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Democratic Fracking

Funny story: Democratic Fracking

Lancashire County Council have agreed that fracking should not take place in their area of jurisdiction but democracy means that the views of Lancashire County Council are irrelevant. This new concept of democracy is being promoted because it is i...

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Tory Slogan Shock

Funny story: Tory Slogan Shock

The Tory Conference slogan suggesting that the Tories are working for a country that 'Works for Everyone' has been adapted for different audiences in the UK. In more affluent areas the adaptation includes after the words 'Works for Everyone who ha...

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Big Sam's Sacrifice

Funny story: Big Sam's Sacrifice

Big Sam Allardyce has made a glorious gesture and decided that West Ham need him more than England. Th Hammers, now in the relegation zone of the Premier league have been named Harry Gold's Pieces of Eight due to the number of players West Ham se...

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Watson Revealed as a Trotskyite

Funny story: Watson Revealed as a Trotskyite

Labour's Deputy Leader, Tom Watson - known to his friends in the Corbynist Momentum movement as Uncle Tom - has been revealed as a closet Trotskyist. Documents made public by Wikileaks show a series of emails between Watson and Trotsky acolytes go...

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Big Sam's Exciting New Plan for England

Funny story: Big Sam's Exciting New Plan for England

Sam Allardyce, England's new football manager has launched his exciting new plan for England's football team exclusively in a discussion with our intrepid sports journalist John Wright. Allardyce promised a change from Hodgson's 'diet of stodge' d...

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Boris Rump's Diplomatic Disaster

Funny story: Boris Rump's Diplomatic Disaster

Boris Rump, Britain new Foreign Secretary, has upset US Presidential Republican nominee Donald Duck by commenting that Donald's wife is 'a foreigner with an accent from Russia'. A furious Donald has defended his wife Plagiarisky against Rump. In a...

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Boris Joins Labour

Funny story: Boris Joins Labour

Boris Johnson has joined the Labour Party. He told reporters that he was going to apply for the leadership of the Party as soon as Jeremy Corbyn made way for him. 'He should do the decent thing' said Boris 'resign and leave the field for me.' Mome...

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New Breakfast Cereal Causing Problems

Funny story: New Breakfast Cereal Causing Problems

A new Breakfast cereal called Brexit is causing problems. The manufacturers Cloggies, aware that they should be politically neutral have had difficulties finding a suitable line for selling the product. First of all they wanted to use the slogan '...

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West Ham in Europe Sensation Predicted

Funny story: West Ham in Europe Sensation Predicted

The final matches of the season for the Premier League this weekend have been seen by several mystics and they have been contacting Spoof Football reporter John Westam. They forsee an astonishing end to the season with West Ham ending the season i...

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Whippingdale to become BBC Boss

Funny story: Whippingdale to become BBC Boss

John Whippingdale, Government Minister for Art, Culture & Sport has decided he should become the next Govorner General of the BBC, which is to be rename Whips Wonderful Corporation (WWC). In a move which is likely to upset some employees at th...

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Israel urges British people not to vote Labour

Funny story: Israel urges British people not to vote Labour

A manifesto from Israel has descended on Britain telling us not to vote Labour. Those stalwarts of the Labour movement Bakunin and Proudhon are given as examples of the trend in anti-semitism that is inspiring the left to criticise Israel's policy to...

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Minister "Tied Up" by Relationship Revalations

John Twitingdale, Minister for Media and other sports, has been tied up with business and couldn't find time to speak to our political commentator John Witt about some of the sports he finds attractive. I was sent a missive from Twitingdale's secr...

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Spoof Topples Minister

Funny story: Spoof Topples Minister

Could an item in The Spoof have resulted in IDS's resignation? No, probably not, but let's take a look at the "facts" of the matter. Reacting to the budget, Ian Duncan Smith spoke to The Spoof (disguising himself cleverly as Jan Doodleberg Scmit)...

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Budget for women and the disabled

Funny story: Budget for women and the disabled

George Osborne introduced a Budget aimed to assist women and the disabled in a move that stimulated immediate approval from the 'Daily Male'. Disabled people will be given the chance to return to the workforce so that they can maintain an income t...

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Tories Have Next Election Slogan

Funny story: Tories Have Next Election Slogan

The Tories are planning ahead for the next election. They think the EU referendum could make life pretty difficult and feel sure they can beat Corbyn any day. This slogan is a winner and has already had a trial run although it is having some probl...

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Boris and Cameron Face Off On In Out Solution

Funny story: Boris and Cameron Face Off On In Out Solution

David Cameron put it well: 'If you are in then you can provide for the future - if you are Out you dirty your hands, your sheets, your bed.' This make the case for staying in the EU (Erotic Union). Meanwhile Boris Yeltsin the Mayor of London wa...

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Donald Duck for President

Funny story: Donald Duck for President

Presidential hopeful Donald Duck - known to his friends as Goofy - has been taking the mickey out of front runner Minnie Cliton. Teasingly Donald refers to his rival as Clit and claims Minnie has never understood America's favourite poet from the...

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Putin Denies Saville Cover Up

Funny story: Putin Denies Saville Cover Up

President Putin of Russia has vehemently denied that he knew anything about Jimmy Saville's activities in the Kremlin when he was hosting 'Top of the Pops'. Our man in Moscow, Jonathon Weasel, tells us that the authorities maintain that lower rank...

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