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Funny story: Potter Book 8 Ready for Launch!

Potter Book 8 Ready for Launch!

Yes folks the Harry Potter Franchise marches on... just like James Bond. Potter Book 8 is now on the way. Editor has yet to be announced. Said author J.K.Rowling.... " I really thought I had done with it but popular demands are so strong I soooo...
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Funny story: Verbalometer Sweeping the World

Verbalometer Sweeping the World

A new gadget called THE VERBALOMETER is set to go global and is already selling at lightning speed to governments and institutions all over the world. Anywhere where bureaucracy operates from the loftiest government department, your local council off...
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Funny story: The "For Real" Dining Experience

The "For Real" Dining Experience

A high class restaurant has just opened its doors in Los Angeles. Catering for the Hollywood high rollers it stands by its guarantee that everything on the menu is "FOR REAL". Said proprietor Pesto Tortano who was once head chef in the Vatican kit...
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Funny story: The One World Religion Begins

The One World Religion Begins

Since Pope John Paul 11 began the foundation work of building a One World Religion, the Jesuits, in obeyance to their current leader Pope Francis have been hard at work. In a significant move to bring Protestant and Catholic churches together it w...
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Funny story: First Ever Bookmaker Discovered

First Ever Bookmaker Discovered

ROME ITALY Archaeologists in Rome have unearthed the remains of what appears to have been the world's first known bookmaker. They have concluded from examining his sarcophagus remains that the man apparently had leapt to his death very possibly from...
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Funny story: End of The Universe?

End of The Universe?

Scientists at the Hadron Particle Accelerator outside Geneva, Switzerland are all excited at being given 'permission' to conduct a "ground breaking" particle experiment in the 27 kilometre long tunnel. Lead particles will be accelerated at veloci...
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Funny story: Suicide of a 'Tormented Genius'

Suicide of a 'Tormented Genius'

Julian Sidebottom was born in Clapham London and changed his name to Olaf Arsoff while still a student at the Slade School of Art. He was expelled in his first year for alleged non-attendance and heroin addiction. His flatmate at the time said of him...
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Funny story: Whatever Happened to Paddy Freeman?

Whatever Happened to Paddy Freeman?

Patrick Freeman has gone missing. The amateur inventor from a little village in the South of Ireland claimed on his Facebook page that he had invented a car that could run on tap water. It required, he said, only a rechargeable battery and its en...
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Funny story: Armageddon IS ... "The Bank of Atlantis "

Armageddon IS ... "The Bank of Atlantis "

Olaf Soxoff, a German-Swiss skier has alerted the world to an incredible find. An experienced veteran of the piste, the sixty-three years old Olaf decided to try an unfamiliar route on the South side of Switzerland's highest mountain, the Matterhorn.
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Funny story: George Bush Kidnapped!

George Bush Kidnapped!

George Bush Jnr. has been kidnapped while on a fishing trip to Vancouver. A letter delivered to the editor of the Vancouver Sun stated.... "I and my warriors have kidnapped the sonofabitch on behalf of our noble ancestors. He will be released when...
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Funny story: Dollar Counterfeiter Jailed for Life

Dollar Counterfeiter Jailed for Life

Gotfried Right was today jailed for life at a ground-breaking trial in the Superior Court of San Francisco. Gotfried, a professor of graphic design at the Academy of Art had set up a printing press in his garage and proceeded to print what the prosec...
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Funny story: Another Rowling Blockbuster

Another Rowling Blockbuster

A book called "From Bags to Bitches" has rocketed to the Number One slot in America. Written by Alma Chancer it had originally sold only two hundred and nine copies; but after a lawyer working for Schillings inadvertently leaked on a Twitter account...
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Funny story: Harry Potter Book 8 Leaked!

Harry Potter Book 8 Leaked!

A lawyer representing J.K. Rowling who refuses to be named told "Hollywood Sleuth" last week that he was "ashamed and deeply embarrassed" to have revealed the plot and indeed existence of Harry Potter Book 8. Now the whole world knows that Book 8...
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Funny story: UK Bookies Odds on Harry Potter Book 8

UK Bookies Odds on Harry Potter Book 8

England; Bookie giant Ladbrokes have opened a book, so to speak, on Harry Potter. "Well," explained CEO Jock Crooks, the London shrewdies made a mint out of the Potter thing, a marketing success that is right up there with Coca Cola. Bloomsbury a...
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Funny story: Uproar in the Washington Senate.

Uproar in the Washington Senate.

Washington: Senator Paddy O'Hare of Massachusetts was yesterday bundled out of a debate in the Senate on additional funding to be made to contain rogue states such as Syria from using chemical weapons. Uproar broke out when O'Hare was invited by the...
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Funny story: Schillings in Major Court Case

Schillings in Major Court Case

Keith Schilling, major player in the "reputation and secrecy" law firm Schillings of London has taken out an injunction against himself. At a restaurant in Kensington last night he inadvertently tipped over a glass of Rothchilds' Chateau Lafite P...
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Funny story: Obama Saves America!

Obama Saves America!

In an amazing move that some regard as a "bloodless revolution" Congress yesterday, under the direction of President Barack Obama, has voted in legislation that will completely revolutionize the governance and economy of the United States. In a natio...
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Funny story: Pope's Plane Shot Down!

Pope's Plane Shot Down!

The Pope's plane is reported to have been shot down over Kabul as it prepared to land. There were no survivors of the missile attack. Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair was a guest on board after receiving his Papal Knighthood just the day befo...
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