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Funny story: Hang Sang Corbyn Defeats the Generals

Hang Sang Corbyn Defeats the Generals

The Generals of Myanmar (formerly called Burma when the Generals were in power) have suffered a humiliating defeat by the supporters of 66 year old Hang Sang Corbyn. British Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the news saying 'It is evident that...
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Funny story: Sharma Shake Up

Sharma Shake Up

Our roving reporter, Joe Wiss, has been quickly deployed from Lesbos to Sharma-el-Sheik - he gets all the best locations. He reports that he thought that after the refugee crisis on Lesbos, with hundreds of distraught people of all ages, clamberin...
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Funny story: No Sex - We're British!

No Sex - We're British!

As the sex allegations against Top People begin to tumble into the gutter our intrepid hack Josh Wanker has been interviewed by the Police at the centre of the Investigations. After the interview Wanker told me 'There's nothing in it. They stopped...
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Funny story: J.C. The Demon Madman

J.C. The Demon Madman

Britain has been seized by a Mad Demon who is about to end all civilised behaviour in the country. With the cover of a name culled from the Bible J.C. has struck terror into the heart of this great democratic nation. We have to beware. Out secu...
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Funny story: Corbyn The Shocking "Truth"

Corbyn The Shocking "Truth"

Shocking We can reveal today the shocking truth about Labour contender Jeremy Corbyn. We can disclose the nature of those he calls his friends. We know the sort of food he eats - this will be difficult to digest! Corbyn once addressed a rall...
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Funny story: Top Benefit Scroungers Revealed

Top Benefit Scroungers Revealed

Channel 404 have produced a series of programmes on Benefit scroungers and they are among the richest and most powerful people in the country who are getting benefits for DOING NOTHING. Ace reporter for Channel 404, Jonathan Wilkes, described the...
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Funny story: Another Establishment Figure Involved in Sex Scandal

Another Establishment Figure Involved in Sex Scandal

Word has just reached pioneering Spoof investigative journalist Joe Who that another Establishment figure is to be named as a probable sex pervert. Those in the know are scouring through the names of probable figures who could be named. An exhaust...
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Funny story: France To Build Bridge to the UK

France To Build Bridge to the UK

The French Government in a gesture of friendship for Britain are to construct an enormous bridge between Calais and Dover. Ironically it is expected that the massive construction will be in place before Britain votes to leave the European communit...
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Funny story: Merkel Slips Up In Grease

Merkel Slips Up In Grease

Germany Chancellor Angel Merkel slipped up while eating Brussels Sprouts today. She blamed a greasy spot on the pavement but observers were sure it was blood. 'I don't believe in Red Grease' Spoof's European reporter Joseph Wilenski told Spoof edi...
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Funny story: Sticking Pins in Auntie

Sticking Pins in Auntie

The naughty children had a new games which Mummy and Daddy tolerated because it kept the nasty little brats happy. The children had found a delight in sticking pins in Auntie. The first pin was stuck deliberately into one of Auntie's eyes. She let...
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Funny story: Anonymous Sauce's Amazing Allegations

Anonymous Sauce's Amazing Allegations

An anonymous sauce in MI7 has declared that Isis is controlled by Edward Snowden, a well known American living in Russia. The sauce, given the codename Tom, spoke exclusively to Spoof's expert on secrets Josh Whimp at an undisclosed address not fa...
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Funny story: My stripping caused the Tory win

My stripping caused the Tory win

The time has come for a confession. When I stripped outside the House of Commons before the election the reverberations led to a Toy win in the erection. This is no cock and bull story - I have evidence to support this claim provided by no less an...
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Funny story: Blatter For West Ham

Blatter For West Ham

Troubled Fifa President, Sepp Blatter, is to become West Ham's new manager next season, replacing Sam Allardyce. This astonishing news has rocked the West Ham faithful who fear the inspiration of Allardyce's 0-0 draws and losing in the last minut...
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Funny story: Shock of SNP's secret plan

Shock of SNP's secret plan

From our Scottish reporter Josh Wacktavish comes news that will cement the Union between England and Scotland. Agreed with an incoming Labour government are plans to provide an interest free loan to Greece to save it's ailing economy. This is the...
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Funny story: Altzeimer's Cure Worries

Altzeimer's Cure Worries

Members of Lord Janner's family are reported to be very pleased about the news that a cure for Altzeimers disease has been discovered. The latest discovery comes just in time for Lord Janner to clear his name in an open trial of all suggestions th...
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Funny story: Problem with Kate's baby

Problem with Kate's baby

Kate Middleton (aka The Duchess of Cambridge) has put the cat among the pigeons both in Downing street and Buckingham Palace by naming her new child Nicola. She told her husband Walliam that the name was perfect and reminded her of a visit she mad...
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Funny story: Amazing Conspiracy Revealed

Amazing Conspiracy Revealed

A secret document has been passed to Spoof stringer Joseph Waterloo. which reveals the fact that the main political parties in Britain are conspiring to stop people voting. The plan has been devised by an inner circle of powerful people from both...
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Funny story: Gallop Poll Dead Heat

Gallop Poll Dead Heat

The latest Gallop Poll on the General Election result for May 7th places the riders in the Big Election Stakes at Sandown Park neck and neck. However a Scottish wind could give the Labour horse Military Band a slight boost that will make him the w...
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