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Funny story: Shock of SNP's secret plan

Shock of SNP's secret plan

From our Scottish reporter Josh Wacktavish comes news that will cement the Union between England and Scotland. Agreed with an incoming Labour government are plans to provide an interest free loan to Greece to save it's ailing economy. This is the...
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Funny story: Altzeimer's Cure Worries

Altzeimer's Cure Worries

Members of Lord Janner's family are reported to be very pleased about the news that a cure for Altzeimers disease has been discovered. The latest discovery comes just in time for Lord Janner to clear his name in an open trial of all suggestions th...
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Funny story: Problem with Kate's baby

Problem with Kate's baby

Kate Middleton (aka The Duchess of Cambridge) has put the cat among the pigeons both in Downing street and Buckingham Palace by naming her new child Nicola. She told her husband Walliam that the name was perfect and reminded her of a visit she mad...
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Funny story: Amazing Conspiracy Revealed

Amazing Conspiracy Revealed

A secret document has been passed to Spoof stringer Joseph Waterloo. which reveals the fact that the main political parties in Britain are conspiring to stop people voting. The plan has been devised by an inner circle of powerful people from both...
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Funny story: Gallop Poll Dead Heat

Gallop Poll Dead Heat

The latest Gallop Poll on the General Election result for May 7th places the riders in the Big Election Stakes at Sandown Park neck and neck. However a Scottish wind could give the Labour horse Military Band a slight boost that will make him the w...
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Funny story: Hammers Fan Off the Danger List

Hammers Fan Off the Danger List

West Ham's greatest fan Johnnie Wubble is officially off the danger list. He was in hospital with a chronic heart attack after the Hammers beat Manchester City earlier in the season and were fourth in the Premier League for thirty minutes. A ho...
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Funny story: Four Cups - Revamp of the Two Ronnie's famous sketch

Four Cups - Revamp of the Two Ronnie's famous sketch

In a memorable return the two Ronnies are featuring a new updated version of the famous Fork/Four Handles/Candles sketch. Television bosses think they have found the rejected tape which was turned down by BBC senior staff fearing a reduction of th...
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Funny story: Cameron Supports Bingo

Cameron Supports Bingo

Prime Minister, David Cameron, has explained why he has decided not to debate with Ed Miliband in an exclusive interview with your Spoof political guru, Jo Wantajob. 'My adviser Bing told me that his experience of doing a duet with Frank Sinatra h...
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Funny story: Osborne Resigns : 'I've Had Enough!'

Osborne Resigns : 'I've Had Enough!'

Chancellor George Osborne has shaken David Cameroon by resigning over the input of tax evaders being siphoned to The Tory Party. 'I've had enough' he declared from the steps of 11 Downing Street, 'When a political party is financed by the proceeds...
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Funny story: Preparing For Erection Day - Cameron is truly the cock of the walk

Preparing For Erection Day - Cameron is truly the cock of the walk

May 7th has been set as Britain's Great Erection Day when the Party with the most seats will win the erection. Labour & Conservatives are neck and neck but could be upset by the SNP throwing a caber into the erection battle. Tory big knob,...
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Funny story: New Legislation on Election

New Legislation on Election

Following the Government's brilliant initiative to try and hide the situation in A & E in England, by extending extensively the criteria for deciding there is a serious problem, the Government is rushing through new legislation before the electio...
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Funny story: Syria Wins in Greece

Syria Wins in Greece

In a radical shift that has alarmed all of Europe Greek voters have opted for Syria to run their new Government. Syria is opposed to the European establishment and their leader, Alexis Assan, has declared that the way is now open for Greece to all...
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Funny story: Chilly Report Leaked

Chilly Report Leaked

The Chilly Report, an investigation into the Middle East war from the early 2000s, has been five years in the writing and is almost ready for release. Your fearless reporter has managed to obtain a copy of the final version of the Chilly Report wh...
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Funny story: Amazing Cure for Everything Discovered

Amazing Cure for Everything Discovered

A scientific study has revealed, for the first time, a cure for every known ailment. The study, conducted in our street, found a 100% of those questioned had always found drinking tea with honey cured any illness they had. Mrs Expresso advised her...
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Funny story: Rosetta Stoned Shock

Rosetta Stoned Shock

Peace probe Rosetta, Sweet Rosetta, is stoned. Georgie Fame commented 'Well, well, well' and scientists are on a high. But the news coming in from the floating lady in the sky tells us that in the beginning was weak gravity. Hardly surprising that...
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Funny story: West Ham Too Much For My Dodgy Heart

West Ham Too Much For My Dodgy Heart

Allardyce has been warned before - the displays recently of the Irons have been endangering the health of the team's fan base. Proof of this was when I was rushed to Hospital minutes before the game against Manchester City. It was not until I had...
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Funny story: Pope to Take On British Sex Scandal Enquiry

Pope to Take On British Sex Scandal Enquiry

The Pope has accepted the plea from Theresa May, Brittain's Home Secretary, to look into the alleged sex scandals among the British Establishment. 'We do not want someone too close to Brittain' she told a rowdy House of Commons 'The Pope is the id...
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Funny story: Politicians Not Worth It

Politicians Not Worth It

A fringe meeting at our local pub has been given an accolade by the pub clientele when a meeting was secretly taped. One of our members is clearly heard saying: 'Our MP's are not worth it. They are all liars and cheats. I wouldn't pay them two pen...
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