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Dare Devil, Crash Granny Dead At 87

Funny story: Dare Devil, Crash Granny Dead At 87

Maudrice Langsley, the world famous Crash Granny who created 90% of all the dare devil stunts used in Hollywood movies was killed Saturday while finishing up her farewell tour in Sidney, Australia. Granny, who in all of her 87 years of doing deat...

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Hereditary Memory Transfer

Funny story: Hereditary Memory Transfer

Have you ever entered an unfamiliar place and all of a sudden felt that you'd been there before? These types of sensations and others like them happen to people all over the world, everyday. Up until a few years ago, science was at a loss to explain...

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The Seaweed Invasion

Funny story: The Seaweed Invasion

Could you imagine the consequences if a common weed took over the world and nothing could be done about it? Well, that's what happening right now under the sea and the culprit is a sea weed called Caulerpa Taxifolia. A pretty, salt water aquarium...

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Civil War Discovery Hints At Cover Up

Maynard Haze, 3rd generation descendant and grandson of Jagard Haze, was drilling an access shaft for a new well on his late grand-father's property and discovered an underground chamber full of Civil War documents and official orders from the Confed...

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Benefit Concert Goes Awry

Funny story: Benefit Concert Goes Awry

An outdoor benefit concert at the Hotsprings Fairgrounds in Dead Valley, Mx. to raise money for the deminishing Flame-Tailed Lizard went a rye when Buster Steels, lead guitar player for the Pine Box Band mistakenly plugged his electric guitar into a...

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Meteor Downs Airliner Over Tehran

Funny story: Meteor Downs Airliner Over Tehran

A 747 Starliner that disintegrated at 30,000 feet do to a breach in its structural integrity and subsequent loss of air-pressure over Tehran, Iran, last week has been labeled an unpreventable freak accident. A micro size meteor has been discovered lo...

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Space Probe Returning To Earth With Deadly Contamination

Funny story: Space Probe Returning To Earth With Deadly Contamination

It has been reported by the Space Center in China that a space probe launched in 1998, on a ten year round-trip exploration voyage to Ferno, a small asteroid that orbits the sun every three-hundred years is returning. However, instruments on board th...

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War On Drugs, Tell-All Book

Federal agent, Samuel Krane who was fired from the agency for protesting the War on Drugs has written a tell-all book that may cause several heads to roll in the Federal Government. According to Krane, there have been 30 million U.S. citizens arr...

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Massacre Not Gang Related

The bloody massacre of twenty-five members of the Wolf Pack gang by rival gang member Felix Mortos of the Pajaros, was deemed a random act of violence and not gang related by Raymond Estra, police chief of the Boardertown, Police Department. Accor...

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The Cattle Molestation Case

Funny story: The Cattle Molestation Case

On a lonely Nevada highway, Mary Coontz sped along in her 1950 Rambler making her way back to Hermosa Beach, California. She had been covering a story about the strange cattle molestation case in Groom Lake, Nevada and was in a big hurry to submit he...

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Gulf Of Mexico Evacuees Find Work On The East Coast

Funny story: Gulf Of Mexico Evacuees Find Work On The East Coast

Since the evacuation along the coastline of the gulf states, the shipping and trucking industry in the gulf has come to a complete stand still; all imports and exports of goods that used to sail in and out of the gulf ports have been reassigned to sh...

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Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill - Toxic Fumes Too Hazardous

After three attempts to contain the massive oil leak have failed, it has been determined that the site is too toxic for humans to work around anymore. Remote controlled, robotic amphibious apparatuses that have been used to attempt to contain the...

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An April 15th, Tax Time Nightmare

Funny story: An April 15th, Tax Time Nightmare

A few years ago Rodney Mitchell, joined the Song Writer's Guild and not long afterwards, he started receiving royalty checks in the mail, each check being no less than $650.00. The total amount of the royalties being sent to his address was $150,000.

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Global Warming Exposes Rare Find

Crew members aboard the ice-breaker vessel, UB. Fregot, on a scientific exploration mission to the North-Pole were shocked beyond belief when a polar ice-cap collapsed right in front of their ship exposing 10,000 perfectly preserved corpses. Upon...

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Ozone Depletion Causing More Havoc

A recent discovery has exposed more chemical toxins adding to the air pollution over our nation's largest cities. As the ozone layer weakens allowing more UV radiation to penetrate our atmosphere, common man-made products are starting to break down c...

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