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Nelson Muntz Fired from the Simpsons

Everyone knew Nelson Muntz, the famous bully from the Simpsons with his equally famous catchphrase, "HA ha!!" was trying to get his character changed. He succeeded, but not in the way he wanted. Nelson has been fired from the show and his character's...

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Rush Limbaugh to take a New Role

Funny story: Rush Limbaugh to take a New Role

Today Rush Limbaugh, outspoken critic of everything that is not conservative Republican, accepted a role in a movie. The title of the film is "The Adventures of a Sky Pirate" in which he plays the leader of a gang of criminals who use special aircraf...

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Squidward Tentacles Wins Lottery

Funny story: Squidward Tentacles Wins Lottery

It hit him like a bolt of lightning. Squidward Tentacles was visited today by someone pounding on his door and this time it wasn't Spongebob. It was instead Ed MacClam from the Publisher's Sweepinghouse Contest and his "Prize People" delievering a gi...

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Fat Albert Isn't Anymore!

In his first public appearance in fifteen months, Fat Albert waddled out to the podium to speak. He cleared his throat and said we, the press, would more easily understand if he showed us what he needed us to know. He stepped away from the podium, ya...

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Patrick Starr to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature

In a surprising announcement, the Nobel committee confirmed that Patrick Starr, the character actor made famous by his role on Spongebob Squarepants, will receive the Nobel prize for literature. Patrick Starr is the Author of the novel "Undersea."...

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Scooby Doo opening a New Martial Arts School

Funny story: Scooby Doo opening a New Martial Arts School

The TV and movie legend, Scooby Doo, known for his portrayal of a cowardly crime solving dog, is taking a little time off from performing to engage in his other love: Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan. Scooby's new school will actually be a blending of tra...

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Wile E. Coyote Arrested during Bank Robbery

Funny story: Wile E. Coyote Arrested during Bank Robbery

Wile E. Coyote was captured in the South Main Street branch of First Citizen's National Trust bank as he attempted to steal money. The coyote entered the bank masked and carrying a shotgun. He held up a sign that read "Put the money in the bag! L...

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New Healthy Cigarettes

Funny story: New Healthy Cigarettes

Cigarette wimp Millip Phorris unveiled it's latest product today, a new type of cigarette called Vitasmoke. Vitasmokes are an entirely new concept in smoking, not only do they offer full flavour, less tar and nicotine, but they actually provide 7 ess...

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Pebbles has a Son!

It was revealed today that TV star Pebbles Flintstone has given birth to a son. Pebbles is doing well, recovering nicely after birthing a boy who weighed one full stone at birth. "He's perfect," Pebbles said. "I can't believe how big he was when h...

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Fred Jones Comes Home

It was late Friday night when a knock on the front door woke Shaggy and Velma Rodgers. To their shock and delight, it was Fred Jones, the other surviving member of Mystery Inc. Scooby Doo was called and the remainimg members sat up the rest of the n...

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Captain Caveman is alive!

Prehistory's own champion, Captain caveman was found to be quite alive today. His cocaine overdose death was nothing but a rumour. Captain Caveman was working undercover, in a sense, for the authorities. Captain Caveman, or Cavie to his closest fr...

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Hard times keep coming for the Smurfs

Things are not good for the little blue folks. First they lost nearly everything to Scrappy Doo, and then were forced to move to a single dwelling made for them by Habitat for Humanity. The lost one of their number, Farmer Smurf, to prison after it w...

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The Controversial Pregnancy of Pebbles Flintstone

Funny story: The Controversial Pregnancy of Pebbles Flintstone

Wilma Flintstone released a statement today that she does not believe that alcohol played any part in her daughter's 27 car accident two days ago. "Pebbles was going into false labour, and that can be really scary for a girl her age." Pebbles,...

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Hard Times for the Smurfs

The Smurfs have not had an easy time of things lately. After Hefty Smurf was arrested and imprisoned for steroid abuse, the entire village fell victim to Scrappy Doo's pyramid scheme and lost everything. It looked like the whole village would end up...

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Flintstone Shocker

Barney Rubble announced today in a press conference, that he is indeed homosexual and in a relationship with Melvin Sandstone. This news rocked Bedrock as if an earthquake had rumbled through town. "I never knew," says longtime friend Fred Flintst...

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Hogwarts Student Expelled over New Spell

Nigel Goldman was expelled from Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and his wand snapped for his creation and use of the spell Copus Feelius. Despite Goldman's obvious cleverness in creating new spells, this one has driven a wedge between...

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The Death of an Icon

Today, carrying out a controversial ruling by a California judge, TV legend Scrappy Doo was put to sleep. His last words were "Leaves are not good for ice cream." Scrappy Doo, never as famous as his uncle Scooby Doo, had been convicted of the murd...

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New Dimension Discovered

Funny story: New Dimension Discovered

Today science has made quite possible the biggest breakthrough in history. Today, in Tulsa Oklahoma, in a private laboratory in his parent's basement, Ben Harding (48) broke the dimensional barriers and has discovered where socks go when "lost" in th...

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