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Obama and Woods - Related?

Funny story: Obama and Woods - Related?

Washington, D.C. - President Barrack Obama and Tiger Woods have been seeing a lot of each other lately. Reports of them being seen in a black helicopter was released just last week. This has led some to wonder if there could be some kind of connec...

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Tiger Woods Medical Records Hacked

Funny story: Tiger Woods Medical Records Hacked

Tiger Woods medical records were copied off of his doctors computer early Friday morning and released on the Internet just this morning. The most quoted portion of the record is a portion that states that Mr. Woods suffers from a mild case of vit...

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Spotted Dick Back On The Menu!

Funny story: Spotted Dick Back On The Menu!

New York - Spotted Dick has found a new place in the hearts and stomachs of an ever growing portion of the population of the world. Spotted Dick is a steamed suet pudding with dried fruit and normally served with custard. Its popularity had been f...

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Rachel Uchitel: 'Size Does Matter!'

Funny story: Rachel Uchitel: 'Size Does Matter!'

Heddinghausen, Germany - Rachel Uchitel, in an exclusive interview, let it be known that size does matter. 'If a woman says that size doesn't matter, her boyfriend or husband has a teeny weenie. Size is very important', she said when asked about h...

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Censorship In [CENSORED]

Funny story: Censorship In [CENSORED]

[CENSORED] - Today a report was released showing that more and more Americans are being censored as they write blogs, articles and even emails. Sen. [CENSORED] today stated that real Americans can understand the need to be watched over and censore...

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Democrats Resort To Torture

Funny story: Democrats Resort To Torture

Washington, D.C. - Democrats in the senate broke out in shouts of joy, having succeeded in garnering the 60 votes needed to pass the Healthcare Reform bill. 'We had to use some less than friendly persuasion to get the votes, but the ends justify t...

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Tiger Woods Wins Player of the Year

Funny story: Tiger Woods Wins Player of the Year

Miami Beach, FL - Tiger Woods won the Player of the Year Award today from the prestigious Playboys Of America Club. 'If anyone ever deserved the damn thing, he does. Man, he had some fine babes wrapped around his little [censored]' stated Barney...

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Elves Vow To Strike

Funny story: Elves Vow To Strike

North Pole - Stanislaw Ladvigdar, President of E.L.F. Local 212, stated that the elves have been working under the same contract for the last 300 years and if a new contract isn't offered by midnight tonight, they are going to go on strike. The El...

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Jingle Alert! Jingle Alert!

Funny story: Jingle Alert! Jingle Alert!

London - Police have issued a Jingle Alert for the following spirits: The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. These three spirits were last seen at the home of one E. Scrooge in London.

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Animal Rights Leaders Call For Members To Sacrifice Themselves

Funny story: Animal Rights Leaders Call For Members To Sacrifice Themselves

Chicken, Alaska - Today leaders of an animal rights group have called on their membership to begin to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the poor animals who are going hungry through out the world. 'There is nothing more important than a w...

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Obama Speaks in Copenhagen

Funny story: Obama Speaks in Copenhagen

Copenhagen - President Barak Obama spoke this morning in Copenhagen telling world leaders "the nations of the world to come together behind a common purpose." He also stated that he could really use their help with this. 'I am really startin...

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12 Days of Christmas Lowered To 10 Days

Funny story: 12 Days of Christmas Lowered To 10 Days

Washington DC - In an effort to lessen strain on Christmas shoppers the Federal Government has cut the last two days from the popular '12 Days of Christmas' song. Holiday Czar Hughby Uugli made the decision after finding out just how much all the...

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Gordo Plenty To Retire

Funny story: Gordo Plenty To Retire

Vapid, Ukraine - Gordo Plenty has decided to retire after trying for 2 weeks to gain any points on 'I have written articles and jokes and even a couple news briefs and I can's seem to climb higher than 45 on the list of writers', Ple...

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Wal Mart Reporting Lower Than Expected Sales

Funny story: Wal Mart Reporting Lower Than Expected Sales

Wal Mart reported lower than expected sales for the Christmas season. They blame Democrats and 'political correctness' for all their woes. 'Economy, schmomony', said Walt Dimwitty, chief financial analyst for Wal Mart. 'The problem is with those d...

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Tiger Woods Spotted

The latest alleged Tiger girl, Theresa Rogers, has reported that Tiger Woods is spotted. 'He has spots all over his groin area', she claims. Elin Nordegren has decided that enough is enough and has filed for divorce from the golf star. 'It was...

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Al Gore Fingers Trees

Funny story: Al Gore Fingers Trees

Copenhagen - Al Gore spoke out this morning about the effect of trees on the 'greening' of earth. "Trees, at night, produce copious amounts of carbon dioxide. They are at the center of all the global warming that no one has been able to prove. For...

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GM Goes Totally Green

Funny story: GM Goes Totally Green

Detroit - General Motors has decided to go green this year. They will sell only vehicles that are painted green from now on. The inspiration for this new trend came from their Advertising Department head Arnie Watanass. "I figure that the America...

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Aliens dump Woods

Funny story: Aliens dump Woods

Chuggalug Heights, Montana - Today, startled witnesses saw a UFO land in downtown Chuggalug Heights and unceremoniously dump a naked Tiger Woods in the intersection. Woods reportedly started banging on the door of the craft demanding to be let back...

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