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Funny story: Lorde's New Songs Leaked to Media

Lorde's New Songs Leaked to Media

Lorde's newest songs have been leaked ot the media. A secret snitch sent along a copy of the eighteen year-old New Zealander's latest songs. The source says "Little White Yugos" is likely to be at least a moderate success on the pop charts. "All the...
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Funny story: Joan Rivers Makin' 'Em Laugh in Hell

Joan Rivers Makin' 'Em Laugh in Hell

Comedienne Joan Rivers may have died last week following complications from plastic surgery, but that doesn't mean she's slowed down or lost her edge. The eighty-one year-old comic, known for her bitchy attitude, is still makin' 'em laugh in the afte...
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Funny story: I'd Vomit on Lady Gaga for Free

I'd Vomit on Lady Gaga for Free

Desperate to regain the media spotlight after the lackluster sales of her recent album "Artpop," pop singer Lady Gaga has gotten her name in the news for the dubious act of paying someone to vomit on her, an act that health activists are decrying as...
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Funny story: Justin Bieber Joins Al-Qaeda

Justin Bieber Joins Al-Qaeda

The scandals are only deepening for singer Justin Bieber. After weeks of public turmoil including arrests for drunk driving and assault on a limo driver, the singer has officially announced his membership in Al-Qaeda and vowed war upon the United Sta...
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Funny story: Vatican Defends Abuse Stance

Vatican Defends Abuse Stance

The Vatican, currently under fire after a shocking U.N. report, issued a statement on their website defending their practice of sheltering priests who were known or accused pedophiles. "We want the public to rest assured," the statement beg...
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Funny story: Biker Pope Ignites Gang War

Biker Pope Ignites Gang War

The news that Pope Francis has auctioned off his Harley-Davidson sent shock waves through the biker community. The bike had been a gift from the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company, who were reportedly outraged at the religious leader's sudden betraya...
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Funny story: Vatican Elects Protestant Pope

Vatican Elects Protestant Pope

The Vatican made the startling announcement that, for the first time, they would be appointing a Protestant pope. Onlookers were startled when the new pope suddenly ran out of the Vatican and ripped his papal clothes to shreds. "You don't n...
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Funny story: Vatican Elects Gay Pope

Vatican Elects Gay Pope

The Vatican has officially appointed its first openly gay Pope, at least in this century. The rumor was confirmed today at noon when pink incense smoke was seen stylishly smoldering from the Vatican. The Vatican News put out an official announcem...
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Funny story: Mr. Ed, Secretariat Eaten at Burger King

Mr. Ed, Secretariat Eaten at Burger King

The UK branch of the fast food chain Burger King was still reeling from the publicity surrounding the fact that horsemeat had found its way into some of their burgers when another blow was dealt to their image. It seems that at least two or three bel...
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Funny story: David Petraeus Speaks Out on Affair

David Petraeus Speaks Out on Affair

In another Spoof exclusive, General David Petraeus has given a statement on the sex scandal that cost him his job as head of the CIA. Petraeus was forced to step down after the exposure of an extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell, his biographer a...
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Funny story: Elmo Releases Statement on Sex Allegations

Elmo Releases Statement on Sex Allegations

The latest Sesame Street rumor is that Elmo, the immensely popular red puppet, will retire after allegations of at least two sexual relationships with underage boys. Elmo has agreed to release a rare public statement to The Spoof. His defense of...
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Funny story: Bella Still Whining About Stuff

Bella Still Whining About Stuff

We here at The Spoof are dedicated to bringing you the most important World Events. Therefore we arranged for our top reporter on International Affairs to send dispatches from the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Unfortunately he was beheaded this morning...
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Funny story: Long John Comes Out As Chick-Fil-A Wars Escalate

Long John Comes Out As Chick-Fil-A Wars Escalate

The fast food wars heated up today as restaurant icons took sides in the increasingly hostile Chick-Fil-A debate. The controversy began when Chick-Fil-A honcho Dan Cathay spoke out against gay marriage late last week. Since then, drag queens have bee...
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Funny story: Rush Limbaugh, Superhero?

Rush Limbaugh, Superhero?

Conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh stirred controversy last week when he accused Warner Brothers and director Christopher Nolan of using their new, heavily promoted blockbuster Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises as a vile piece of pro-Obama propaganda...
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Funny story: Higgs Boson Not Quite As Reported

Higgs Boson Not Quite As Reported

Physicists recently made headlines by announcing their discovery of the Higgs boson-the long sought-after, so-called "God Particle." The God Particle would explain pretty much everything in the universe. Or so the media report. According to reputable...
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Funny story: Gays Say Position on Obama Evolving

Gays Say Position on Obama Evolving

Gay People have announced that their views on President Obama are "evolving" and they now think his presidency is, now that they think about it, inevitable. Vice President Joe Biden made it so Sunday, when he remarked almost casually that he had...
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Funny story: Students Bored By Time Capsule

Students Bored By Time Capsule

Students of Miss Jane Mattingway's class at Howarth Middle School got to learn this week what students were like 30 years earlier, thanks to a time capsule buried beneath the school basement. The capsule included a Rubik's Cube, excerpts from a f...
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Funny story: Liam Gallagher Sues Himself

Liam Gallagher Sues Himself

In the latest twist in the never-ending Liam Gallagher saga, the pop star is reportedly suing himself, legal documents show. The suit accuses Gallagher of flagrant prattery, unseemly arseholery, and excessive knobheadery. The former Oasis fro...
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