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Funny story:  David Cameron : Doing God

David Cameron : Doing God

David Cameron has come up with an election winner - God. Struggling to make headway in the Opinion Pool Cameron's advisers have come up with an awe inspiring tactic. Doing God will win over the doubting Thomases and all the unmarried mothers. In a...
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Funny story:  Culture Vulture

Culture Vulture

There was trouble at mill as the Culture Vulture, who nobody loves, Maria Miller, threw in the towel after ten rounds of her heavy weight bout with her supporters at the highly esteemed Mail and Telegraph. She suffered severe wounding to her pride...
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Funny story:  Poll surprise for Spoof

Poll surprise for Spoof

The In/Out debate on national television between the Spoof's Joshua Witt and Clement Legg of the Limp Dems has ended in a surprise response in opinion poll ratings taken after the programme. Spoof got 70% to Legg's 30%. Witt had argued that it was...
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Funny story:  On David Cameron's "Green Crap"

On David Cameron's "Green Crap"

David Cameron has welcomed the latest UN predictions on climate change. In a break from his busy schedule visiting the toilets at Bognor Regis he gave an exclusive interview to your fearless reporter. 'Let me say, first of all, that Bognor Regis c...
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Funny story:  Beer & Bingo - Jolly Good Fun!

Beer & Bingo - Jolly Good Fun!

Grant Scnapps, Tory Chairman - whose father was a well known immigrant from Eastern Europe - has twitted that Beer & Bingo are the working man's (and woman's) greatest joys. But he has landed himself in at Eton Mess. He has been clobbered by t...
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Funny story:  Spoof Mix Up Leads To Tragedy

Spoof Mix Up Leads To Tragedy

Red faced editors at Spoof HQ are busy piecing together an excuse for a regrettable error that led to tragedy, we learnt today. Through a mix up, the Spoof Crime Correspondent, Shirley Holmes, was sent to Crimea to cover the trial of Blade Runner,...
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Funny story:  Russia Against Revolt

Russia Against Revolt

President Putnick of Russia has been outspoken about events in the Ukraine - he told our Moscow Spoof correspondent, Nicolai Kronsdat, that 'Russia cannot approve the overthrow of a Government by a mob of demonstrators.' When our man in Moscow rem...
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Funny story:  Putting The Boot In

Putting The Boot In

Wellington Boot sales are rocketing as Floods devastate parts of Britain and with more rain and gales to come! Chief Executive of Wellington Boots Inc, Mac Tosh, has told Spoof that 'sales are going welly well' with special designs for TV appearan...
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Funny story:  Floods - Don't Blame Me!

Floods - Don't Blame Me!

David Cameron has announced that the floods in Britain are the responsibility of the Environment Agency. Further he has asserted that 'The blame lies with the person at the top. It is always the person in charge who should be the one to take responsi...
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Funny story:  Trouble For The English Riveria

Trouble For The English Riveria

Those who can get to Torquay and the English Riviera later this year to bask in the sun in a pleasant climate will now find that their favourite spot has been lost in the sea. A local has told our special Spoof weather man, now swimming in the sea...
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Funny story:  Benefits Street, Surrey 'A Disgrace' Says Tory MP

Benefits Street, Surrey 'A Disgrace' Says Tory MP

A statement for Tory MP Ian Duncan Rant has been issued condemning the 'indescribable bully' and 'spoof writer' JW for the 'cruel depiction of the fine residents of Surrey's Benefits Street as low life scroungers.' An early Day Motion by Rant, in...
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Funny story:  New UK Political Party Shock

New UK Political Party Shock

A New Political Party has arrived on the British scene which is likely to sweep to power at the next election. Think Tanks and Opinion Polls have together shown the way and leaders of UKIP and the Labour Party are joining to fight the next electio...
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Funny story:  Benefits Street, Surrey

Benefits Street, Surrey

A shocking dramatic picture of the underside of life in a Surrey town near the Thames is to be shown on Channel 4. It is the first in a series of five programmes which will make you sick. There is Joseph Potty, who works in the City on one day a w...
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Funny story:  Spoof Express Scoop Sensation

Spoof Express Scoop Sensation

The newly launched Spoof Express has a scoop for it's first issue. An opinion poll conducted by the paper has found 98% of readers consider the recent bad weather in Britain is caused by the 'flood of immigrants' into this country. James Dean,...
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Funny story:  Philip Wants Mandela Type Farewell

Philip Wants Mandela Type Farewell

In a statement from Buckingham Palace Prince Philip has outlined his desired funeral arrangements. 'I feel so like the South African leader Nelson Mandela, who has recently died' the statement begins 'We have both reached a similar age, Mandela sp...
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Funny story:  Isle of Wight Going Chinese

Isle of Wight Going Chinese

In a dramatic move to gain the approval of the Chinese Government, David Cameron is offering the Isle of Wight at 'a knock down price' to China. We understand that several million pounds are being diverted to the Conservative Election Campaign fun...
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Funny story:  No Carols for Sam

No Carols for Sam

Sam Allardice has had his last throw and a Carol free Christmas is on the cards for him as struggling West Ham sink into relegation trouble. The manager is going to get the boot if he doesn't get things sorted by Christmas. The famous Spoof Foo...
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Funny story:  Blowing Hot & Cold

Blowing Hot & Cold

There's something Blowin in the Wind. Coming from the backside of that srilanking violet David Cameroon: It's a Blow for Freedom - Hot & Cold Chop Suey Maoist Style! 'I'm not just Blowin my nose, blowing my own trumpet. S'not the way I operate...
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