejaculation )

The number of prisoners released in "error" is at an all time high according to statistics released by Westminster today. 65 inmates were released due to "clerical" and "official" errors but the majority were released due to bathroom windows being l...
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Funny story: Fat Arses and Fat Wallets

Fat Arses and Fat Wallets

Brits will spend £16billion on snacks, takeaways and sugary drinks this year. Scientists (those guys who are YET to cure racism) have said it's due to our extremely busy lifestyles. Back and to the Left news reckon it's to do with those aforementione...
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Funny story: Teenage Universe

Teenage Universe

Back and to the Left news have come across sensational secret documents on Jupiter's "big red spot". We discovered the files on the 3:27 to Worthing On Sea, a train we were only on because a drinking competition had got out of hand. Way out of hand.
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Funny story: The Hyperdermic Olympics

The Hyperdermic Olympics

There has always been a concern that there's more drugs in Russian athletes than in most 60s rock bands. After more Russian athletes were banned from competing in the Rio Olympics we caught up with our good friend Vald Putin to see what he had to say...
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Funny story: Arsenal: The UK's Injury Specialists

Arsenal: The UK's Injury Specialists

Arsenals latest "win a all expenses paid long term holiday" winner is giant defensive liability Per Mertesacker, accepting the honour by picking up a injury in the meaningless friendly against Lens. Arsenals injury record, which is occasionally th...
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Funny story: Stevie G G G - Possible Liverpool Comeback For Gerrard?

Stevie G G G - Possible Liverpool Comeback For Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard has opened up on a possible return to Liverpool and yet another round of emotional send offs at grounds where the fans hate him. Since Stevie G left Liverpool have gone from strength to strength in cementing mid table finishes and anti...
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Funny story: Press Gang-ged

Press Gang-ged

Alarming new statistics have shown that press freedom has declined 14% in the last two years in Europe. This means were no longer allowed to talk about $£$^^$^ ^%&&^%$ or £$"%$"!(*"^"%. We can still talk about Diana's death but that might soo...
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Funny story: Leg hair Links To Depression

Leg hair Links To Depression

A study has discovered that the early onset of leg hair in teenage boys is linked with depression in later life. Dr L. John of the Institute for Back, Bum, Leg and Pubic Hair released a short statement. Dropping it from the institutes blimp as it soa...
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Funny story: Transfer speculation Part one

Transfer speculation Part one

The transfer silly season is now in full swing with millions of pounds being thrown at players who barely know how play the offside trap and who think "man on" is a homophobic slur. In a effort to cut through the lies and deceit in these the most...
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Funny story: The Sun V the Sun

The Sun V the Sun

As Britain resides in the grip of a paralysis due to a foreign invader (the sun) Back and to the Left news decided to get some insight into this deadly heat wave. We spoke to Sun journalist Farr Right to try and gauge the nation's feelings on these,...
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Funny story: Iran Inquest

Iran Inquest

For those of you looking for a in depth look at the Chilcot report....that happened in Iraq not Iran. Get your geography sorted. In a world scarred by shootings, explosions and Kim West V Taylor Swift Iran has finally lost it's shit with one of th...
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Funny story: Pokemon NO GO

Pokemon NO GO

Pokémon Go! A light hearted game that has brought joy to millions inside and outside the UK. A harmless scavenger hunt designed to bring players together in the search for the elusive Mewtwo (or three). But what if the App had other more sinister ram...
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Funny story: Darling Bud Of May

Darling Bud Of May

Newly unelected (by the people, yes we understand she was elected by the Tory party) Prime Minister Theresa May has had a historic meeting with Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today. Admitting that the meeting was "positive" and that "all o...
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Funny story: All Quiet On The England Front

All Quiet On The England Front

After England's failure in the Everyone Got A Invite (Except Scotland) Championships the inevitable inquest into what went wrong began. Back and to the Left news believes that we scored less goals than the opposition and that's what went wrong. Then...
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Funny story: The Boreiniho Effect

The Boreiniho Effect

Despite England's glorious failure in the Euros English football fans can at least console themselves with the fact the Premier League season starts soon. The sheer amount of money sloshing around like diarrhoea in a bucket makes it impossible that w...
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Funny story: Farage Fallout Triggers UKIP Upheaval

Farage Fallout Triggers UKIP Upheaval

Mere days after cleaving the country in two via the "Brexit" vote political super villain Nigel Farage has stepped down from his position as UKIP leader. In an emotional statement that had to be halted at several points as squadrons of Spitfires...
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Funny story: Water Waste Of Time

Water Waste Of Time

One thing you can always rely on with BATTL News is that we will eventually come back with something irrelevant and pointless just when you thought we'd finally buggered off. Yet after discovering that a "Water Only Bar" was to open in London we k...
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