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Scott Peterson: Fertilizer Salesman Of The Year

Funny story: Scott Peterson: Fertilizer Salesman Of The Year

People attending Scott Peterson's trial on Monday are in for a big surprise. Instead of the defense opening their case, proceedings will be delayed for an hour, as Scott Peterson is named as the AFA Fertilizer salesmen of the Year 2003.

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Blasts Rock 5 Christian Churches In Baghdad

Funny story: Blasts Rock 5 Christian Churches In Baghdad

As explosions rocked 5 churches in Baghdad yesterday morning, members of the British and American high command were meeting at a secret location 12 kilometers south of the Iraqi capital. They were tasked with redeployment ahead of the elections, as w...

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Bin Laden Sets New Rules Of Engagement

Funny story: Bin Laden Sets New Rules Of Engagement

The furor created by America's request for British troops to be relocated to hot spots in Iraq, under US command, has resulted in Osama bin Laden changing his rules of engagement. British members of parliament are alarmed that the Americans are f...

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Zarqawi Joins Dallas Cowboys

Funny story: Zarqawi Joins Dallas Cowboys

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has joined the Dallas Cowboys in what club officials describe as the coup to end all coups. Cowboy's head coach Bill Parcells said that Zarqawi was the most offensive linebacker he'd ever seen. "This guy is as explos...

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Cherie Blair's Closing Argument

Funny story: Cherie Blair's Closing Argument

Cherie Blair's closing argument in a shoplifting matter down the Old Bailey yesterday, is set out below. His Lordship Norman Marr presiding, Adam Hill QC prosecuting.

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Kerry Revelations Pour In As Election Nears

Funny story: Kerry Revelations Pour In As Election Nears

Revelations concerning Democratic presidential nominee, Senator John Kerry, are starting to pour in as the elections draw near. In Idaho scientists confirm that the Kerry family are descended from CHINpanzees and not apes that learned to walk erect.

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Victor Meldrew Appointed Fulham Manager

Funny story: Victor Meldrew Appointed Fulham Manager

Fulham today confirmed the appointment of Victor Meldrew as their new manager. Patrick Trench was installed as his assistant, with the Craven Cottage club confirming that Chris Coleman was no longer bringing out the best of the team. Chairman Mohamed...

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CSI - Michael Moore Declared A Crime Scene

Funny story: CSI - Michael Moore Declared A Crime Scene

Michael Moore the renowned film director, polemicist (bullsh*t artist) and political analysis (they're studying him) has gone on the campaign trail, in support of Senator John Kerry. Kerry of course, is the Democratic nominee for president and Am...

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Beckham : "I'm Not Thick".

Funny story: Beckham : "I'm Not Thick".

A spokesman for Real Madrid and England superstar David Beckham, has denied insinuations that the player is thick. "David is doing a number of after-hours courses at a Spanish college and we are hoping that if he passes them, that we will be abl...

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Bush's Battle Of The Bulge

Funny story: Bush's Battle Of The Bulge

A boxy bulge at the back of the suit coat of President George W. Bush, during the first debate with Senator John Kerry, has led to widespread speculation that he was wired to receive help with his answers. Sources close to the administration have now...

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NRA's British Branch

New Labour are to introduce a National Rifle Association into Britain. Home Secretary David Blunkett explained. "We believe that the path that we have taken lends itself to an NRA. Let us take a look at the overall picture".

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Mount St Helens Relocated To Florida

Funny story: Mount St Helens Relocated To Florida

American authorities were facing a race against the clock in their audacious bid, to transfer Mount St Helens to Florida before it erupted. With earthquakes and other nasties already underway, geological survey scientists believed there was no time t...

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Texas Bus Conductor Repeatedly Survives Electric Chair

Funny story: Texas Bus Conductor Repeatedly Survives Electric Chair

John Charles, a Dallas bus conductor has survived the electric chair several times. His is a remarkable story which is told by Scott Mendes the reporter who covered it for Reuters.

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James Bond Auditions Footballers

Funny story: James Bond Auditions Footballers

James Bond's next adventure has been delayed by the search for an actor to play Bond. In light of the difficulties in casting 007, the Producers recently decided to have a look at English footballers. Auditions were held in London and casting dir...

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London Grand Prix 2005

Funny story: London Grand Prix 2005

With the demise of the Silverstone Grand Prix and the fear that Britain was losing it's Formula 1 race, we are thrilled to be able to cross to Sky's correspondent John James for a report on today's inaugeral London Grand Prix.

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Michael Moore In Concert

Funny story: Michael Moore In Concert

American polemicist Michael Moore enthralled his large following, members of Fatties Anonymous, with a superb performance at London's Royal Albert Hall. He entered to a standing ovation, either that or his weight pushed the stage down and til...

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Geragos Defending Fraudster In Next Case

Funny story: Geragos Defending Fraudster In Next Case

Mark Geragos has confirmed that his next case will be the defense of Alan Lamont the anti-ageing ointment salesman. Lamont is charged with multiple counts of fraud while Geragos is of course the defense attorney of Scott Peterson currently being tri...

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Scott Peterson : Geragos Guns Grogan

Lead investigator in the Scott Peterson trial, Modesto Police Detective, Craig Grogan finally reached the end of his cross-examination by Geragos. Grogan has spent 7 days testifying and was under the cosh from Scott Peterson's attorney Mark Gerag...

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