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Funny story: Flying Thai

Flying Thai

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Thailand's Politically Correct (PC) Air has hired a bevy of beautiful flight attendants, but they're stewardesses with a "difference": they started life as men! Peter Chann, the airline's president, says he believes in "equal e...
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Funny story: Bruce Jenner To Become Brucelle Jenner?

Bruce Jenner To Become Brucelle Jenner?

HOLLYWOOD - Word coming out of the Kardashian Klan Komplex is that Kris Jenner's soon-to-be-ex-husband Bruce Jenner is considering becoming Brucelle Jenner. Khloe Kardashian who recently divorced NBA star Lamar Odom told Vodka Vermicelli, a report...
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Funny story: Shocker: Miley Cyrus To Have Sex Change?

Shocker: Miley Cyrus To Have Sex Change?

After going from a little girl on Disney for years, Miley Cyrus seems to be determined to continue to shock people in any way that she can. "You gotta admit she has some tough competition out there", says manager. "I mean, if you don't have a grea...
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Funny story: The true story of Marvel Comics' The Punisher

The true story of Marvel Comics' The Punisher

The Punisher, a sadistic sociopath, is the son--some would say, the spawn--of a love tryst between Gene Conway and his wife, John Romita. Taunted mercilessly by his bullying schoolmates because of his dubious parentage, vowed to avenge himself not only upon his tormentors, but also upon society in general. To show that, in his case, the apple, although wormy, had fallen far from the tree, he wo...
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Funny story: Hollyweird's Hottest: Amanda Bearse

Hollyweird's Hottest: Amanda Bearse

Transsexual lesbian Amanda Bearse has been called lots of names, including "actress," "director," and "comedienne," but the first four letters of her first name, which is given only in the sense that she gave it to herself, says it all: Amanda is "a man." Transsexual lesbian? What's that? Technically, now that she has completed sex-change surgery, she is a transwoman (a man who becomes a "wo...
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Ellen challenges Hillary

Hollywood lesbian Ellen Degenerate issued an ice bucket challenge to "friend" Hillary Clinton. "She's too cheap to donate money," Ellen said, "and she has hot hooters. I bet she has nice pokies!"

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