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Funny story: Scotland YES prediction boost for Tories

Scotland YES prediction boost for Tories

The prediction, based on the latest opinion poll, that Scotland will opt for Independence has given a huge boost to Tory morale. Whilst wringing of hands at the terrible outcome, secretly the Tories are celebrating the success of their plan. Da...
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Funny story: New Shakespeare Maths For Schools

New Shakespeare Maths For Schools

The Government is introducing a new programme for schools, starting this week. A mix up somewhere in the Ministry of Education has led to the ideas for Maths and Literature being confused. Former Minister of Education, Michael Guv, explained that...
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Funny story: Football Returning Just In Time

Football Returning Just In Time

Football pundits are sharpening their pens ready for a take over from the Disasters that have been getting us down over the past month or so. Joe Weed, out Football mad reporter can't wait. He's been digging around transfer stories all summer and...
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Funny story: Britain Declares War on Gaza

Britain Declares War on Gaza

The wanton destruction of Britain's most famous iconic site, Eastbourne Pier, by a missile fired from Gaza has left the British Government with no option. War has been declared on Gaza. 'We must defend our shores from the terrorist enemy' decla...
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Funny story: Gold to be Won at the Common Wealth Games!

Gold to be Won at the Common Wealth Games!

The Common Wealth Games are under way and we are assured they will be played out on a level playing field. Out intrepid Athletics reporter Jock White has called from Glasgow to advise us that he has discovered the playing field is much higher one...
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Funny story: Yellow Card for Israel

Yellow Card for Israel

Israel have been handed a yellow card in their match against Gaza. The ref thought the tackling of four children was a little off limits and warned Israel that next time they will get...another yellow card. The ref explained to an angry Israeli au...
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Funny story: Israel Saved from Wheelchair Attack

Israel Saved from Wheelchair Attack

In an heroic fight to maintain the country of Israel the regime have eliminated a terrible attack being organised by disabled people in wheelchairs. To the cheers of the assembled MP's in the Nestegg, Prime Minister Notbalfbaked, announced that th...
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Funny story: A Final Word

A Final Word

In memory of what this green and pleasant land once stood for I must tell you about a lone protestor who entered the Spoof office in tears. He had just attended the funeral of all that he holds dear - liberty of action and freedom of speech - and...
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Funny story: Big Brother Rises from the Grave

Big Brother Rises from the Grave

Dame Flossy, now acting on behalf of the Establishment to cover up any and every sexual misdeed in the past, has been visited by her deceased brother Lord Haverstack who was dealing with this very issue on behalf of the Establishment in the 1980's.
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Funny story: The PM's Problem

The PM's Problem

David Cameron, we are informed by a sauce close to his table, finds himself with a difficult problem. Having announced, following the imprisonment of his former aide Andy Coulson, that 'NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW' he finds himself with the fact that...
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Funny story: Blair Appointed To Find Missing Dossier

Blair Appointed To Find Missing Dossier

In an astute move the Government has appointed Tony Blair to track down the missing dossier containing startling evidence of widespread sexual misconduct at Westminster in the 1980's. Meanwhile all airports have been put on alert throughout Britai...
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Funny story: England's Great Sacrifice

England's Great Sacrifice

Speaking exclusively to Spoof's Joe West, England captain Steven Gerrard gave the astonishing news about England's 2-1 defeat by Uruguay. 'We knew if we won the World Cup' he said 'the Government would take all the credit. Their popularity would h...
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Funny story: No Wonderland in Brazil for England

No Wonderland in Brazil for England

England lost 2-1 to Italy in our first World Cup game in Brazil because we had no one to match the Italian centre forward Bartendi. England Manager, Roy Stodgeson, complained that England had no one with Bartendi's height to score a vital equalisi...
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Funny story: Hoping For The Best in Brazil

Hoping For The Best in Brazil

Everyone is anticipating the excitement of the World Cup in Brazil. The England team are hoping for a major shock with Demonstrations expected for their style of football. The local Brazilians fancy a carnival is a good way of showing satisfaction...
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Funny story: Political Rebranding Hits Westminster

Political Rebranding Hits Westminster

Following the elections it has been decided by all Parties to carry out an urgent exercise in rebranding 'to win back the faith of the people in the political process'. The Tories have decided not to change very much however.David Cameron announc...
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Funny story: Tories To Solve Ukip problem

Tories To Solve Ukip problem

Our political correspondent, Joe Whippet, has discovered the Tory answer to Ukip. In a logical extension of the plan to make any strikes illegal, that are not backed by at least 50% of Union members the next step is to make any elections that are...
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Funny story: Pope in Miracle Search

Pope in Miracle Search

Pope Francis has set his mind on being a Saint and has started by trying to solve the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel. He told waiting reporters that 'it will be miracle that would put the miracles of my predecessors in the shade'. Ne...
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Funny story: Pfeiffer Take Over Threat

Pfeiffer Take Over Threat

Cute farmer Michelle Pfeiffer is set to take over British agricultural firm AstralZenith so that she can turn it into a world renowned brand. Michelle, married to a member of the mob, known as Ian Reed, has been involved during her agricultural ca...
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