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Funny story:  Harry Potter Book 8 Leaked!

Harry Potter Book 8 Leaked!

A lawyer representing J.K. Rowling who refuses to be named told "Hollywood Sleuth" last week that he was "ashamed and deeply embarrassed" to have revealed the plot and indeed existence of Harry Potter Book 8. Now the whole world knows that Book 8...
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Funny story:  UK Bookies Odds on Harry Potter Book 8

UK Bookies Odds on Harry Potter Book 8

England; Bookie giant Ladbrokes have opened a book, so to speak, on Harry Potter. "Well," explained CEO Jock Crooks, the London shrewdies made a mint out of the Potter thing, a marketing success that is right up there with Coca Cola. Bloomsbury a...
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Funny story:  Uproar in the Washington Senate.

Uproar in the Washington Senate.

Washington: Senator Paddy O'Hare of Massachusetts was yesterday bundled out of a debate in the Senate on additional funding to be made to contain rogue states such as Syria from using chemical weapons. Uproar broke out when O'Hare was invited by the...
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Funny story:  Schillings in Major Court Case

Schillings in Major Court Case

Keith Schilling, major player in the "reputation and secrecy" law firm Schillings of London has taken out an injunction against himself. At a restaurant in Kensington last night he inadvertently tipped over a glass of Rothchilds' Chateau Lafite P...
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Funny story:  Obama Saves America!

Obama Saves America!

In an amazing move that some regard as a "bloodless revolution" Congress yesterday, under the direction of President Barack Obama, has voted in legislation that will completely revolutionize the governance and economy of the United States. In a natio...
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Funny story:  Pope's Plane Shot Down!

Pope's Plane Shot Down!

The Pope's plane is reported to have been shot down over Kabul as it prepared to land. There were no survivors of the missile attack. Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair was a guest on board after receiving his Papal Knighthood just the day befo...
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Funny story:  MI6 Spy Voted "Most Original Suicide."

MI6 Spy Voted "Most Original Suicide."

Magazine DONTGIFFAFUCK" has voted MI6 death of 2010 the "most original suicide of the decade". The verdict of suicide has just been announced. "The MI6 worker's naked body was found in a padlocked holdall at his London flat in August, 2010" (Dai...
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Funny story:  Here Comes "Hyper-Removal"

Here Comes "Hyper-Removal"

The US Government on advice from the CIA have coined a new word 'HYPER-REMOVAL". CIA Director Kant Giffafuck said: "The word is a sister of "Overkill" which is now common parlance and has more or less the same work to do. We have ordered our PR Agenc...
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Funny story:  News Revolution in the USA!

News Revolution in the USA!

USA: Following Congress's decision to privatise public information, CNN has announced that it will soon be restructuring its main news broadcasts. By pushing a button on your remote you can now access three options for your daily news intake. First o...
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Funny story:  Space Invasion Imminent!

Space Invasion Imminent!

A whistleblower CIA operative has broken ranks to alert the world to a coming catastrophe. Dr. Fritz Measure, an astrophysicist who once worked on the infamous HAARP project spoke at his hideout in Canada. The CIA has since declared the program r...
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Funny story:  New American Sitcom

New American Sitcom

Set around the Washington offices of THE DAILY SHAMELESS, an american pro-democracy newpaper, the pilot for this crazy series is already getting rave reviews. "The Daily Shameless" whose editor is Charlie Sheen, doesn't give a blind Fuxx$$ for God...
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Funny story:  US Celebs Form New Country And Western Group

US Celebs Form New Country And Western Group

Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Tony Blair, George Bush And Barack O'Bama have formed a new Country and Western Band called Fuk-U-All. And guess what? They have a new line-dance to go with it! Called "The Democracy". Blair, of course, alwa...
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Funny story:  Catholic Church to be Privatised

Catholic Church to be Privatised

The Catholic Church is to be floated on the Stock Market. Cardinal Karl Profiteri of the Holy See's Banca Ambrosiana has announced that the Church is going to be privatised. At a special conclave of bishops the vote was taken last April during th...
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Funny story:  "Second Coming" Come and Gone?

"Second Coming" Come and Gone?

There was a brief moment of what can only be described as pandemonium yesterday near the Lincoln Memorial at Washington's National Mall. A man claiming to be Jesus of Nazareth was seen to walk barefoot across the Reflecting PooL scene of many a p...
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Funny story:  Freemasons To Sponsor Next World Cup

Freemasons To Sponsor Next World Cup

As the "Irish Freemasons' Young Musician of the Year" competition gets under way at the Masonic Hall, Molesworth Street, Dublin with a staggering 10K Euros on offer in prizes, a surprise decision has been announced by 359 Degree Mason Hektor Rameses...
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Funny story:  Congress Grants New Powers to Banks

Congress Grants New Powers to Banks

In a surprise move yesterday Washington Congress granted wide-ranging powers to American Banks. Explained Senator Hart Black recently returned from the Bilderberg Conference held this year underneath the Vatican; "In accord with our foreign engagemen...
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Funny story:  The Computer That Writes its own Stuff

The Computer That Writes its own Stuff

It is a sobering thought that individual creative endeavour in literature and film making may be at an end. The teaching profession is in disarray over the recent announcement. Indeed, this controversial invention may spell the end of fiction writing...
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Funny story:  Pandemonium in The House of Commons

Pandemonium in The House of Commons

Earlier today a near riot broke out in the House of Commons. Pandemonium was unleashed when MP for Paddington North, Rory O'Hare, tabled a motion that sought to prevent Freemasons from standing for political office. O'Hare made the proposal on the...
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